“My eyes remind me of an ant’s,” I tell him with a laugh.

He looks at me, surprised. “I think your eyes are beautiful.”

I’m taken aback. Nobody’s ever really complimented my eyes before.

“They’re like these half little shining moon things. They say eyes say a lot about a person. When I look into your eyes, I see someone intelligent and graceful. Someone worth getting to know.

"That’s why I first talked to you, you know. Your eyes. I’m not kidding. They’re special. Don’t hate on ant eyes.”

—  different people, different perspectives // lily rose.
never not a welcomed guest

here comes the
night again,
an old friend
stumbling through
with untied shoelaces
and bedhead
and coffee breath
where in the hell he is
and where he’s going
and what he’s
supposed to do
once he gets there,
a comedy
a tragedy
but a romantic of sorts,
loves to have him around
so he’s greeted
and welcomed
with open arms
and warm smiles,
who doesn’t love
the coming of night…

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to get everyone up to speed my name is Tree, I’m 18 and very poor lmao.

I feel weird airing out all of my Struggling Credentials online but I’m not cis, very gay, seriously mentally ill, etc. etc. etc. and at least for the foreseeable future I will not be able to hold a Normal Paying Job unless I get really lucky and the whole world rights itself
there are currently 5 people in my house and due to mental and physical illness and disability, only my father can do stable work at the moment (but its been basically impossible for him to find). he’s been doing construction type jobs where he can find them but we’re getting by largely because of the generosity of my great-grandparents. (and i appreciate them more than i could ever express tbh)

so basically this is me trying to start up some source of income for myself. even if its small and doesn’t really do anything other than make me feel like I’m helping lmao.
I have a lot of things I need to get done (including really needing new glasses and getting my wisdom teeth out). I’m also looking towards college next year and though I’m very lucky and will definitely be picking whatever school gives me the best scholarships (I might be able to get my full tuition paid!!!!!!!!), saving up whatever I can will be pretty vital. and yeah at any rate, in the here and now I’d like to be able to help my family out if I can, or at least have my own money to buy things I need.

right now I have:



(If you’re looking for simple art prints/posters, please look on crated!! I make a much larger commission there)

I also made an account on society6 and will start putting stuff up there as soon as i have the dollar in my paypal i need to get validated lol

I’ll be adding new designs to the stores as I make them, and may open commissions soon???? That’s kind of intimidating honestly so we’ll see how things go but yeah!!

Thank you very much for reading!! I know money is tight for a lot of people right now so if you could like or share this I would really appreciate it

word-bug  asked:

Captain Swan or Lieutenant Duckling(The one that was developed after 5.15 aired)

Eh…ah…I mean… 

Look it’s no secret that I had very different headcanons for Killian Jones and his childhood before 5.15 jossed them. Of course I like my version much better! And honestly I haven’t seen any Lieutenant Duckling that gives Killian the same indentured servant/slave backstory that we now have in canon. 

Overall I like the possibilities of Lieutenant Duckling. Messing with how they are different from Captain Swan, imagining what kind of princess Emma would be, how her upbringing would have been different, how Killian would be different with Liam or if he never met Milah, ect. Because of this there are so many different versions of LT Duckling that I think it’s hard to pick one for comparison. BUT even if I could it doesn’t matter because 

Captain Swan OWNS my soul. Seriously.

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I like my OTP original recipe! 

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