Re: this post and this post.

  1. Would you like the list alphabetically or numerically? 
  2. While extreme vitriol is indeed how “The Internet” tends to express its love, given the fact that that person did unfollow after replying, Imma go with they meant it. (But now they’re following again, so LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN.)
  3. Apparently?
  4. If every Tumblr using a person’s name is actually that person, imagine how many Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch fans are now ecstatic; there must be an island of clones out there, just blogging away.
  5. Hey now. Clipping. may not use first person pronouns, but if Daveed sincerely started saying shit like, “well, the Clipping. show I went to…” and “I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Daveed in The 24 Hour Plays,” I’d be extremely concerned for that boy’s sanity. Call 911; Diggs is overworked and needs some “alone” time in a “meditation room”… 
  6. It literally says “Appreciation blog” on the Home page. So. I got nothin’.
  7. Hilarious or….terrifying? *weighs on hands*
  8. Well, thank you; that’s kind.
  9. To be fair, I kept deleting a lot before hitting post. I tend to get bitingly snarky when incredulous. Whoops.
  11. *waves hand* Sure thing, have at it, imagine away. While we’re at it, Imma pretend real hard that I have his abs. *mentally focuses on manifesting an 8-pack* *pokes stomach* Nope. Didn’t work. P.S. I’m also James Buchanan Barnes and a fire-breathing dragon that lives on a lush, green mountain located at the top of The Rainbow Of Dreams.
  • the staff: *fucks up*
  • xkit guy: my apologizes for this

but first, some music


SaturDIARY: I’M ON TV // Grace Helbig

Masterlist of "Welcome to Tumblr" Posts!

I’ve found myself combing through my blog to find these helpful posts a few times recently, and just decided to gather everything in one place for future reference. 

How to Use Tumblr

Intro Post 1
Intro Post 2
Change Your Icon


Using Tags


Searching Tags Tip 1
Searching Tags Tip 2
Searching Tags Tip 3
Post Shortcut 1
Post Shortcut 2
Add Someone Else’s Tags to a Reblog


Keyboard Shortcut Tips
“Read More” on Mobile
The Unpredictable Asks Solution
Mass Tag Replacer
Keep Your Tumblr Private
What do they mean by “Saving” URLs?
Tools to Organize Already-Used Tags
How to Format HTML in Your Posts
HTML Codes 1

HTML Codes 2

To See Tags on Reblogs (Retags)

Tumblr Savior
X-Kit Mobile

For Chrome:
#wrap tags
Tumblr Savior

Miscellaneous Intro Posts

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Don’t Believe Everything You Read: Reblogs
Don’t Burn Out (Take Care of Yourself) 
In Case of Anon Hate
What Does “Hiding” Your Blog Really Do? 
Be Careful What You Share

Tumblr Etiquette

Reblog-Not-Repost 1

Reblog-Not-Repost 2
Reblog-Not-Repost 3
Reblog-Not-Repost 4
New Layout Repost Problem
How to Request Repost Removal
Real Source vs WeHeartIt
Posting Etiquette
Commenting vs Tags
When Reblogging
Be Polite When Shipping
How to Use the #NSFW tag

Tumblr’s Layout - Full Width vs Old [Less crucial]

Code For Your Theme
New Dimensions
Dimensions Adjustment For Your Dash
Revert to the “Old Layout” 1
Revert to the “Old Layout” 2
Masterpost 1
Masterpost 2
New Font Format Codes
Fix Your Dash & AdBlock Filters

Generally Useful

Shouldn’t Be On Tumblr?

How to Find Untagged Posts
How to Find Audio Posts
How to Search Your Blog

Please let me know if any of the links break. I’ll try to keep this updated as I find other relevant posts / things change. [Updated: 02/05/2016]