(Chrome Only) XKit servers are down.

I’ve been working on this for about 5 hours now, but seems like I’m back to square one again, but this time, since it affects release version of Chrome, things are even worse.

To reiterate, Chrome now forces all connections to be made using HTTPS. To overcome this, I’ve done two things: (1) move all files to a server that supports HTTPS (2) wrote a small “bridge” that connects to a non-HTTPS page and serves it using HTTPS, so XKit can still use Tumblr API (which is required for many extensions, like Timestamps, TagViewer, ReplyViewer and more)

The problem is, Tumblr API does not work with HTTPS. API v1 does not support HTTPS connections, and API v2 does not send a CORS header that allows XKit to use it, hence the need for a “bridge”. But the problem with the bridge is that now my servers need to handle millions of connections per second, which is impossible, hence the server crash.

I’ve pushed XKit 7.4.9, which disables the bridge that is bringing down the server, but it will be a while until everyone gets upgraded to that version so the server can start running properly again.

After that, though, XKit will need a huge rewrite, and I’m not sure if it can have the features it has right now, at least on Chrome. I’m still trying to come up with a workaround for this problem, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

For now, there is absolutely nothing I can do except recommend either uninstalling XKit or switching to Firefox and using it there.

I’m terribly, terribly sorry about this. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading, and for your patience and support.

(Short Version: A recent Chrome change now requires me to do either impossible things or drop the majority of XKit features in order to actually work. I’ve tried doing the impossible thing today and failed miserably, crashing the servers, and I’m still searching for a workaround.)

It turns out there are a TON of Daft Punk fans on Tumblr, posting some awesome images and GIFs. As an homage to all of you and this well-anticipated release, New Division Digital put everything together in one full-screen experience. Check out randomaccessdj.com. It plays all the posts for you, or let’s you DJ them yourself, while you listen to Random Access Memories on Spotify. 

Everything is based on the APIs that Tumblr and Spotify provide.

Perhaps this brings the old CD jacket artwork to a new level? 

Enjoy the dance party.

tumblr.js JavaScript client

Today I’m excited to announce the release of tumblr.js, the first of several official API clients we’ll be rolling out over the next few months.

You can install it now with npm, and start making something awesome:

var tumblr = require('tumblr.js');
var client = tumblr.createClient({
  consumer_key: 'consumer_key',
  consumer_secret: 'consumer_secret',
  token: 'oauth_token',
  token_secret: 'oauth_token_secret'

// Name all of the authenticating user's blogs
client.userInfo(function (err, data) {
  data.user.blogs.forEach(function (blog) {

It comes with full support for all of the API V2 endpoints including tag search, following, liking, and post creation. For more detail, see the GitHub page.

More to come soon!

Hey all,

I’m happy to announce the release of the 0.8.0 version of our tumblr_client gem! This release is a major bump from our 0.7.5 release! An important update is the deprecation of the :raw_data parameter for posting. If you need this parameter do not update past 0.7.5.


  • Removing support for :raw_data parameter for posting
  • Adding support for multipart file uploading
  • Removing all custom OAuth code and letting better tested libraries take care of it for us!
  • Allowing you to configure any of your favorite ruby HTTP clients supported by Faraday!

And if you have any issues, let me know here or @codingjester on Twitter or report issues directly here.

Get hacking everyone! 

XKit + Chrome Update (Part II of III)

XCloud Support

You can now login to XCloud and restore (download) your settings. I’m currently working on synchronising (uploading) your settings and creating a new account, and hopefully it will be up and running in a few days.

API Support

With help from WyohKnott (whom I can not thank enough) XKit can now connect to Tumblr API v2 without a CORS error, which means that extensions that use it, such as Retags now works again.

For it to work, you will need XKit 7.5.1, which is now available on the WebStore. You can wait for Chrome to update it or you can follow the instructions here.

