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okay i shouldn't have laughed so hard, but I was asking because I was wondering if you had any headcanons about Spider-Man! I saw one floating around tumblr that was Spider-Man is trans, and you said "friends help friends hide their boobies in the void"! and with your permission, I'd like to use that quote in a drawing with Spider-Man?

oh please feel free to do so, id love that!

some kid on tumblr: hey man if youre feeling down i like to take a nice hot shower to cheer me up

some fucking troglodyte: op clearly has never been depressed. in fact this post made my depression worse. nice going clarence Op why do you hate mentally ill people janet. why did you do this Kimberly

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oh shit what happened on dem duddy?

apparently it was all fun and cute on the surface for the lolz but the True Edgelord Ending is that its some cult and all the dads represent a deadly sin or smthing and the dads are doomed to be single forever for this cult ritual (aka no happy ending, gays!!) so uhh pretty bad

edit: ok so this ending could maybe possibly be cut content i have no idea so. anyways ignore me ✌️
Day 22: 30 Day Spider-Man Challenge

Favorite Spidey ship (canon or noncanon)

If you even remotely know me then you know that it has got to beeeeeeeeeeeee

Even though they’re so different

they’re kinda the same….

They’re both idiots

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Plus the fact that Wade is such a huge Spidey fanboy helps out

Even his daughter ships it

But mostly I love them because they’re both better when they’re with each other


Good ol’ SpideyPool

For the Xtale!Chara adventures blog readers

Yeah, it seems Tumblr censored the last post because “It contains offensive/ X-plicit content” (Maybe I drew an offensive train station lmao) I already reported this thing to tumblr, so the only thing we can do for now is wait. 

Apologies to people that can’t see the blog u.u
Maybe you can check the settings of your blog and check if the safe mode is on. If tnat’s not the case, we must wait.