The first stars in the universe were born about 400 million years after the Big Bang. Because there were no metals at the time of their creation, these are known as “population III” stars. This allowed them to grow up to 130 times more massive than our own Sun, but made them live short and violent lives. They only lived for about a million years, and then detonated as supernovae.

What the fuck is it with you people and the 4th of July? I know most of you can’t help but be bitter patty poopers who make controversy where there is none and its how you “survive” but if you don’t want to celebrate the damn holiday then by all fucking means don’t but don’t you dare try to ruin it for everyone else or make them feel bad with your bitching and moaning!

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/the way you always like/reblog art, even when it doesnt have many notes or doesnt seem too have too much experience to it, is rly cool to the artists thank u/

I didn’t expect this feedback so I’m not sure how to respond to it, but it makes me glad to hear I make others happy with what I do. I believe that everyone deserves a chance, especially in art. (〃▽〃)