□ Make a somewhat decent messaging system

□ Report everyone in the shitty shoplifting fandom to the police

□ Stop posts from losing all of their notes 

☑ Make everyone’s urls three shades darker on every post for no reason

I’m really glad that the latest tumblr update was to bold the names of the people I follow when their posts are on my dash, instead of giving us a proper messaging system or a way to track more than five tags, because it was terribly confusing trying to figure out who was I following just based on their name, their icon, and the fact that their posts were on my dash.

Dear tumblr mobile,

By the beard of Odin, STOP SUGGESTING TO TAG LOUIS TOMLINSON WHEN I WRITE TOM! I have no clue who that person is and I have no intentions to find out. I have therefore never used this tag and this post will probably the only time I will. Because I JUST WANT TO TAG THE WORLD FAMOUS & MOST TALANTED ACTOR TOM HIDDLESTON, who happens to be the person I almost always blog about, and one of the only tags I use. When I type Tom I didn’t mean Louis… those are totally different letters. When I write Tom, I truely mean to tag a Tom. How hard can it be?


Attention: David Karp, Tumblr founder & CEO, and Yahoo! Inc

On June 1, 2015 we, the Photographers on Tumblr, held a Protect the Creators (PtC) campaign. We, creators of original content, want(ed) to get the attention of Tumblr staff and management. We want(ed) the people who run Tumblr to make the necessary changes to this platform that will protect creators’ original work.

Such protection would make it impossible for rebloggers to alter or remove any part of the original post (title, caption, description) and simultaneously ensure the source link is permanent and irremovable. 

This is not an unreasonable request, Tumblr has code changes all the time. Yet nothing seems to have changed in terms of tightening up protection for creators of original content. Worse still, when creators have reported offences, their request for corrective action has been ignored. Are the creators not central to what Tumblr is all about? What would Tumblr be without original content? It would just be recycled content from other internet sites.

An ex-Photographer on Tumblr drew my attention to the slogan Tumblr used to have: “Follow The World’s Creators

Now the slogan is: “Follow the blogs you’ve been hearing about. Share the things you love.

This too de-emphasises the creators - a point not lost on anyone in our creative community. It makes me uneasy, especially with so little being done to protect the very creators who fuel Tumblr.

David Karp, Yahoo, Tumblr - please give us solutions.

Tumblr is big enough, it’s smart enough, with probably some of the best resources at it’s disposal. Making a few small changes would give many creators here more security and peace of mind. More importantly (for your bottom line), it would stem the tide of creators moving on to competing platforms.

This is what we are asking for:

1.       If we are a creator, an original content blogger, and we report a violation of our work to you - whether it is an alteration to the original post, or outright theft - please act on it. Do not ignore us. Please do something. When you do nothing, you are effectively letting the offender know it is perfectly okay to alter others’ original content, while at the same time - perhaps more importantly - you are fostering discontent and anger within the large and active creator community. We need a change in attitude from you, together with how you manage this. If you need suggestions from us on how we think you should manage this, we will gladly provide. So long as the creator is put back into the position they were in, prior to the offensive reblog/post.

2.       Make the necessary code changes we need to protect our original work. This should immediately minimise the instances of infringements and work effort required, as referred to in point 1 above.

3.       Allow the metadata of the copyright holder/owner of photos to be retained, along with the camera/speed/aperture/iso exif data.

David Karp, Yahoo, Tumblr - please, make this platform better. We know you can. 

The question is, will you?

(My thanks go to the ex-Photographer on Tumblr, Pete of tvoom, Fern of qbnscholar and Chas of cpleblow for advice, input and edits.) 

P.S. Some people have asked what prompted me to write this post. It came about because of a conversation I had with someone whom I respect, who has stopped using Tumblr. What sealed it, was them bringing to my attention the change of Tumblr’s slogan.

Reblog as text, all day long.

You know how Tumblr used to automatically reblog a long text post as a link? That doesn’t happen anymore. So now when you reblog a text post it’ll stay a text post, no matter how long it is. Rejoice!

And since we won’t need it to get around the reblog-as-link thing anymore, we’ve said goodbye to the “Reblog As” button. You know, this guy:

Goodnight sweet prince, you served us well.

This concludes your afternoon PSA about reblogging. Carry on.

I am getting tired of this. Tumblr is causing me panic attacks.

This I cannot stand.

A few days ago I was found with a male’s penis in the corner. I followed what one of the Tumbr staff had told me to do, but it didn’t work and I actually started crying because I was so mentally scarred. I am also an asexual, and I really don’t like that blacklisting does not work on any of these suggestions, nor do these suggestions relate to the actual post. It just causes me to panic. Speaking of panicking, there was another post of a leech sucking on someones hand and their veins popping out beneath their skin, also making me panic, as well as another post of tons of bees, which doesn’t seem like a big deal but I am extremely scared of bees. Images such as that can be seen by much more sensitive people than me, or worse: Someone with epilepsy could find themselves with a flashy gif suggestion and end up in the hospital because their blacklisting did not work on the corner images. This really needs to be fixed. 

Please signal-boost this. It needs to get around.