April 4, 2017 Update: Tumblr appears to have fixed this problem.

I’ve been having trouble making Tumblr audio posts using SoundCloud track URLs. The error message reads “Gah! We had a problem contacting SoundCloud. Please wait one moment and try again.” But trying again does not work. Tumblr @support says “I’m passing this along to our engineers to investigate. Depending on the severity of the root cause, a fix might take longer than expected, so thanks for hanging tight while they look into it.”


Hello, pies! Sorry for my inactivity : ( It’s because when I try to post photo Tumblr sends notification about error and retry it letter! It very instructs me but I can’t do anything! I already wrote in Tumblr support, but didn’t get anything useful. So…
I’m really sorry, but this is not my fault. I don’t know when it will stop and everything will be normal ((( I have so many artworks and I can’t show them for you (-_-メ)
Probably I’ll post them from my computer but I’m not sure (-_-#)
So, sorry again and I hope you won’t be disgruntled ≧ˍ≦

help, i can't access tumblr on my desktop computer

if i try to go to any page hosted on the main site, i get hit with an error saying “We’re sorry. Service is temporarily unavailable.” and i still get the same error if i try in private browsing mode. i can still access individual users’ blogs but i can’t reblog or like their posts. i tried clearing my cookies, and all that did was sign me out when i’m on someone’s blog, but the error still appears. i typed “ping tumblr.com” in the command prompt and the request always times out. i can still access tumblr on my phone just fine, but it’s undesirable because i don’t have xkit there. anyone know what’s going on here or how to help?

i’m currently using firefox 51.0.1 on windows 10, if that helps with anything


So… Tumblr logged me out on the mobile app like a lil bitch for some reason, and im using my laptop right now to post this. Now, I dont remember my password (Im automatically signed in on my laptop) and it wont let me change it because I need some auth code. My phone is out of service and I didnt use anything else to sign up with it so I dont know what to do? Im mostly on my phone to use Tumblr and this is really stressing me out…so help would really be appreciated. Thanks.