Texts From Dragon Age turned 1 today!


Holy shit, guys.

It’s officially been an entire year since I said “Hey, y’know what’d be funny? A blog about the dragon age characters texting my inquisitor.”

It’s probably been like half a year since I said “Hey, y’know what’d be funny? SUFFERING.”

I just want to thank all of you for being here and reading what is essentially glorified fan fiction by someone with way too much time on his hands.

I know some of you have been here since the beginning, and I know some of you are brand new and you’re all just absolutely fantastic

Thank you thank you thank you for sticking around and being invested in this blog

Just thank you so much

Hello lovelies, follow-spree

I thought it would be nice to try and use tumblr more frequently again so I would appreciate it if you like/reblog because I need more blogs to follow

- Merlin (merthur, merthur, merthur)
- colin morgan
- ben whishaw our lord and saviour
- 00Q (I love spy au’s… suddenly I became james bond thrash)
- star trek (tos or aos)(preferably spirk but anything is nice, really)
- If you happen to like lea seydoux or saoirse ronan i wouldn’t complain
- pretty people or pictures or art in general, I love everything

jaolika is my main blog, fyi.

And here I am again thinking about us. Maybe what we had could’ve lasted if we only threw away our pride. See we wore it like an armor, cold and rude and heavy. It covered every inch of skin on our bodies whenever we clashed, whenever we disagreed, whenever we made a mistake. Maybe if we took it off, steel won’t be met with steel and instead, we’ll find our arms wrapping our bodies together until we realize, we were never trying to fight. What we had was never a battle, we wore our pride like an armor but maybe it was our only threat. All we had to do was forgive. Forgive me for leaving, dear, and I’ll forgive you for not making me stay.
—  Me (JNH). Thoughts and musings.
i need to follow more blogs!

i just recently started using my tumblr again and i realized i need more people to follow!
reblog/like if you post

-witchcraft of any kind, but especially green and lunar
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thanks and have a lovely day!!

And if destiny let our paths cross again, let us not do this again. Let us not look into each other’s eyes, I might fall again for those precious pretty brown eyes. Let us meet a little less; so I won’t miss you that much everyday when you’re not around. Let us expect and hope a little less; so we won’t end up disappointing ourselves. Let us not do this again, so if we bid goodbye, we could turn without too much pain. Let us try not to fall in love and end up falling apart.
I’ve realized that being in love too deep brings sad endings, which did happened to us. I’ll pray for your next love; that it won’t be like us and that it’ll cause you less pain.
—  be happier than me, love

Keith & Lance and Shiro & Allura for the soul, and Pidge & Beezer for the crack. I was inspired when I saw this fantastic art and the base here. I had no luck in finding the original base now, since the author’s twitter seems to be unavailable: 

Click for better resolution. Do not edit or reupload on any other site or tumblr again (reblogs and likes are appreciated ♥). Do not use for icons or headers etc.  [other voltron art here]







libbylu  asked:

What are some good fanfics?

I’m really bad about reading fics on tumblr, but I recommend these:

Until I Find You Again, Pieces of Us, Stumbling Into Perfection & One for the Ages (WIP) by @wdmsusie

The Assistant (WIP) by @narrymccartney

Have A Little Faith (WIP) by @snowflakeinthesummer

Whiplash by @dibsonthat1d

and I know @permanentcross has Snowbound and @team-styles has Mixtape that I keep meaning to read

I have also read a few fics on Wattpad. I highly recommend these:

Resolution and Anarchy by styleslegend
Triton by Lane
Delivery by dirtyyarn
Absolut Style by chanmapan

anonymous asked:

why do you keep calling yourself 'noob' like you have more than 600+ followers I don't understand?:o *not to be mean just wondering*

OMG okay moment of truth. Well yeah no matter the amount of followers, sometimes I’m just still both Tumblr-noob, tickle community noob, whatever-noob, basically because *yep very honest* I suffer from the following noob-thoughts when I scroll through my dash:

  • TFB community omg hi I still don’t know what it stands for and I feel so stupid helppp
  • people asking to ‘tag stuff’ but whyyy if I tag nsfw things and you don’t want to see them you don’t? You can block tags?XD 
  • aesthetic …? *still questionmarks when I see that word omfg lol*
  • Ok so someone replied to my post. I wanna reply back. Never mind idk how bye X’D
  • When people talk about ‘how the community used to be’. *waves awkwardly* I wasn’t there lol
  • *follower count suddenly increased a lot out of nowhere* okay so is it normal not to always get notifications when you get new followers, is it a Tumblr bug when they don’t show or is there a way to block users from seeing a notification when you follow them? SOMETHING I ALWAYS WONDER WHEN I GET SNEAK-FOLLOWS D:


  • It was after a long time when I finally discovered the thing called 'tagging’. Once I did, I went back to check almost every reblog on my posts to read the tags I missed mygoooddd<3 Text you guys post in tags is purest and sweet and aww.
  • It was after an even longer time when I found out what being a 'switch’ means
  • also probably to do with my incapability as a human and not tumblr but I once had to ask a friend what PSA stands for and drowned in my stupidness afterwards.
  • When using Tumblr app at the beginning I kept wondering why people would announce a fic in an answer and then post nothing, or even post empty answers, only to find out that Tumblr app doesn’t show whats under the 'read more’. lmao.
  • Someone asked me today but I don’t have AO3, don’t know the difference with Fanfiction.net and don’t really understand the website when I read fics there lol. Haven’t considered making one yet sorry for being stupid.

YEP I know I could’ve known some of these things with a good Google mission and Tumblr lesson but I didn’t and thats why I call myself noob, did that answer the question X’D

I’ll save it for later and hopefully fill my shameful unknowing brain with knowledge someday, thankyou<3 but until then forever noob!

I’m a Father!!

To an adorable pitbull puppy!

@passionatelygay and I bought her today and she stole both of our hearts. We don’t have a name for her yet, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something perfect within a few days of her being home with us. This girl is so sweet and adorable. Welcome to the family, puppy. Here’s to many years of love given to you from your new puppy parents! 

I was scrolling through my cocoppa account and found this thing which I made 1 ½ years ago 😂 I was so proud of this back then and so frustrated when they didn’t let me post this

If you look closely you can find yato from noragami ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)