As their name suggests, these feline folk have a natural penchant for magic. All Magicats have a third eye that remains closed until they exert their magical powers. It serves as a medium for channeling energy. However, opening the third eye exposes them: if it is damaged, it could potentially kill them. Some Magicats will adopt the use of a wand in lieu of using their third eye.

Curiously, all Magicats are arcane in nature but there is no common tether to any one specific element. The elemental affinity Magicats are born with is entirely random. Parents with ice and fire elements could have children with earth and wind elements.

A Magicat’s elemental identity is extremely important and celebrated within their culture; straying from ones’ assigned type is frowned upon. Within their society, they have elected wizarding schools for every magical element. When a Magicat is of age, a test is issued to determine their particular affinity and the respective school is assigned to them.

This behavior is a stark contrast to Muridae, who have no elemental affinity and instead celebrate every element. Perhaps this is why the two cultures have been bickering for as long as they have. Magicats hail from the island of Feleen, but both races populate mainland Zaltera within the country of Witchwood. It’s a wonder the country hasn’t collapsed given how little the two seem to get along…

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