Liebe Freunde/dear friends

Ich wollte einen kurzen Clip mit einem Gitarrensolo von Devon Allman hochladen und bekam die Meldung, dass das Video wegen der Darstellung sexueller Gewalt nicht veröffentlicht werden kann. Im Falle einer Wiederholung, wird mein Blog gelöscht. Ich kann ja verstehen, wenn man in einem Gitarrensolo gewisse sexuelle Anspielungen erkennen möchte. Aber mit Gewalt hat das nun wirklich nichts zu tun. Und wenn ich mir vorstelle, wie viele Porno-Blogs ich jeden Tag sperren muss, ist es einfach lächerlich. Falls mein Blog also irgendwann verschwinden sollte, liegt es an einem Gitarrensolo.

I tried to upload a short video-clip with a guitar solo of Devon Allman and got the notice, that the video was blocked because of the exposition of sexual violence. In case of a repetition, my blog will be terminated. I do understand, if someone wants to see somehow sexual references in a guitar solo. But this has definitely nothing to do with violence. And remembering how many porn-blogs I have to block every day on my dashboard, this is just absurd. If my blog disappears one day unexpected, it is because of a guitar solo.

Ever see a crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain on your dashboard? Not ideal, right?

Starting tomorrow, reblogs will have a new look—one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents. Our change to reblog captions last month laid the necessary groundwork for us to arrive here, at a place where the dashboard will be a lot easier to read and cleaner-looking.

Here’s how this will look (original on the left, new look on the right):

Questions about all this? Keep reading for the answers…


Q: Will this show up for all posts on the dashboard, or just the posts published from here on out?
A: All posts! So you can scroll back in time and see your older reblogs in this format too.

Q: Will it look like this on my blog?
A: Not necessarily: your public blog will continue to display reblogs according to however your chosen theme displays them. The new look is on the dashboard only, for now.

Q: How do I reblog starting from a certain post in the reblog thread?
A: Same as before: Just click the username of whoever made the reblog you want to reblog from. It’ll open up, and you can click or tap its reblog icon to reblog that post. Got it?

Q: Can I edit earlier reblogs, or the original post, in my reblog?
A: You can choose whether or not you want to include that stuff in your own reblog, but you can’t really go in and edit other people’s text. We know—that level of flexibility allowed you guys do some pretty interesting stuff, but it also made misattribution way too easy.

Q: Can I remove all captions on a post that I’m reblogging?
A: Sure. Click or tap the reblog button and click on the X that appears when you hover over the comments.

Q: Can I delete a single reblog caption within the thread?
A: No, it’s an all-or-nothing thing.

Q: How can I be sure my posts are credited properly?
A: Use the content source field! No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post. Click on that source link any time you want to see what was originally posted.

Q: Can I send you my feedback on this change?
A: Yes. And for the record, even when you receive a simple thank-you response (which is necessary since there are millions of you and only a few of us), every word of your feedback is read lovingly by human eyes, then passed along to our engineers.

Dear Tumblr Staff:

I have a story to tell you, the story of Digg.

Digg was once a very popular and vibrant site. Once valued at about $200 million, it eventually sold for $500 thousand. 

What caused this sudden drop in Digg’s value? About five years ago they updated the site, removing a bunch of features in a way that nobody really liked and changing the site around. They didn’t listen to what their user base wanted, and rather quickly alternatives were discovered and they were no more. It is said that their traffic dropped 25% in under a week.

And so was born reddit. Remember this tumblr, you’re not indestructable. If you continue to fuck the site up, the next “tumblr” will be born and the inevitable migration will occur.

Digg made a mistake. They underestimated their user’s willingness to jump ship and took their community for granted by going against their wishes. Don’t make that mistake, tumblr. It won’t work out for you.

There aren’t enough *puts breadsticks in purse* memes to make me stay if you go through with this destruction. 

Maintenance notice

We’re performing server maintenance starting 3 a.m. EST on August 16. It won’t take longer than a day, but during that time you may experience increased latency and intermittent problems with posting.

Sorry about the inconvenience, Tumblr. We appreciate your patience.

Update, 11:55am: And we’re clear! Here’s to a bright future with our shiny new servers. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about Tumblr, our Help Center is right over here.

Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.


As most of you already know, on May 13th Tumblr has decided to lock us all out of the site and make us change our passwords for safety reasons, without as much as letting us know about the overhaul in advance. 

Now while for most this was no more of an issue than the minute lost on changing the password, many of us have stayed locked out. The problem here is that these blogs are tied to defunct e-mail addresses we no longer have access to, therefore changing the password is out of the question and so is logging in for, as it seems right now, ever.

Addressing the issue I have written to tumblr spport and got this reply:

How considerate, we are now supposed to throw away years of work on our blogs (MAIN BLOG AND ALL SIDEBLOGS), thousands of posts, original content, url and its reputation and of course ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS, simply because Tumblr @staff failed to notify us on the matter.

However, there is still a possible solution. 

As we can still use the Tumblr app, this hideous failure could be fixed by updating the Tumblr app with the option to change the e-mail address on mobile.

I shared this idea with Tumblr support as well but I was met with the answer that, i cite, ‘’the changes aren’t up to our department’’


You screwed up big this time fellas, are you seriously letting it slide?