Reading Late Night Tumblr Posts

On a personal note...

Thought the fever broke… nah… it still fucking me. Throat killing me and I’m out of popsicles. Dammit all.

Hoping I can sleep. Should prob go try to sleep… need to wake and see if can get into doctor tomorrow…

Blow up my Tumblr if that video comes out and I’m not here screaming over it ok?

And go read my fic.

Some nights I hope you feel a chill as you lie in bed and wonder if you would feel this cold if I was still beside you
Some nights I hope you’re warm and comfortable nestled underneath your covers; dreaming peacefully
Some nights I hope I haunt those dreams
And it is a constant struggle between loving you
And letting you go.


Took a break from commissions this weekend to finished this. I needed a sort of splash page for a few things.

I guess full view cuz Tumblr is mangling the preview. 

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