Charlies Christmas Wishlist!

I wasn’t going to make one this year but since so many of you suggested and it went so awesome last year I decided to make another one for her so that you guys can participate in making her christmas just a little bit more magical :) 

Just like last year every present you send her will be individually wrapped and put under the tree for her with your name or tumblr url (whichever one you write down when you get her gift) and i’ll take a picture of her opening it and send it to you!

Here’s the list for her wish list: http://a.co/1J4TgxE

If you want to keep your gift completely anonymous I understand but I insist if you get her something please let me know! I’ll be following all the people that get something for her and I’ll also be making a huge thank you post and tagging everyone that decides to participate this year. I’m not sure how to end this post so here’s a picture of her opening her presents last year, enjoy!

bathykolpian  asked:

The funniest thing about this is he does have his own tumblr that comes up when you search his name and its like.. Barren. Only a few posts from years ago when he was promoting music I think.

That he does.

And that’s why this Tumblr continues to operate the way it does: because he doesn’t use his own anymore. Not only is there a large portion of social media that he’s not utilizing to promote himself, but there’s no “One Place” to find any relevant updates in regards to his life/career/appearances/etc.

So here I am. Trying to keep those who want to be informed in the loop, tracking everything down & putting it in one place. 

Convenience: thy name is Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Lmao you dont like Camren nor Lauren nor camila nor 5h probably you don't even like Tumblr and your name isn't even Sam. (also, it's funny we've reached a point where everyone suspects like EVERYTHING)

Im not even a human. Remember the time i talked about Lauren being a reptilian and working for the russian government so she could make fellow harmonizers into an army to take over the world? I lied. It wasnt Lauren, it was me. This is my mission and now youre all under my control


1 year ago today, Sandra Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. She died in jail 3 days later.

Salute brave Sandra Bland, who stood up to racist cops on behalf of all of us! She will never be forgotten! #Love it!