Reblog as text, all day long.

You know how Tumblr used to automatically reblog a long text post as a link? That doesn’t happen anymore. So now when you reblog a text post it’ll stay a text post, no matter how long it is. Rejoice!

And since we won’t need it to get around the reblog-as-link thing anymore, we’ve said goodbye to the “Reblog As” button. You know, this guy:

Goodnight sweet prince, you served us well.

This concludes your afternoon PSA about reblogging. Carry on.


Protect the Creators

Dear Peeps,

Above is a small sampling of images I have had stolen on tumblr. In addition to bloggers on tumblr, I have found these images on instagram and pinterest too. Tumblr is the only platform I share my images. It is such an infuriating feeling to have my work stolen that I have stopped checking my images. With over 5000 posts, I know they are floating around without credit and/or claimed as the work of another. Yes, it’s a risk we take when uploading our images to the internet, but there are steps that can be taken to protect the original content of the creators. We are asking tumblr staff to take these measures to protect the creators on tumblr.

I know I am not alone when I say I literally spend hours working on my photos. It takes two seconds for someone else to steal them without a thought given to the person whose work, time, talent and vision they have obliterated the instant they choose to remove any connection to the artist. It’s shit. It’s unacceptable and it must stop. 

Please tumblr staff: Protect the Creators

Dear Tumblr staff,

The Tumblr is an outstanding platform for creators including photographers, and we photographers appreciate your service very much indeed. And, if you add a simple measure to keep protecting the photo copyright and credits during the reblogs, you will be the best social media for creators. And if you do so, I believe you may also gain many B2B users (professionals like architects, interior designers or design companies etc). Your prompt action is highly appreciated.

Thanks & best regards,

Shinji A.

To all re-bloggers: Protect the creators by becoming a protector!

There are tumblr users that intentionally steal original work from the creators. There might even be a lot of them. But I bet there are more users that simply don’t know what it means for a creator to have his work stolen and that simply re-blog without thinking twice whether the original post was altered or not. In addition to demanding protection from tumblr, let’s raise awareness among the re-bloggers as well.

As a re-blogger you can help protecting original content on tumblr by doing the following:

1) Do not alter any information of the post when re-blogging. An original post consists of the original work - be it an image, video, text, etc. - and whatever the original author chooses to add: a title, his name, a dedication - whatever it is, it’s part of the author’s creation. That’s why this information is added by default when you re-blog. Don’t delete it. If you want to alter it, ask the creator for permission.

2) Do not alter the original work, unless it’s part of the game (like 1photo-1000pictures, for example). If you want to do so anyways, ask the creator for permission and if they give you their permission, make sure the original work is attributed to them.

3) Before re-blogging from re-blog-blogs (before re-blogging content from a page that you know does not create original content), see if you can find the original post or original author of the post. If you can’t, somebody has most likely altered the post. See if you can find the original post by looking for watermarks or use Google’s reverse image search: https://images.google.com. Then re-blog the original post instead of the stolen one.

4) If you’ve seen a “stolen post”, let original authors know that their work was stolen. This gives the creator the chance to complain/report or make people aware of their wrong-doing and hence makes it more difficult for thieves to continue to steal in the future.

5) Show solidarity with the creators by supporting the “Protect the Creators” campaign and raise awareness by re-blogging this or any other of the many posts today.

This might sound like a lot, but really, altering posts is actually much more work than not altering them.

Thank you. If anyone would like to add to this list, feel free.

Today, we raise awareness of the need to protect original content on Tumblr. There are many terrific posts and responses to this multi-faceted issue. Original art and content are some of the things that make this social media platform the vibrant community that it is, so help us send the message that this content needs to be protected from theft as much as possible. 

What can you do? Whether you are a curator, a liker, a reblogger, a follower, or a creator, you can find more information about what we’re doing and how you can participate in the links below. Then, for today, June 1, like, post, reblog as many of the “Protect the Creator” related posts as possible. Add your voice to this issue!

About the new blocking system

I would like to thank the tumblr staff for doing the best thing they could have possibly done here recently: Fixing up the block system to where you can keep people from actually following you. I appreciate this so much, and I know plenty of other people who do and will too.

Friends: It doesn’t automatically work on your existing block list. You have to go through your list, unblock, and reblock everyone already on your list from before the block system fix. Otherwise, they’ll still be following you. Make sure to write down their URLs, because once you hit unblock, they’ll disappear from your block list. Don’t forget who ya wanna be rid of.

Please spread this around so people know!!!

Happy and safe tumbling, friends <333

Is it necessary to protect the original work of creators on a social media site like this, or at least make it difficult for others to appropriate original work without attribution? Yes. We may be talking about Tumblr specifically here, but this is a much broader issue about respect for the work of creatives. Tumblr is not to blame for all the evils of image theft in the digital world. Can they do more to protect the creators who post their work on Tumblr? That’s what we’re asking. Are there other more secure social media sites? Perhaps. Even on more “secure” sites (one individual mentioned Flickr, but even there I’ve seen outright theft of a contemporary photographer, Abelardo Morell’s work by someone on Flickr, who is no longer there, who posted Morell’s work as if it was his/her own with no attribution), it still doesn’t prevent the appropriation of original work, which amounts to theft. Plain and simple. So, there are larger cultural issues to consider and I’m happy to see so much of a response here today. This is not whining. This is not a rant. This is a necessary conversation that affects many people. 

Add your voice to this conversation. Find out more about what “Protect the Creators” is about at the links below, then like or reblog the posts participating in this conversation, or post your own “Protect the Creators” message.

I am always appreciative of all those who have liked or reblogged my work. Art does need to be seen and valued. Creating art, in whatever form, is a fundamental part of who we are as human beings. It is an exercise of the soul. Help us reaffirm the value of creative expression by protecting the creators!