• <p> <b>Tumblr:</b> Phew, 2016 is over, Homestuck is over, we're finally free.<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> Wait. What's that.<p/><b></b> *rumbling from the distance*<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> oh. Oh no.<p/><b>Hussie:</b> HIVESWAP<p/><b>Politics:</b> DAVE STRIDER FOR US SENATE<p/><b>Hussie:</b> M O R E S I G N S THERE'S 288 OF THEM SUCK IT<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> Please,,,,,,save us,,,,,,<p/></p>
Popculture meme

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Colour(s) I’m currently wearing: Black jeans, a purple hoodie and fluffy purple slippers

Last band t-shirt I bought: Nine Inch Nails and (old) Bullet for my Valentine

Last Band I saw live: Queen

Last song I listened to: Apocalyptica feat Till Lindemann - Helden. I’ve been listening to it for five days straight…

Liptstick or Chapstick: Chapstick during winter, lip gloss during the rest of the year, lipstick almost never

Last movie I watched: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (for the 100th time)

Last 3  TV shows I watched: Penny Dreadful (I’m in love, this show is freaking brilliant!!!), The Unusuals (fifth rewatch, shame it got cancelled) and the 100 (still haven’t watched the whole thing but so far so good)

Last 3 characters I identified with: I rarely identify with characters, but lately - Penny Dreadful’s Vanessa Ives (though I’m far from being that badass), I feel her pain and turmoil on a personal level, along with her refusal to give up, like, EVER. 
I absolutely love Bellamy Blake’s character on the 100, though I can’t say I completely identify with him since I’ve never been much of a leader. Still his character’s growth is heartwarming. 
Another one is Supernatural’s Castiel and he’s the closest to me, because we both seem to try and do good which inevitably ends up going bad fast.

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amber-rose-neko-san  asked:

Huffle, I'm terrified ;-; I just wanna eat my ramen, watch RWBY and enjoy memes on tumblr. now I'm wrapped up in this hell.

At least you’re in good company while we burn!

Seriously though go eat if you’re hungry. I don’t think Jack would want people to put their own well being in danger for a couple of seconds of glitching.

Intimidation Meme

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to seek contact with each other because they can feel intimidated by others. Using this meme, you can send the symbols to my askbox that represent to you how intimidating I am to you. This way, it could be more clear to both sides how things are based on these feelings.

😀 - I’m not afraid of reaching out to you.
😃 - To me, you are easy to approach.
😊 - I think you are a really friendly person.
😶 - I’m not sure if I can reach out to you.
😐 - You seem a little distant from others.
😓 - I feel like you would not really like me.
😲 - I’m afraid of reaching out to you.
😟 - I wish I had the courage to start talking to you.
😥 - I am very intimidated by you. I wish it wasn’t that way, because you seem cool.
😫 - I admire you from the sidelines because you seem cool and I’m just a dork.
😧 - Senpai, notice me????
😦 - I feel really insecure when I want to reach out to you.
😨 - You intimidate me….a whole damn lot.
😭 - I wish I could be your friend but to me, you are so hard to reach out to.
😱 - I am so incredibly intimidated by you, it even makes me a little anxious sometimes.