ayyy so in celebration of recently returning from my hiatus i decided to do a tumblr award bc i love these things!!


*u gotta be following me

*reblog this post pls (likes dont count sorry)



*reblog my selfie (u dont rlly have to do this but itd be rad if u did)

*this will end probably like august the 20th??? maybe earlier???????


*best url (2)

*best icon (2)

*best mobile theme (2)

*best web theme (2)

*best original posts (4)

*cutest ppl (4)

*nicest ppl (4) (u need to hmu to win this tbh maybe ask for my snapchat or somethin????idk??)

*best humor blog (1)

*best aesthetic blog (1)

*best ‘other’??? category (1)

*cutest pet (1) (u need pics of ur pet on ur blog for this tbh)

*overall winner of the world(and this tumblr awards) (1)

categories with 2 will have a winner and a runner up, categories with 4 will have no runner ups just winners bc thatd be mean, categories with 1 will have 1 overall winner for that category


*ill follow u if im not already following u

*unlimited promos until i die tbh

*ill write u a supa nice paragraph in ur ask

*we can skype sometime or somethin bc im cool why wouldnt u wanna skype me jfc

*u will be able to brag i guess?????

*???king of the skeleton underworld?


*it wont rlly increase ur chances but add me on snapchat and lemme know u entered :) its tashaf0x

*reblog this infinitely or maybe once or five times idm how many times but it still counts as one entry

*hmu in my ask for questions idk

thats all really okay have fun!!

cata tagged me!

 i don’t think i’ve ever done a tagged thing before so this was fun

i tag superbrankman kirbyallen prosonic dzkustid kittylikepotpie siriuslysirius and offensivemilk and idk..how many people was i supposed to tag? i couldn’t find any guidelines for this meme. i guess anyone can do whatever they want..?  in life but also in this specific instance


scribbles-cosplay, crystalhardted, sneltus, myrandafaye, irradiated-narwhals, the-sea-will-set-you-free

I really miss all of you guys.


想惡搞全宇宙?唔使用劍嘅,用PS就得啦!好似倫敦,人人打龍都離唔開大笨鐘、巴士、London Eye、Tube等等……睇見都悶。但同樣景點,落喺攝影師兼photoshop能手James Popsys手上,就變咗一系列搶眼惡搞圖,成功獲大批網民reblog。留名等睇香港各區騎呢地標嘅PS圖xp