Hey yo my catholic sister friend @audacious-in-retrospect (her secondary blog is @storyofasouthpaw) is being followed rn almost solely by porn bots and we are trying to help her find Real Friends Here On Tumblr

She loves Jesus and 21 pilots and funny things and music and fandoms like Dreamworks and Studio Ghibli and FMA:B and is very witty and kind and intelligent and studied social work in school (we were roomies) and if y'all aren’t following her you REALLY SHOULD and say hi because she is A GREAT WOMAN

also pls reblog so she can meet more people? :) thx and God bless. xx.




Y’all, please support my girl @murderjuice! Her music is amazing and she deserves recognition! 

I was rehearsing my live set for Tropical Soul and preparing the first single for my next album for the studio….but I think my night might be coming to an end sooner than expected. My baby girl kitten Nona has now taken over my song folder and has turned it into her place of sleep as she purrrs her way into the adorable oblivion that is tiny kitty cat dreams. Farewell for now my princess. I’m afraid I’m going to have to move my hand soon and go into bed…but for now it will stay….I’ll just stay in this position for an hour or so…so she properly drifts into slumber.

A Hot Year in Your Mind

What is your current state ? Are your hands shaking, is your vision clear ? Or is it cold and calculated hate ? Why can you have the notion of love in you, and having a friend helping you to express in her writings your infinite love, when all that you show is infinite hate ? How many years do you plan to daily make everyone totally nuts ? Are you looking for dragging everyone to the bottom ? Like David Koresh in Waco ?

Dogbowl, Hot Day in Waco, live
Wiki on Koresh…