City living 101: Read a book. 

Deciding to move back to Brisbane for a few months was a brilliant idea. New apartment. Friends. Live music every night. But most importantly, the food in the valley! But this is day one of being back, so I’ll cool ranch dressing it with the live music, food, and friends for now and kick it with my girl Alice, in Wonderland.

GIF Challenge Episode 2


Fury has called a meeting. You are doing what? ( 15th )

{Steve and I don’t understand any references. So we have a sass off.}

An explosion sets off in the middle of the meeting. The first thing you say ( 60th )

{Yeah this ain’t happening bitch}

There is a new villain in town. Whos is he/she/it? ( 42nd )

{ The Emotional Teenager alias David Tennant. So emotional… } 

The team suits up. What’s your costume? ( 43rd )

{I’m currently sporting the Dean Winchester Collection.}

You show up and you see that the villain has Loki hostage! Your reaction? ( 17th )


The teams reaction? ( 22nd )

{Really this lunatic again?}

How does the villain fight? ( 56th )

{Damn. Davids emotional and horney. Been on tumblr recently?}

Your captured! Your reaction? ( 1st )


You are thrown in the same cell as Loki. Your reactions to each other? ( 100th )

{Your right. Let’s change that shall we? Wink wink, nudge nudge.}

To pass the time you catch up. What have you been doing? ( 5th )

{ All day, everyday.}

Him? (6th)

{Well good to see you’re being nice to people.}

Loki leans into your ear to say something but is cut off. By what? ( 53rd)

{ Oh shit! David has set free his army of Tumblr girls!}

The villain enters the cell. He plans to do what with you two? ( 32nd )

{Oh shit. I think David is now shipping us. We have now become his OTP}


~~~~~~~~Yeah David is now being renamed Tumblr Dude as his villain name.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saving money 101: Buy EVERYTHING!

Short notice trip to Melbourne means random ass journey to my new crib, aka H&M. I’m just going to say it, but this store is better than any in America. I know. Please take your seats. And calm down New York, I still love you. Point is. I’ve now taken up residence in the vents. Come visit.

Loki GIF Challenge Episode 3


You and Loki are being walked down a hallway. Tumblr Dude opens a door and pushes you inside. Whats inside? (30th GIF)

{Tobuscus, okay I’ll accept that} 

Meanwhile the Avengers (14th GIF)

{How dare you be sassy without me! Sassy Steve how could you!}

You are now alone in the room. What are you doing? (69th GIF)

{We criticize the way they redecorated}

Loki has an idea to get out. What is it? (43rd GIF)

{We make Tumblr Dude cry. That’s gonna be easy}

You both successfully execute it. What’s both of your reactions? (15th GIF)

{Eat this Bitches!}

You look at each other. Then you… (27th GIF)


Suddenly the Avengers arrive! Finally! Their reaction to whatever you two were doing. (50th GIF)

{ (Okay first of all, I can’t believe this actually happened like this) }

Tumblr Dude has found all of you! His reaction (33rd GIF)

{ Sorry, that’s just how it is. Now die!}

Time to fight! What do you use as a weapon? (22nd GIF)

{I put Loki’s last gift to me to work. In the first episode}

Tumblr Dude is defeated. However before he’s done he stabs one of you! Who is it? ( Put a GIF of all the characters in one folder and pick a the 3rd GIF)


To be continued……

My day was made

so as you all know I love Hamilton and I finally got to see it today so here is my top 5 moments of seeing it.

1.How we all probably stayed an extra 30 minutes because of how long the audience clap so an actor can finish a song. 

2.Every facial expression Leslie Odom jr made

3.The Broadway King of Snapchat Andrew Chapelle Grace my pleb ass to play Lafayette/Jefferson 

4.How Lin had the same high pitch squeal/screech I had when I found out I got tix to see the damn show when he said,” I was chosen to go to the constitution convention” 

5.The Honest to god feeling of waiting to see a show you been in love with for what it seems like forever, to finally get to see it and as you sit in the theatre seeing two little boys singing along,a women who could barely walk up a flight of steps but with determination in her eyes to get to her seat ,a mom crying during quiet uptown,Lin winking at an Angel baby,and more. But just knowing out side is shit but inside the Richard Rodger’s theatre I am truly lucky to be alive right now.

Bonus: Leslie Breaking character because of one Rory O’ Malley 

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