staff did the thing again where they change crap so that my XKit doesn’t block what it’s supposed to… It needs to stop that. About 70% of my XKit extensions don’t work as it is because XKit hasn’t even fully recovered from the crud that Google pulled a few months back that completely broke the XKit parent extension itself… And now you go changing ridiculous stuff again so that even less of my extensions work.

Like… There is a reason I have XKit installed. That reason is because I don’t want suggested blogs and crappy adds (usually complete with obnoxious videos and flashing GIFS) appearing IN my dash feed. Literally no one wants to see this crap. Please stop trying to freaking force it.

  • tumblr staff:what the ever-changing modern world needs is for microblogging platforms to truly push the limits of innovation and provide a seamless user experience!
  • tumblr staff:with this new set of dashboard modifications, we will pioneer a new age of social neworking, redefining what it means to share content through the web!
  • tumblr staff:we are proud to announce that starting on January 29th, we will *dramatically lifts curtain to reveal tumblr on giant computer screen*
  • rearrange the existing buttons again!
  • yahoo:wow. revolutionary. keep up the good work guys
  • xkit guy:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)