Character submissions for TUMBLR RUMBLR 2 are now open!

What is Tumblr Rumblr? It’s what you would call an Original Character Tournament (OCT), a competition between artists and storytellers of all kinds. You enter an original character and are matched up with other’s characters to do battle in the best way possible: with creativity. Entries can be in the form of animations, comics, video games, live action acting, cosplay shots, prose, music, single artworks, anything creative you can make, you can enter! All you have to do is fit the criteria of showing your character “beating” the other in some way. This criteria can be stretched however you like. The runner up for the previous tournament showed their character losing in their first round, but won that round anyway due to their wonderful entry. 

To enter, simply write or draw your character and submit it via our submit page.

Your entry should include a picture (or very detailed description, if you cannot draw. A good enough description somebody could draw a picture from it) and a written description of the character’s personalty, abilities, ect. It doesn't have to be long, but just to get the point across. Include a link to your blog so we can organize you!

You may only have one character- but that character can have multiple forms. Two or three forms, maximum. If you include multiple forms, please include how they “switch” between the forms. We have had a ruling however, that in the case of characters having sentient weapons, it is allowed (examples of this are Pokemon and Soul Eater). Other cases such as multiple bodies sharing one mind are also allowed.

Once the character is posted here on the official blog, they are officially entered into the tournament.

Last year, we had Rumblrs that ranged from sentient blobs of black goo to bee/cat hybrids, and everything in between! Those who participated last year are welcome to use their previous character, this is a continued story-line (though knowledge of the previous story isn't necessary).

The story is as follows:

Folks from all around hear rumors of another Rumblr event. All one needs to do is enter the ominous portal that appeared where the final battle of the previous Rumblr occurred. Some say it might just be a rip into reality, and some say it’s a deadly trap. Could be both. Will you take the risk in order to be real?