Sorry for didn’t ask u two before drawing this U////U

these day is pretty hard for me but i can pass this because you help me!

(I still bad in english lol) btw I love you two! thank you so much for help me and make me feel better. You two are my favorite person in tumblr!

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Clint: [drugged up after surgery]
Tony: [came to visit]
Clint: Who are you? [attempts to strike sexy pose and fails. Loudly whispers] You’re hot!
Tony: [trying not to laugh] I-I’m Tony.
Clint: Well, Tony… [drools a bit] You must have cleaned your pants with Windex, cause I can see myself in them latter tonight. [failed wink]
Tony: [dying of laughter] Yo- you realize- we’re already dating?!
Clint: Yes! Worked like a charm!

Tony: [is mad and yelling at Bucky]
Bucky: [can’t take Tony seriously]
Tony: Are you even listening?! Stop smiling, I’m serious!
Bucky: But, you’re just so adorable when you’re mad…
Tony: [even more frustrated] I’m tryin to be angry at you! Be scared!
Bucky: [holds back laughter]

‹❊ sirius black aesthetic ❊›

«photos will preserve the memory of the moments spent together so much better than any paper or the smell of someone’s hair». if you have read this, forget. to his seventeen sirius black was convinced that sometimes memories keep even unnecessary. yes, he always brought a gift for the fourteenth year camera, but only for the nature and his boyfriend. loved the morning watch in open wide the window, catching any movement of old trees outside. he wouldn’t want to exist on this planet as much as those poor and almost dried-up sticks with the occasional inclusion of holey leaves. because his favorite leather shoes were worn out would be a couple of years, and to move in anything else he refused flatly.