• Society as a whole:Women are liars! You can't believe anything they say, especially if it's against a man!
  • Some tumblr user, thinking they're being radical:Ya know, my unpopular opinion is that women lie :) I know no one ever thought about that before :)

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I just wanna say thanks for a really cool animorphs fic and theories! Found it the other day and I've enjoyed reading it when I've had the opportunity. I adore the depth and time you take with a beloved series I thought not too many people cared that much about <3

Thank you so much!  And I agree that not enough people care about Animorphs.  Don’t get me wrong, there are ways in which it is nice that the fandom is so small.  Not only are there no shipping wars, but there’s still a lot of ground left for people to cover with fics and headcanons and whatnot—contrast with Marvel, whose comics I adore but which I would never dream of writing about because the fandom is so sprawling and messy and subject to civil wars (pun intended).  However, I also would love to be able to gush passionately about Animorphs in casual conversation the way I do with Marvel. 

Then again, I suppose that’s why they invented Tumblr.  Although, man, every time I see a post like “it would be so great if we could give kids sci-fi books with traditionally feminine heroes” or “Buffy was the first character ever who loved violence and make-up” I want to morph grizzly bear and shove a copy of The Stranger or The Exposed down their throats.  Rachel Berenson didn’t die for this crap.  

Hindi ako suplada, hindi ko rin ugali ang mang-ignore ng mga nagme-message sakin. Lalo na kung dito sa tumblr. Kung hindi man kita nireplyan, may dahilan ako. Baka naoffend mo ako, or most likely nabastos mo ako. Syempre bakit pa ako makikipag-usap di ba? Pero marunong din naman ako matunawan. Pero kung sobrang kati mo, I mean ng dila mo, wag ka nang umasa na kakausapin pa kita. Kahit magmessage ka pa araw-araw, wala kang makukuhang reply mula sakin. Kahit ubusin mo pa lahat ng social media accounts ko, wala kang mapapala. Simple lang naman kasi ang logic dun tol, hinay-hinay sa pakikipag-usap. Hindi yung pagkatapos ng hi-hello at kamustahan eh puro na kalaswaan o simpleng pakantot naman lalabas sa bibig mo. Wag ka masyadong magpahalata na fuccboi ka kasi pag ako di nakapagpigil, magsscreenshot ako at ipopost ko. Sinabihan na kita dati na ang fuccboi ng datingan mo, natawa ka pa. Walangya, wag ako ha? Tigilan mo na yan, gago.

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So, I think I've read almost every Chanyeol smut on this page, and I love every single one. Also I need a distraction rn, got way too many stuff in my head and somehow Channie is the only one who manages to calm me completely, so thank you for having so much Channie smut lol. P.s. Your page is my favorite on all of Tumblr.💕

aww man thank you so much!!~ We really appreciative the love :’) <3

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