It’s not just that you take what we create, it’s that it always gets lost in translation.

Crystal Valentine & Aaliyah Jihad - “Hide Your Shea Butter” (CUPSI 2016)

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youkaiyume  asked:

Post Cowboy Bebop Blues. What would they do with Spike's old room? Would Faye go in there to sleep at first maybe? Or would it stay untouched for a long while like a tomb on the ship?

i reckon that at first, they ignore the room.

it’s just a quiet part of the ship, and faye i imagine does a lot of flighty come-and-go in the first few weeks because she wants to grieve but she knows that if she does it on the bebop jet will know and she cant stand to be vulnerable like that.

and i imagine jet does not handle losing his defacto son very well either, so there’s a lot of yelling/tension between them, they’re at each other’s throats more than is ever necessary, but it’s grief

about two weeks after the rampage and the death and the police reports, they pick up a bounty, and they’re so desperate to latch onto a good habit instead of a bad habit (nevermind this one is riskier than a lot they’ve taken on in the past, and with no ed and no spike they’re at half strength but it’s better than literally any other coping mechanism they have), they run for it

they’re talking over the bounty after the initial recon, trying to decide where to go to next, and jet knows what they need - those infra-glasses.

but they’re in spike’s room, and when he realises that he just waves it off and tells faye he’ll dig them out later, he’s not even sure where they are.

turns out spike hoarded a stupid amount of bounty hunting stuff in his bunk, and jet spends like two hours with an arm under the steel slab of bed, digging out things and grousing that he paid for a brand new one of those just because spike couldn’t bend the fuck over and check if it was down here

faye walks right in on this, can’t help but make an unwise joke about his ass

despite the junk (and who knows what else) that he’s fondling under the bed, jet somehow manages to pull off a credible threat that she’ll be down here if she doesn’t figure out a way to help

she proceeds to sit down on the bunk and light a cigarette like ‘i’m a lady’

they spend the rest of the trip to mars (coasting a lot, gotta conserve fuel, the bounty needs to make a move before they can get any further with it, they have time) in the common area, sorting through an impressive array of gear and guns spike had accidentally stashed in his bunk.

his personal things they leave, they’re not ready for that, but it’s cathartic in its own way to sort through things and be reminded at how fucking horrible he is (“was” is a sobering correction) at keeping track of things

especially when they weren’t fuckin’ his to begin with.

The Lion and the Snake - slyth_princess
By Organization for Transformative Works

Seemingly out of nowhere, Harry keeps bumping into Draco Malfoy everywhere he goes. Though, he supposes the only truly strange part about it all is how well it goes and how he actually hopes for it to keep happening. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, will our boys figure out what they mean to each other in time for the big day?

An Open Letter to Valentine L. Amito Jr.

Halos lahat naman tayo dito, napagdaanan yung mapagalitan dahil puro tayo Tumblr, Tumblr friends, Tumblr meet ups. But why can’t we let go of Tumblr? For one big and deep reason – Tumblr changed our lives. Hindi kagaya ng Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, Tumblr has its own special way of changing one’s life. This is our diary, our pillow, our blanket, our hanky, even an umbrella or jacket or coffee. It is a rose and its thorns. It is the Araw and Gabi. It is the Yin and the Yang. This is where we find a new family, a new circle of buddies, and new hates. Tumblr is a best friend, which make us comfortable and happy, annoyed and sad. Tumblr makes us feel everything a person should be feeling.

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