Animals from a Chuck Jones box of sketches (fun with puns), circa 1962 - 1968. 

Top: “Impala”, graphite on 12 field animation paper

2nd from top: “Elephant”, graphite on MGM Animation / Visual Arts note paper

Middle: “Jersey” (possibly a Yak in a Jersey. idk.) “Bison eating ‘bison-berries’”, graphite on 12 field animation paper

4th from top: “Lion”, graphite on 12 field animation paper

Bottom: “Suit doesn’t fit well. Looks like a man in a bear suit”, graphite on 12 field animation paper> (Possibly drawn circa 1967 during production of “The Bear That Wasn’t”, the last short cartoon directed by Chuck Jones for MGM Animation and his second to last project for them, the last being “The Phantom Tollbooth”). 

Guru Dudu, I was crossing the road at Edinburgh Fringe and these people were crossing in the opposite direction, a quick google search reveals what is going on.

GOOGLE - “Daily tours of spontaneous flash mob dancing through the streets, interpretative dancing around local landmarks and lots of crazy interaction with onlookers. Everyone wears headphones (supplied) and can hear the hilarious commentary from Guru Dudu and the dance mix of uplifting favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s “


zachariiee asked: hey, if you’re interested and up for a bit of a challenge with sprite edit requests, do you wanna try amber with long hair, or a ponytail or pigtails? she’s my favourite bachelorette! :D

Once I started I couldn’t stop

Amber looks adorable in Every Haircut