Widget Love

If I say the words
Then I’m not talking about that
I’m flinging shrugs of indifference
And you deserve more than that
So I say you’re amazing
I say I’m lucky to have you
I wonder out loud why you stay
Ask why you put up with me

And you always say the same things
It’s your repetitive mantra:
Because you’re kind
Because I love you
Because you have a
Sick sense of humor

But see my brain likes spinning words
What new widget I can create
In imagery of what we have
What can I pull out of the blue

So I’m wondering
If you would rather I just say
I love you


anonymous asked:

what do u think of the leafy Tumblr fandom ??

dude i fucking love the tumblr fandom, man.
everyone here is super sweet and chill, and talented too, which was the complete opposite of what i was expecting when i first looked through the tag.
when i first became the leafy stannie you all know and love, i was scared because i thought everyone here would be super mean, and that i wouldn’t make any friends. but it’s been the exact opposite?
everyone here are just generally nice and friendly ppl, imo. i generally feel comfy in this community, and i can’t say that about any other fandom im in. (although i still need some more friends. hmu please)