This honestly makes me so happy.

Photo 1 - 2nd grade, I was fricking 7. I had long hair, my name was Jessica. I was just a little girl at least that’s what everyone considering and I thought I liked boys.

Photo 2 - 2 years later, I was 9. I still had long hair, still Jessica and all. But I was starting to act more boyish. I started skateboarding, wearing more guy shirts. Etc.

Photo 3 - 10 years old. Got my hair cut a little bit, still was acting really boyish and I started loving like video games, football, skating, etc.

Photo 4 - 3rd grade I wanna say. It was the King and Queen for that year and I won queen. I was starting to hate being a girl bc boobs. I wanted to kings crown instead of the girls bc it was too girly to me. This was when people started saying I’d probably end up being LGBT, when it was looked even more down upon in my family. My trans (MTF) cousin also came out that year so my family was very confused.

Photo 5 - I cut my hair. Shorter to say the least. I think I was like 11?? I know it was the summer of 3rd and 4th grade. I met my favorite skateboarder and started questioning if I kinda liked girls. It was a pretty scary time.

Photo 6 - I still had that same length hair, I started dating the first girl I had ever dated, and I came out as Bi, I was only 12. It was a terrifying year, I also started self harming. I just hated myself, I then started question possibly “wanting” to be a guy.

Photo 7 - this was around November so 7th grade. I finally cut it. All. I got bullied a lot, I got called “the emo lesbian”, “the schools Caitlyn Jenner”, “tranny” and the list goes on. I was really sad this year but hey, I got through it. This is when I really started questioning my gender.

Photo 8 - I GOT MY HAIR SHAVED. This was in like February so 13 years old. I got bullied A LOT less, I was finally to terms that I was trans, I just didn’t go by He/Him pronouns bc I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I came out and it was official.

Photo 9 - I came out the day before this as trans. My mom was very very very supportive, she still wasn’t calling me by male pronouns or Jess or anything like that. But we told everyone and family was really chill.

Photo 10 - last week. I’m 13, I’m almost in 8th grade. I’ve been really happy lately. I have had terrible body dysphoria though and my mom is trying to come to terms about calling me he/him and Jess. I might get a binder soon!!! This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time tbh.

I’m going to update this and things go by, I hope this gives some people hope and just overall lets me see my full transition to becoming a male.