WyohKnott also rewrote some extensions that use API v1 (which XKit can no longer use) so they would use API v2. I will be making available as soon as possible. Please note that some extensions, such as TagViewer currently use API v1, so they might not work for now.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and patience. 

(PS: If you have tried to install XKit recently but got a “Package is invalid” error, it’s my fault: this is why XKit jumped from 7.4.9 to 7.5.1. It should work now, sorry about that.) 

Tumblr project in progress that, for a given blog, will tell you how many active followers you have based on your likes and comments.

I realised that many of my followers are no longer active and wondered how many were regularly liking my blog and therefore who I really should be supporting if not already!

Full geek mode activated.

аnimage alternative interface
and a simple way to search any tumblr by 2 tags at once

As I promised, I’ve created a way to access аnimage’s pictures without having to use his blog’s interface, that he disabled a while ago.

Just go to http://seedmanc.tumblr.com/tumblr2search, enter the tag(s) and get the pictures. No custom themes, no reblogs and likes, no bullshit, only images. 20 posts worth of pictures per page, or you can try to load all found images at once if you feel confident.

But wait, there’s more! I also implemented a long-sought feature really missing from tumblr - ability to search by 2 tags at once, getting only the posts having both of them (intersection search). Now if you want to get all the pictures of Nana in yukata and only them - you can do just that.

In addition, I provided an autocomplete feature for tag input fields, that has all the tags from аnimage’s Tag Category page, around 200 of them sorted alphabetically.

Although those of you poor souls still using this piece of s…oftware chrome might be having hard time making use of this. Because your browser is so progressive it doesn’t even support vertical scrollbars for this HTML5 feature. Neither Opera nor Firefox have this problem.

You know, it is in interests of the entire community to have the word spread.

Coding my new website

I am coding a new eax.dk using CakePHP.
The problem is; I want to learn a fuck-ton of things, but I noticed that I don’t really
know what to add.

So currently it’s just;
* Frontpage (Landing-page, about)
* Blog (Will get blogs from my tumblr blog :3)

But I am pretty sure that is too much.

What I really need, I guess, is just to have my blog as the front-page? No menu or anything like that.
Yes that will do.

So what I am “trying” (read: doing), to do, is get my blog-posts from my tumblr, live using jQuery/Ajax, and then show them on the page.

This is going quite fine, I am using the v1 version of Tumblrs API, simply because V2 doesn’t work for me >_>

Oh! And I ordered my VPS today :3 I will be ready in 3-6 days >_> Wtf!


just–space family portrait

Follower count passed an auspicious point.

267, squared. so I did some coding; I scraped my follower blog images (i.e., blog profile photos) via tumblr api and used them to make a photo collage. Downsampled each to 8x8, and removed nonunique images. Best fit by mean squared difference of RGB and HSV averages compared to target segment from source photo (credit. from Hubble+NASA/ESA). If you’ve been a follower since before 1:30 am today California time, you’re here.

It’s so awesome so many people care about space.  

Apis mellifera (Honey Bee), ink on illustration board, 2.5"x3.5"

A few weeks ago, I was able to drop into the office of John Hafernik, Interim Director of the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies and President of the California Academy of Sciences’ office to share a bumblebee specimen that appeared to be parasitized by the Zombie Fly (Apocephalus borealis).  John was kind enough to invite me over to the center and share some of the research he has been doing (as well as confirm my suspicions). He runs a fascinating study on the subject, and is spearheading ZomBee Watch, a site tracking the honey bee parasite (which appears to not only be affecting honey bees, but also bumblebees and yellow jackets). He encourages people across the country to send in specimens of bees exhibiting unnatural nocturnal behavior, and you can find more information (as well as submit info on specimens you may find) here: https://www.zombeewatch.org/

Website / Prints

OK so my code is still a work in progress, I still have to make it look pretty and I still need to make it so anyone can use it (and work out why tumblr returns old data) but………

What you see here is the number of unique supporters who have liked/commented on my blog in the last 40 posts plus the top ten of those people.

