staff you’ve made a lot of choices in the past that felt completely useless and pointless that I’ve tried my best to find a reason for but I can tell you honestly from the bottom of my heart that i genuinely never in all of my years on this shitty website have ever wanted random vaguely similar posts to pop up after I like something on my dashboard

you know what i don’t get? why tumblr staff thought it was necessary to change the little home post notification thing from 100+ to 99+. like what is the point? why is that necessary? it literally serves no function except to tell you that you have a certain number of posts waiting when you refresh the page. the staff literally took the time to change the coding to show 99+ instead of 100+ rather than fix something that could actually be useful. why? why not fix the messaging system or the block system or something useful? please, staff, enlighten me

Here’s what the Tumblr staff could’ve and should’ve done with their spare time during this lovely Spring Break but didn’t...

1. Give us a fully functioning messaging system with inbox, outbox, drafts, the works. If Facebook can do it, if FFN can do it, if freakin’ LiveJournal and MySpace can do it, so can Tumblr.

2. Delete all the racist and pedophile blogs. They’re out there and they need to go.

3. Up the Follow limit! 5,000 is NOT enough, especially with new people with new fandoms and new issues joining this accursed website every day.

4. If somebody hasn’t been active in 5 years, their URL should be up for grabs.

5. Make it easier to track Anon Trolls. Not just the annoying ones but folks that are lowdown enough to tell someone to kill themselves or are racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, all of the -ists and -phobics and then once they are exposed, the staff should take decisive action (see #2)

6. If I want to attach gifs to my text/link posts, I don’t want to see any of those gray boxes of DOOM. I know there’s a way of fixing that but make it easier to do it.


11. Up the Post limit! (see #3 and replace 5,000 with the current number)

12. Get rid of the ads. 

13. Fix trntbl permanently. I tried to use it recently and things went terribly wrong. My computer froze.

14. Fine tune the Compass feature. It’s hit or miss, now. Mostly miss.

15. If I put a typo in a tag, I want to be able to fix it without having to start all the way over and keep the typoed tag.



Tumblr has basically turned into one of those grocery stores that constantly rearranges aisles to force confused visitors to stay longer and see more advertisements while they try to find what they came for.



  • Fresh new 3D Tumblr logo that gets colorful when you hover over it
  • Search bar moved to the left (accommodates some really long search terms—try it)
  • Unread count badges are now light blue
  • Activity icon is in the header, and clicking it shows you your first page of notes (and you can click “See everything” to get to your full Activity page)
  • Get to all your blog stuff under the Account menu (the little human), no matter how far down the Dashboard you’ve scrolled
Better Link Posts

Whew, it’s a busy day in the Tumblrhood. Here’s another new thing that’s rolling out.

So you’re clicking around on the internet, and you’re reading some great article on another site that is interesting and has nice graphics and / or cool engravings from the 1800s.

And you want to share this article with your friends (your REAL friends, let’s be honest) on Tumblr. So you copy the link and paste it into a new link post on your dashboard, and it comes out looking like this:

Aw, man. Now it looks a lot less exciting. So you end up taking a screenshot of the original article, and posting that on Tumblr as photo post, and linking to the article in your caption. Sigh. Kind of a lot of steps for just sharing an article to Tumblr.

Enter our new and improved link posts. You can now paste a link into a new link post on Tumblr, and (if there are any images for it to pull from) it will pull an image from that article for you. 

Much better, right? Enjoy!

One more thing: this is only available on the web now, and you’ll see it in the mobile apps real soon.