The Last Night has got that side of tumblr mad again because the creator used to be a gamergator and isn’t a feminist or whatever and now everyone’s gonna flock to the game because of this undue attention. None of yall ever learn.

It’s been so long that I’ve drawn these two, I didn’t even know how to draw them anymore??? I think what inspired me was going through sugar-maffin’s tumblr again…ahh precious art!
I used one of these wonderful artworks by yoralim as a reference for the sketch at the bottom!



Please be careful

The Dan and Phil tour is sparking new friendships and that is awesome! But don’t forget to use your internet spidey senses and make sure you know who people are before you share personal info. Also, tickets are being sold all over tumblr right now-again use the spidey senses and don’t get japed! Finally, please consider how much personal info you share on social media like-if you can’t resist posting photos of your tickets to the tour make sure you cover identifying info and be careful openly sharing your exact seating at your exact venue. 

New friendships are great! But please be safe.

I'm back!

Hello again, tumblr
I was used to be around here months ago but for personal reasons I had to deactivate.
I’m here again, tho, and still gaining!
I still want to use this to document my gain, so I’ll be posting some pics every day or two until I reach the present, and then I’ll be posting every now and then when I feel like taking pics.
I’m so glad to be back

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Rhett and Link tumblr will be used again? I really miss seeing them (crew or whoever handles it) use it. Made me feel like the tumblr fam was noticed in some capacity and that they knew we were here and were happy to see us and what we all create or say? Idk...

Oh wowww it really hasn’t been used for a while. I can only assume that Jen (and whoever else is working on social media with her at the moment) are too busy working on other things. There’s probably a lot of prep and social media scheduling work to do before Buddy System launches. 

Don’t worry though, they are aware and know we’re here :) Chase reblogged a post the other day to tell us him and Rhett had a laugh about it. So don’t worry, we’re noticed :) 

datrandomkid97-deactivated20150  asked:

I'm curious, has there been any time where Tumblr was happy and not complaining about trivial things?

Yes.  There absolutely was.

When I first joined tumblr (mainly to follow people I knew of from the TF2 fandom…I’m still very disappointed in what some of them later became), it was incredibly open and welcoming.  Race, gender identity—none of that mattered, because everyone was equally supportive of each other.  The most “political” posts you’d find were things like “Reblog if you’re NOT homophobic” (millions of notes, obviously), or the occasional post spreading the word about genuinely awful and reprehensible behavior (like a couple of people that took pictures of themselves mutilating a puppy) in the hopes of being able to identify them, and bring them to justice.  At that time, there was no abuse of social media as a hive for a witch hunt mentality.  There were no false accusations, and no one trying to use national holidays as soap boxes for failed revolutions.

It was when you still saw things like “What your left hand is touching is now diamonds”, or “The object to your left is your superpower”—fun things that everyone could participate in.  We shared our tastes in music, laughed about the latest meme (and yes—there were memes from the very beginning, such as “art student owl”, or “retail robin”), and enjoyed fandoms the way they were meant to be enjoyed:  Respectful of the creators, and respectful of others’ headcanons (as well as being mindful that not everyone is going to agree with your own headcanons).  OTPs were shared, and literally no one ever argued about the content produced by the fans.  No one was in denial about “purity”, nor was there any fake moral backlash of “Think of the CHILDREN!” (because let’s face it—children shouldn’t be on tumblr, and it’s their parents’ job to know what they’re looking at online, and to set parental controls if they’re concerned about what their child may find).  I think this was especially understood because we all used to BE those “kids” on the internet, and are aware that nothing we found ever truly harmed us. 

There was porn everywhere on tumblr (just like there is now), and no one so much as batted an eyelash.  It used to be a place to go where you wouldn’t be judged—away from family, and without character limitations or content restrictions.  It was a place where you could BE YOURSELF.

I remember when the sludge and grime started building up.  I was in a Gravity Falls thread on /co/, and people were talking about tumblr users going apeshit about pointless, trivial things.  It was the first I had heard of regarding “social justice warriors” (though this was before there was a term for it), and in the beginning, I legitimately didn’t believe them.  I chalked it up to either a misunderstanding, or trolling.  I even tried to convince them otherwise, because at that point, I had honestly never seen anything like that.

