Random Fact #1: I still have a box filled with paper dolls I made when I was a kid. I guess they’re my Sims ancestors! :D
Oh, and yes, a primary school teacher was laughing at me because I was drawing like a baby. :p

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Random Fact #2 - I’ve been vegetarian like… forever!

At 3 years old (yeah, that’s me there!), I found my grand-ma burning a chicken on gaz to remove the latest feathers. I’m supposed to have said “Don’t, Mamy, you’re going to hurt it!”. My grand-ma explained me that it wouldn’t get hurted, as it was dead, and that we were going to eat it for lunch. I couldn’t believe that we were eating dead animals!! (the idea of eating them alive wouldn’t have seduced me neither! ;D) So from there, I refused to eat meat or fish.
My grand-pa, who had no idea this little scene would have such a big impact on my whole life, took a picture of me trying to protect the chicken. :)

My grand-parents didn’t insist, they tried to convince me (”everybody does, it’s normal!”) but they never forced me to eat meat or fish. The doctor said I would grow fine anyway (but I think I got some “food complements” time to time), and that I woud probably eat meat later. It wasn’t easy at school canteen because, of course, there wasn’t any vegetarian meals at that time, so I wasn’t eating a lot (my grand-parents put me at the canteen hoping I would end up by eating meat or fish, but I was rather starving, so my grand-ma gave me nuts or dried apricots as pocket snacks. :)).

Indeed, I think I’ve eaten meat and fish between 16 to 26 (maybe a bit later?), and then got vegetarian again.

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My best friend and I are recently single and my one male roommate walks into the living room in silence and starts doing the single ladies dance. I’ve never laughed harder in my entire life.