Here’s that Final Fantasy VII piece colored; I’ve been working on it off and on between projects. I’m super excited for the remake announced at E3, this is one of my favorite games of all time. Hope you guys like it 😎


Around my garden, 30 Jun 2015:

Top: Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria).

Second Row, Left: ‘Wilson’s Pink’ dwarf Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum).

Second Row, Right: Mesembryanthemum (Ice Plants).

Bottom Row, Left: a handful of gorgeous-smelling Lavender (Lavandula).

Bottom Row, Right: ‘Valentine Heart’ floribunda rose.


What a beauty! I think I know why they chose the name ‘Valentine Heart’ for this floribunda rose (pictured in my garden this afternoon): because you fall in love with it!

The clusters of buds go from a light, frosted-candy pink to a pale blush, and finally to an almost-lavish faded pink with yellow highlights, and the very edges of the petals seem to transform into what could easily be the inspiration for a layered bohemian-fairy dress.

It is also sturdier than it appears! When a rose is in its final stages of bloom, the petals tend to give a little with a tug, but these roses held fast, promising a longer blooming period than I am accustomed to!