my condolences to anyone who’s ever lost me
and to anyone who got lost in me
or to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me.
my apologies.
for the misunderstanding or the lack thereof.
i’m sorry you missed the God in me.
and i’m sorry you missed the light.
i’m sorry you forgot the way i arose like the moon,
night after night.
with the burden to forgive
eager to feed you everything.
see.. i’m a holy woman.
i know what it’s like to give life to a being
without ever needing to press skin against one another.
i’ve practiced how to hold my tongue long enough,
i’m afraid i forgot to say goodbye.
i’m afraid you’re under the impression that i was made to please you.
i was under the impression, you understood me better.
the truth is,
i’m a super woman.
and somedays i’m an angry woman.
and somedays i’m a crazy woman.
for still waiting..
for still loving harder even if i’m aching.
for still trusting that I’m still worth the most.
for still searching
for someone to understand me better.
—  Reyna Biddy

But it’s not fair,
you’ve got “I love you’’s
in your mouth, not in your heart,
while my whole body sings of you,

But it’s not fair,
you smoke cigarettes,
because you enjoy it, while
I smoke them just to make you like me,

But it’s not fair,
you give me attention
only when you’ve got some free time,
while I free my time just to spend hours with you,

But it’s not fair,
one day you say you love me,
you say you want me in your life,
but when I need you, you disappear,

But it’s not fair,
that someone always loves more,
that someone always tries a little harder,
that someone always ends up hurting,
even when they gave everything they could.



love me, don’t break me


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Don’t allow him to grow the flowers from your heart if he’s going to bring them to some other girl.

there are three types of tumblr gays:

  1. the pokemon trade/ power bottom
  2. the twink with the pink blog who’s obsessed with a female celebrity that was popular somewhere between 2004 and 2008
  3. the hypersexual social justice blogger who also memes
She was so absorbed by you,
by your thoughts and your ideas,
so full of you, full of your habits,
that she totally forgot about herself,
you were covering her soul with those clouds of yours,
all gloomy and heavy,
she did not know who she was anymore,
but when you left,
you took back all your clouds,
and then the sun came to her,
everything inside of her flourished,
her thoughts sang her favorite songs,
her mind laughed at her father’s jokes,
her heart danced and danced and danced,
her soul smiled, because she knew,
even the moon has clouds,
but it doesn’t stop her from lighting up the sky every night.


you go girl, you light up this world

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  • If Arin Hanson had a tumblr: Sailor Moon, girl power stuff, all the food he can't eat on paleo, those posts that you have no idea how to explain but you reblog anyway, audio posts of himself doing character voices, "hey guys! wanna hear this song I just wrote? It's about penis!"