Obviously it doesn’t account for people who only read your blog, but I define a supporter as someone who is liking/commenting.

I hope when I make the functionality live you guys find it useful :)


European Dark Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera)

I’ve easily catalogued well over a dozen bee species in my garden this summer, but today was the first time I have laid eyes on one of the subspecies of the Western Honeybee that roams feral in here in Scandinavia.

It’s seen here enjoying Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium), which my mother-in-law calls ‘ukrudt’ (a weed), but I have thought tooth-and-nail to keep in the flowerbeds. I feel vindicated in seeing these blossoms being visited by all manner of rare and endangered pollinators.

Tumblr API methods in descending order of sanity:


- get a block containing the 20 most recent posts

- get a block containing the 20 posts before a certain timestamp (but not after)


- get the most recent posts

- get the most-recent-posts-plus-offset-x (like, offset = 60, go back 60 posts)

- get the posts that appeared after a specified post ID number (but not before)

(The post ID number is not a date, it’s just the literal ID number in their hell-database, as far as I can tell.)


- get the most recent posts

- get the most-recent-posts-plus-offset-x

- get one post of a specified ID number (not the ones before or after it, or even the ID numbers of the ones immediately before or after it)

So, basically:

- In tags, stable pagination is possible if you want to go backwards, but not forwards. You can jump to a specific date and time.

- On the dashboard, semi-stable pagination is possible if you want to go forwards, but not backwards. You can sort of jump to a specific date and time, if you do some digging first to find some appropriate post ID numbers.

- On an individual blog, stable pagination is impossible and you cannot jump to a specific date and time.

TumblrCards Update v0.0.2

Hi all,

GitHub here.

So I think to help promote the game and keep up interest, I will write a blog post with each release update! For those of you that don’t know right now releases are structured as follows:

For something to be considered for merging in to the master branch it must be submitted as a Pull Request to the development branch first. All Pull Requests will be given at least 24 hours before being merged in to the development branch. Pull requests may take longer to be merged if more needs to change. On every Monday the development branch will have a pull request made (assuming development is ahead of master) to be merged in to the master repository. This pull request will sit for one week to be reviewed until it is merged in on Sunday. The weekly pull request may be delayed if more changes need to be made.

Now, why is it v0.0.2?

Normally release numbers follow the format Major.Minor.Patch, and eventually we will follow this. However the game itself is not actually playable. So until we have a working alpha version, I will be increment the patch number for each development merge. Master currently sits at v0.0.1, and the current pull request will make it v0.0.2. Once we have a working single player game (no matter how awful the alpha version starts) I will set the release version to v0.1.0.

So whats new?

The biggest thing so far is the Console API I have created. What this aims to do is give us a simple set of tools to handle console output for drawing. The Console API will mainly be used for the single and multiplayer games, as well as the deck editor. v0.0.2 will contain only 2 pieces (Console and ImageMap) of this API, and it will expand as development continues.

Besides that, this update really just contains a lot of error message fixes and other minor tweaks. For a full list of changes in this update check out the pull request here!

How can I help?

Well there’s a TON we still need help with and could always use new people. The biggest need is for programmers. The game is written in C++, however it’s totally ok if you have a negative amount of experience with C++. This is a learning experience for many of us, so use this as an opportunity to learn a new programming language!

For details on contributing check out this page!

We also have a Slack chat. If you would like to stay in the loop and get to know your fellow Comp Sci blogs shoot me a message with your email so I can get you an Invite!

anonymous asked:

Is there any way you can make a slide show of your photos?

Indeed. I have setup a slideshow here. It will transition through my 300 most recent photos. 

*nerd note: I used the tumblr api, and jquery with the “Supersized” slide show plugin. 

I can’t tell if you’re asking me if I had one, or how I coded it. Let me know if you want details. it’s not trivial however and you need some javascript chops.