Early on, when I first became part of the MLP:FiM fandom, there was not a huge shitstorm about “DA EBIL MENZ R TAKING CARTUNEZ FROM DA CHILRENZ!”.  When something “weird” came up, we made a joke of it (remember the Lyra plushie?).  All people—both inside and outside the fandom—seemed to understand that it was just another one of those things that happens in every fan base.  Everyone laughed it off together, and I had never seen such unity before.  It was literally how people of all walks of life (all races, all gender identities, all sexualities, etc.) came together over this one cartoon that made me want to watch it in the first place.

But then, the “feminists” attacked.  Frankly, I was surprised that anyone even remembered the “Molestia” meme, because at that point, it was already quite old.  Suddenly, false allegations came flying out of the woodwork, and I found myself upset not just at the attack on a fandom that was really no different than any other (and over something that didn’t even exist—seriously, where were these “rape jokes” they keep screaming about?  Because I didn’t see a single fucking thing even close to a “rape joke” until AFTER these people complained that they were “everywhere”, because they actually incited it), but the fact that they were taking something I believed in and supported, and twisting it into something vile and sick.  It was like watching your best friend go up to accept their diploma at graduation, and seeing that they’ve got toilet paper stuck to their shoe:  Pure secondhand embarrassment.  You want them to be recognized and remembered for their accomplishment.  You want them to look their best, and yet here they are, looking absolutely foolish.

And it was then that I discovered just how ass-backwards the thinking of these people truly was.  I discovered just how much they’re not representing “empowerment”.  I noticed that everything they claimed or did was the exact opposite of everything that feminism had been striving for.  So, I started looking into the facts.  I wanted to know the truthBut, in attempting to spread the truth, it became readily apparent that truth is NOT what these people wanted to hear.

Things proceeded to escalate, and that’s when I discovered that this backwards thinking was more virulent than anticipated.  And it got to levels of ridiculousness you would expect to find only in a cartoon.  Nothing could just be enjoyed for the sake of enjoying it.  Everything had to be over-analyzed and picked apart for any signs of “sexism” or “racism” (even if those signs were nothing but the result of someone’s overactive imagination).  Suddenly, you became “racist”, “misogynistic”, or “trash” if you didn’t devote half your blog to obsessing about tragedy.  If you didn’t wallow in misery and negativity 24/7, you were clearly the worst person ever to walk the Earth.  No holiday was safe from being used as a springboard.  No person or organization was safe from false accusations of “rape culture” or “bigotry” if they didn’t live up to the narrow expectations of privileged, entitled first-world teenagers.

But the thing is, nothing can live up to those expectations.  Why?  Because we’re HUMAN.

Men enjoying something “feminine” didn’t end up being the army of “feminist” white knights with deactivated libidos that they hoped for—they ended up being average human beings.  These “feminists” are bitter about their own relationships (or lack thereof), and they can’t handle the fact that real men are not the heroic-yet-complacent bishounen they always dreamed of.  They’re terrified of sexuality that isn’t drawn or rendered in a computer, so they see fit to make sure that everyone else is as lonely and miserable as they are.

They want an impossible utopia that caters to their every whim, and basically coddles them, and tells them everything they want to hear.

Rather than maturing as human beings, they expect the rest of the world to make itself “safe” just for them.

That isn’t how life works.  That isn’t how anything works.  You don’t go into someone else’s house and demand that they redecorate it to your tastes.  You don’t try to ban what mildly annoys you—you learn how to cope with it, and you adapt.  You don’t LET what others say get you down.  If you just become a perpetual “victim”, you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life.  But, if you just be yourself in the face of adversity, and don’t dwell on petty trivialities, THEN you are “empowered”.  If you can’t even see YOURSELF as equal to anyone else, how in the FUCK do you expect anyone ELSE to?  If you want to be a “strong” woman, FUCKING ACT LIKE ONE.

So again, yes:  Tumblr used to be an open, welcoming environment where people were free to be themselves.

Now it’s a place where you’re only free to be what someone else considers you “safe” to be in order to make them feel better about themselves.

Thank you guys!

Much love to you guys for devoting the past hour to us & submitting questions. We’ll do it again! See you this summer on Warped Tour & make sure you give our new album, Live & Unplugged, a whirl. Thanks again to @tumblr for allowing us to do this. Bye guys!