A legitimate issue I’ve run into, I assure you. The mustache is, like, 70% of Coran! Or something.

Yes, those are gag glasses with a nose and mustache in case it’s not obvious. Shiro is totally right in chastising me here.

There’s another version without the gag glasses if anyone wants to see it.

Also Tumblr won’t let my use the space bar on my keyboard for some reason?  Or the enter button actually. Delete works fine. (I’m typing this up in word.) Anyone else have this problem?

My dudes, if you have any insights on this bug/glitch, please let me know. :(

For some reason, text just isn’t showing up on any of my posts on my blog, be it a text post or captions under a photo post.  I can see the text in my posts just fine on my dash and when my blog pops out from the right, but when I’m on the blog itself, the text doesn’t show.  The issue is only on desktops; mobile looks fine.  Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about:

Nothing! :(  If any of you can assist with this or point me in the right direction to getting this fixed, I would GREATLY appreciate it.  THANK YOU.

Sobre o tumblr:

Não é só mais uma rede social, pois apesar das falhas, vale ainda à pena. Aqui todos admitem que estão confusos, perdidos, quando são feitos de trouxas. O tumblr é humano, é romântico e as vezes realista demais. Uma mistura de música e sentimentalismo infinitos. Um lugar em que você se encontra e se perde. Você consegue encontrar textos que se encaixam exatamente com o que você esteja passando, seja lá o que tá se passando. E cá entre nós, é um lugar em que ninguém te conhece e ninguém cobra nada de ti. Os textos certos, nos momentos certos. O que faz do tumblr bonito não é o conteúdo em si, mas sim o sentimento imprimido pelas pessoas.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm trying to kinda learn about the popular Undertale AUs and noticed you did those charms and silhouettes of designs from popular ones! Did you come up with any of those? And if you didn't do you know who did?

Hello~~!! There are…. so many… AU’s my dude… SO MANY AU’s…
I kind of dip my feeties into some of the more mainstream ones ^^;;
I like to combine AU’s skeleton brothers for fun personally (such as Outerswap, Outerfell, Underswapworld) but don’t really go beyond that for reasons.
I also did do a few posts with information. One was the differences between Fellswap and Swapfell, another on written permissions given to make merchandise by authors… but as for who made each one? I can try my best with a few that I know!
(There is a heavily detailed blog about different AU’s Undertaleau​ <– here)
(There are a lot of links in this post, bolds and italics)

Underswap: Tumblr: Popcornpr1nce (as far as I am aware they wish to not be disturbed about this. Please respect that.)

Underfell: Tumblr: Underfell
(official blog, inactive. As far as I am aware, the first AU to exist.)

Swapfell: MIA/Hidden: Kkhoppang  [The Fell of the Underswap world]
(Purple. This is the first original design. there is a private written korean scripting of this setting. it is written that this AU is a post-neutral run from underswap. This artist also created the Apocalypse AU. Korean AU.)
(It is also mentioned there are MANY different types of Swapfell in the fandom because of the nature of how this AU was first created. Please see [this post] about it.)

Fellswap: Tumblr: Blackggggum   [The Swap of the Underfell world]
(Red. Aside from the skeleton brothers, they designed everything and are currently creating a backstory for this AU. No one truly knows who made the red bros, its all muddled.)
Backstory/Comic blog: Fellswap-gold

Horrortale: Tumblr: Sour-apple-studios

Dusttale: Tumblr: Ask-dusttale
(blog is no longer active. This au is the creation from three people. Korean AU.)

Outertale: Tumblr: 2mi127

Fresh/Error (sans?): Tumblr: Loverofpiggies (I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about them, last thing I knew they changed the designs so they aren’t considered a “sans”. Correct me if i’m wrong someone? ;w;”)
Aftertale: Tumblr: Loverofpiggies

Multiplay AU: While I unfortunately am not sure about the creator, I do know that there is both Animation videos that follow the game (animated by HUGE on youtube you can watch here) as well as a series of comics for it. AU with two humans instead of one. There is no load files, real damage is done (burns, broken bones, etc). Korean AU. Very dark, careful if you watch.

Tumblr: Oceantale01 / Mainforte
Twitter: Oceantale_ / Mainforte
(the artwork for this is beautiful seriously! Korean AU.)

G!Sans: Tumblr: Borurou (although they switched blogs, as that one is inactive)

Dreamtale, Naturetale, Reapertale, Swaptale, Futuretale, Underworld, Flowerfell, Inktale, Underverse, Disbelief, Handplates, Sixbones, etc. etc. etc.

This is like… just barely scratching the surface. Take your time, OK? It can be overwhelming for sure

What an informative helpful error handling message. That will certainly help me fix the problem, Tumblr. Seriously an indie videogame made with one person coding it had better error handling messages than this site.

Still can’t message people from this blog or receive messages it seems. Can’t chose to ask from this blog either.

At least they have a retry button that just refreshes and gives method same error screen.