staff stop trying to fix things that arent broken and do something everyone wants
• add a real actual fucking messaging system
• get rid of fanmail its fucking useless
• give everyone a blacklist to block posts they dont want to see
• allow us to search through our likes
• fix/get rid of the posts that always load at the bottom on mobile
• let people know when someone mentions their @ name
• fix description links and make them easier to add
• add the option to show your pageview/follower count stats on the desktop version of your theme
• get rid of the new update its such a downgrade


So I just sent an ask to tessshebaylo, one of tumblr’s staff members in regards to this post claiming that tumblr had an extremely ableist response to it’s newest update. It certainly explains the lack of receipts. If you could spread this along and tell people not to reblog that post, I would appreciate it.

That being said, tessshebaylo, staff, are you truly willing to listen to your users this time? You have literally, never once given us any reason to believe otherwise in regards to your previous updates.

Yet another thing that bugs me about this new reblog update:

I can no longer tell at a glance if the person I’m following is the one who added the last comment to a post. Instead, I have to look back and forth between the comment and avatar/name to check if it’s the same person.

Tumblr staff, how? How do you manage to make EVERY UPDATE inconvenient rather than helpful?

Dear Tumblr Staff,

The newest update to the captions function is a complete disaster. This is bad, really bad. There is no shame in changing it back. If you still feel the need to make a change, change the comment source link from the permalinks to the shorturls. This would solve a huge problem with misattribution. People are allowed to change their urls whenever they want, but their short urls do not change. The new caption displays show everybody’s icons. Icons are allowed to be adult content, you have just made millions of posts adult content posts. Second problem, it discriminates against people with reading disabilities. It is not easier to read, it is not. I have no idea who you asked, but it is not. The next problem is I am facing losing 10% to 20% of the followers from my main blog because they were role play bloggers, people who take turns writing short stories in the captions of their posts. The old system was perfect for that manner of creativity, and I am now facing losing the 10% to 20% of my followers who needed that. I’m sorry, I’m positive you must have received thousands of complaints about this already and I saw somebody even started a change.org petition asking tumblr to change it back it’s almost to 25,000 signatures right now https://www.change.org/p/tumblr-yahoo-tumblr-please-reverse-cancel-this-update, and there are probably by now millions of notes on posts pointing out all of the problems I have just illustrated, but I have been running a professional art blog for the past two years complete with our own community of hundreds of members who trust me with their work., and this recent change is a serious threat to my ability to perform that task. Please take all these things into consideration.

Also staff and support, please do not message me telling me to submit my complaint through the support form at Tumblr.com/support, I have already done that. I am just reminding everybody else to do that too.

SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS TO Tumblr.com/support!

Tumblr, Yahoo: Tumblr: Please Reverse/Cancel this Update
Recently, tumblr support announced this new update . I have made a series of polls to see what the users' opinions of the update is at the moment. Unfortunately, for a lot of users (roleplayers as an example ), this will cause them to be unable to use tumblr properly. A staggering amount of people are saying that they feel they have to use add-ons in order to use the website. As well as that, an equally shocking number feel as if their feedback and messages are not being paid any attention by staff. I've been using this site for a long time now, and I really enjoy the community I'm a part of on here, and it's a real shame that a website that used to be so good is slowly losing functionality (frankly) from these updates. My suggestion here, is that staff should listen to what the community wants the site to be, rather than making updates that look good on the surface but the vast majority users really don't like, and not go ahead with/reverse this update.

Y’all should sign this.

New Reblog/Comments Insanity

Followers, et al.

If, like me, you’re finding issues with the new reblog/comment/layout system, not just because it looks pretty horrid, but because you find it difficult to read/navigate, please, please reach out to support with feedback. Constructive feedback. 

There have been so many “wow, this sucks” posts and yeah, it does, but if you don’t respond to the staff and support team, through official channels, with actual constructive reasoning and expression, it doesn’t help change anything. 

I’ve seen a few posts from people with dyslexia having issues. People with other visual/neural impairments, too. Even for me (O), I get migraines and having to separate icons/photos from text to follow a thread in this new system is literally causing my brain to hurt. 

So if you want something changed, if you want the staff and support team to maybe start listening to users for once, bombard them with real, constructive criticism of features. Tell them what’s wrong and why and what might help fix it, with as little vitriol and swearing as possible (it may take a couple drafts – walk away and cool down if you get worked up before sending anything). 

Be helpful. Be honest. Be constructive. Go leave some feedback here: support 

I would like to suggest a few ideas to Tumblr to improve on the new update.

I mean this seriously, I do like the new improvements! But I feel there are a few things that could make this even better. I been working on this idea for a little bit, i know my edits aren’t that good, but its enough to make a point.

