What does it say about me if I think of you at 3pm and 3am?

- because quite frankly, I don’t want to admit it


you; green eyes soft as the salty sea waves rolling over sandy colored shore lines
you; rosy cheeks spattered with freckles christened: tear stains
you; a flower resembling the sun, that has been trodden on, you will pick yourself back up, with nurturing hands (you will arise more beautiful and stronger than before)
you; a parked car with a mountain view at dusk, soft lights, indie music, a blanket and hot chocolate and the sound of love
you; half a soul, golden and dripping with honey
you; my everything
—  A.G.
A Coon In A Colorful Heaven: Chapter 4- “It’s a Family Reunion”
Damien meets his Great Great Grand Mother where he will have to explain his Colorist ideals to her..

Chapter Preview: 

“GG” Grandma Lisa: See! Now go ahead and tell us why you over glorified light skin women for so long.

Damien: I don’t know.. it was just my preference.

Uncle Craig:

“GG” Grandma Lisa: Umm.. what.. what do you mean by preference

Damien: I mean like.. i just preferred them better because i think they are better..

“GG” Grandma Lisa: “think they are better”?

Uncle Craig: ooo *stands up and looks over the balcony* AYE TANYA AND RICHARD!! Get up here and see this mess! Grandma Lisa about to air this boy ouuuutt!!!  

Damien: Aunt Tanya and Uncle Richard are here!?

“GG” Grandma Lisa: Now now don’t worry about that look at me. Now explain to me what you mean by “you think they are better”

*Aunt Tanya and Uncle Richard rush up to the balcony*

Uncle Richard: Dam did we miss anything

Uncle Craig: *shakes Uncle Richards hand* Nah man, shit just now getting good

Damien: Oh my God! Hey Aunt Tanya and Uncle Richard!

Aunt Tanya: Unh-uh don’t hey me. You lucky Pam got to you first or might still have my foot in yo ass

Uncle Richard: I concur nephew, what you did to Lexis and Veronica was way past unacceptable

Damien: Look, what happened between me and Lexis-

“GG” Grandma Lisa: *Grabs Damien’s hand and tightly squeezes* Damien baby ima ask you one more time *fiercely stares into Damiens eyes*

“GG” Grandma Lisa: What. Do You. Mean. By They Are Better…

Uncle Richard: Nephew you better answer the question before she throw you over this balcony and literally break yo spirit

Damien: I mean like… they just seem better.. Like their hair, eyes, skin and stuff like that

Damien: I just never saw Darker Shades as attractive or appealing

Grandma Lisa and Aunt Tanya: APPEALING!?

Uncle Richard: Hold on now nephew. You saying all shades? Like Dark Chocolate? Chocolate Chocolate? Milk Chocolate? Coffee Brown? Cinnamon Brown? Come on gotta at least love Chestnut Brown!

“GG” Grandma Lisa: Sweet Heart… Now you know that you’re preference thing is based around racism right?…

Damien: What!? Here we go with that. Not seeing someone as attractive because of my preference isn’t racist!

Aunt Tanya: Well your preference is based strictly off the color of their skin so what the hell else is it?

Damien: Look ok.. it’s not just the color of skin or hair

Damien: Like dark skin women were always more aggressive and harsh. Like to be with one you had to be… like-

Aunt Tanya: Strong?

Uncle Richard: Smart?

“GG” Grandma Lisa: Not judgmental from the stuff you saw on tv?

Uncle Craig: Not a Coon.

Aunt Tanya: I second that last one *gives Uncle Craig a High Five*

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Houndstooth is for the duality of us.

What does a relationship take besides trust?

When I scratch the edge of clever with charming half lies

While you stand near knowing you’re my prize.

Dare you to tell me behave,

try your best not to conspire my dear,

but I would be just like any old woman then wouldn’t I?

Under the arch of disguise

Let’s wrap the streetlights with stolen wreaths 

and scratch our names upon jewelry store windows with melted candles.

After we’ve become the ghosts haunting these streets,

paint your prayers into the whispers of the wind and

meet me under the midnight stop.

pt 2

Do not mistake her shyness as weakness, even the moon hides behind the clouds yet it’s able to move the oceans.


I am sorry

that I need

to let you go,


for the very

first time

I am choosing

my own soul.

Goodbyes and Lullabies //ma.c.a

My heart is breaking so hard I swear I can hear it
—  I’ve never felt so alone. 

I’m not looking for someone
To complete me,

But, rather complement me.

I’m whole on my own,
Yet, that doesn’t mean
I don’t get lonely.

—  3am thoughts.

People will ask you

about a lot of things.

But none of them

will want to know

how your soul is doing.

Sweetie, Keep making sense //ma.c.a

“If by any chance you still have me in your heart, please tell me because you’re still in mine.”

We hurt ourselves to feel but is that really feeling at all?
—  we need to give ourselves empathy