Keep in mind that you have never been able to see yourself as you truly are. You have cobbled together a blurry image from reflections and photographs; you have not seen the way your eyes sparkle when you laugh or the way your mouth goes soft when you say I love you. You have spent hours picking out stretchmarks and acne and stray hairs — you have not seen the big picture. You think you are a single, nondescript star, when someone is looking at you and thinking, galaxy.
—  Myopia, by ironedout | ramblings #14

I wonder if one day
You will be sitting somewhere
Wondering if I still think of you
You’ll wonder if I still remember
Your name
You will sit somewhere wondering
What we could have been
You’ll wonder if I still feel the same

I wonder if one day
You will be sitting somewhere
Wondering if I still love you
And you’ll wonder why you never loved me back.

- c.a.m

this is a poem i wrote last year when i was going through a rough time. just remember that throughout every storm, you become stronger and learn to swim. every flood ends eventually, and at the end of a storm comes a rainbow. don’t lose hope, because beautiful things are coming your way no matter what you are going through.

Everything is always so carefully considered;
The shade of your lipstick,
How you part your hair,
The shoes you wear.

Even the smallest act or gesture,
How your hands are folded in your lap,
The way your clothes sit,
And how everything must fit,
Just so.

But there are moments when the façade begins to slip;
And words and actions flow freely,
Like water over stone.
And those who watch catch a glimpse,
Of you, and you alone.

—  ‘Illusions’ - l.m

I want to see the beach with you.
I want to hold your hand,
walk along the sand,
and listen to the waves on the rocks.

I want to go to the fair with you.
I want to drag you on the biggest ride,
and cover your eyes
when all you feel is fear.

I want to watch a movie with you.
I want to hold you close,
laugh during the good parts,
and hold you closer during the sad.

I want to experience the holidays with you.
I want to buy you gifts,
and take you home
to the family I know and love.

I want to spend a sleepless night with you.
I want to tell you stories
of days gone by,
and see how beautiful you are at 4:07 AM.

I want to fall in love with you.
I want you to know
you are my world,
and then maybe you’ll feel it too.

—  s a l, 3-30-14