Here is a standard post that i made using the current system. I have 3 main problems: 1. the space between the messages feel way to tall. I calculated it to be ~35 Pixels tall, this is over double the space between the old messages. (i am including the profile pic and username as a message, thats not the problem here.)

My second problem is the thin 1 pixel line you call a divider is hard to see and hard to tell when it has ended. Plus it doesn’t help i t looks a lot like the horizontal dividers all be it, it is smaller.

Here is a simple edit that i made, I cut the space from ~35 to ~15, More then enough space between post. I also added a 2 pixel high darker gray line, that is much easier to see the separation of the messages.

Those two things being fixed would mean a lot to me, but I do have one more idea that could make things feel more natural.

Indenting all Re-blogs by 25 pixels (the size of the profile picture), and this is only one time, not to repeat the process like the annoying nested mechanic from before, but it helps at a glance that directly there is the OP and there are the re-blogs.

I hope the Tumblr staff does see this and think about these changes, even if there not exact, I would hope for anything better. Anyway I have drone on about this.


So, I recently managed to get a hold of one of tumblr’s staff members, tessshebaylo, in regards to a rumor that tumblr’s management was INTENTIONALLY being ableist in this recent update (not that it isn’t a huge inconvenience for many disabled people). You can read that post there and junk, but in that response I asked a question: why should we trust staff at this point? The userbase has been extremly negative towards virtually every single noteworthy tumblr update since Yahoo! bought it for a billion dollars. The only update that comes to mind that everyone has agreed was a good thing was a proper blocking system. So I sent an ask to ask that very question: why should we believe you? Why should we take anything you have to say at face value? Here was a rather interesting response:

Thanks. :) That’s a good question. Maybe the one-sentence answer is: because we work for the *free* site that they use. We want it to succeed, and hopefully so do they.

Being in a community management / customer support role is interesting, though. We’re the ones whose job it is to communicate directly to the users, to answer their questions (our main job is answering requests for help that we get – hundreds per day, and we are a tiny team), and to try to explain to them how the site works. The engineers are a bit removed from this. They have a lot of latitude in what they design and implement, and they make those decisions themselves. So while they design and launch features, we announce it and bear the criticisms for it. I’m one of the most senior people at the company, and I do believe that we have a crop of engineers right now who are more receptive and sensitive to user requests / feedback than any group of engineers has been before. So that’s really positive, and when we provide them with long lists of the feedback we receive from users, they really do seem to care. So while we as a department can’t ever *make* them do anything, we can keep giving them all the feedback we get, try to deliver it in the best ways possible, and fight for those viewpoints to come to fruition.

Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense! If you google the phrase “how do I get a product manager to listen?” or “how does support get engineers to listen,” you’ll probably find some other articles that can explain that delicate relationship better than I can.

So, what do we gather from this?

  • We really have been scapegoating staff all this time. Should you feel bad about it? I say nah. They are the public face of the corporation.
  • However, it’s really the engineers behind this godforsaken mess that’s REALLY messing things up for us.
  • It’s the engineers we need to apply pressure on.
  • It’s the engineers fault.
  • Fuck those guys.

So, yes. Don’t feel pressured to by any means, but if anyone could spread this a bit so we understand this whole situation better, I’d appreciate if this was spread a bit.

Continue to send the staff feedback. And when you do, be very descriptive about what you hate about this update.

And furthermore?

Put pressure on the damn engineers in every report you fill out. Make it clear you’re frustrated with them. Let them know they’re full of bullshit and it’s time for that to come to an end.


Dear staff;

You claim to read all feedback, so I’m going to attempt to give mine without hyperbole or ridiculous, over the top emotion, but after three years on this site, I have grown frustrated with a great deal of your decisions. I fully understand this site is a business, and needs to make money. That means protecting artists and other users from theft and mis-sourcing. I also understand that certain communities cause problems with abuse and threats, and that making things easier for those communities isn’t your first priority.

But I do understand that a business needs users, and by continuously making changes that do nothing to improve the user experience, you will run them off. While the need to protect yourself from the aforementioned problems, your solutions thus far have resulted in countless hours spent by your users to correct the changes, just to use the site. You have to see where this will eventually end. No matter how much a community wants to thrive and remain, if you make things too uncomfortable with them, they will leave.

In 1969, in front of a Congress entirely opposed to him, Fred Rogers addressed his concerns about their proposal to cut public broadcasting’s funding and presented his opinion in such a way that he actually won them over to understanding that the while the changes they wished to make helped one thing, they would irrecoverably harm others.

All I’m asking, all any of us are asking, is for you to understand these changes are not helping your users. Please, please listen. That’s all we want.

relatable posts just arent the same anymore with the new update like it brings so much attention to whoever you reblogged it from that its feels less like “oh i got dumped so i’ll reblog this sad post” its more like “lol im gonna reblog userguy69’s breakup post for laughs”