Così strappa le mie fotografie dalle tue pareti,
strappale, bruciale tutte quante.
Accendi il fuoco, allontanati,
non è rimasto più niente da dire,
quindi raccogli le ceneri da terra,
seppelliscile per assicurarti
che non sia rimasto nient’altro di me,
soltanto ricordi agrodolci.
—  Bullet for my valentine

finished the revamp.

I’ve changed a bunch in the past two years since the original conception of this composition. Really happy with the end result. Not fully finished, but it will be soon.

Also, just goes to show you that there’s always somewhere to go with your drawings. You don’t just get to where you want to be and stop progressing. Two years ago, I thought this was my greatest piece of work (though it went incomplete).

Don’t get comfortable. Strive to draw better, to add more movement to your art, to be inspired by other people’s art/style. It’s all about the constant progression of our craft. That should be our insatiable appetite.

Alright, I’m done preaching. Enjoy the pretty fanart. A remake for the remake. hahaha.


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