My name is Jenna and I make a living from my Tumblr. 

On Saturday, March 21st, I logged out of my account space-grunge for the first time in months (or possibly a year!) because I wanted to start a new blog dedicated to helping short dogs in rescues and shelters find homes.

But then I couldn’t login again.

I assumed that Chrome had saved my password. That was silly of me. I’m super forgetful, and not only forgot that Chrome hadn’t saved my password, but forgot my password completely. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, except that my e-mail address for space-grunge doesn’t exist anymore. It was an old college e-mail from UCLA that was deactivated.

You might be asking yourself right now, “Why is this person making such a big deal out of a Tumblr account? Just make a new one.”

Here’s why: Almost all of the traffic to my Etsy shops comes from my Tumblr.

I started space-grunge in April 2012. In almost three years, I have acquired 118,834 followers and counting. Space Grunge has been an integral part of the success of my Etsy shops: Spacetrash and Glow Worm Shop. Space Grunge is the reason I can pay my rent. 

I’ve reached out to Tumblr Support, but so far, I’ve only received automated messages— even after offering ample evidence that I am who I say I am.


Thanks for reaching out! You can get more information on regaining access to your account here:


Tumblr Support”


I’m really sorry about this! But since security is a top priority to us, we can’t give out the login info for an account unless we’re absolutely certain we’re giving it to the owner. And as much as we sympathize with your dilemma, we have to honor the existing email address and password combination. You’re welcome to create a new account at https://tumblr.com/register, and we hope we’ll see you again soon on Tumblr.


I offered to send them a photo of my driver’s license. I forwarded them an e-mail from UCLA stating that my old e-mail address was deactivated. I’ve sent them photos of myself holding last Sunday’s newspaper. But I keep getting these same messages over and over.

I know you can do more to help me, Tumblr Support! I realize that you are busy people, but I would really appreciate it if I could talk to someone without receiving an automated response, or who could at least tell me how I can make you “absolutely certain” that I’m the owner.

Please spread the word. Help me save my blog and pay my rent!

If you would like to contact me, please message me on this account or on my twitter: @fuzzyguts.

The Houses of Tumblr Staff:
Tumblr’s anniewerner revealed nicknames for several teams on staff:

  • Shiny Unicorns = Tumblr Content & Community
  • Trash Cats = Tumblr Community Outreach & Events
  • Hashbang = Tumblr Dashboard Engineers
  • Psychic Jacks = Tumblr Creator Tool Engineers
  • Tumblrns = All Interns across Tumblr Departments
  • Featherbottom = Tumblr Search Team
  • Jazz Falcons = Tumblr Growth Product Team
  • Tumblr Staff:let's see, how can we make tumblr better?
  • Tumblr:fix the mobile app so it actually loads photos, actually fix shit that doesn't work instead of dumbass updates.
  • Tumblr:.... Wtf no we didn't ask for that
  • Tumblr Staff:it's brilliant and they love it.
  • Tumblr:we hate it we hate you
  • Tumblr Staff:it's brilliant. They love it.
Dear Tumblr Staff & Friends

staff you know how you do the cute little thing near the tumblr logo about pointless bullshit such as national pancake day or national donut day? yes well it’s Black History month so where is the logo for that? What facts do you have to put up about that? Because I’m pretty sure as soon as February 14 at 00:01 hit’s, you’re going to put up a logo for how even tho some people are lonely you still appreciate them or some other cheesy bullshit you come up with, so if you could do that why can’t you add little fun facts about lesser known Black Heroes in america? I mean, it’s the least you can do right, since you cant seem to delete accounts who promote racism against poc

so i havent been online for couple of days  i logged in to queue more posts and it looks like tumblr’s made new changes for posting photos, do not worry when you dont see any caption under my photos i still credit my posts just they dont featured as caption anymore but they can be seen whenever you hover on the post as seen on 2nd photo ( follow the red arrows to see title and the copyright owner of the photo)
I actually like that, it looks like noone can erase them anymore! :)

Hey everyone.
The tumble staff have been large pieces of shit lately, making the LGTBQ+ tag NSFW, deleting the Ferguson tag, and eliminating all posts about Leelah Alcorn.
I’m proposing that we could all take a hiatus from tumblr, all at once.
Around 2pm, PST, On February 13, ((the same day the piece of shit movie staff has been promoting comes out)), I feel we should all abandon tumblr, for an hour, and boycott the shit they’ve been doing. Is anyone else in?