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(As a reminder: 

“I’m not sure I agree with you because a, b, c” = GOOD

“You’re a cucking snowflake and I hope a dog throws up on you” = BLOCKED

Thank you, carry on.)

anonymous asked:

'Fight the patriarchy' *submits to it by waxing brows*

i saw this ask coming as soon as i hit “post” lmao and here we are

i actually love getting my brows waxed! it’s relaxing and an overall nice time that i am not indulging in for the sake of men or anyone else, but for myself. i know plenty of men who do it and plenty of women who don’t, and i don’t care either way. what i do care about are wage gaps, sexism, and glass ceilings that should have been broken a long time ago. 


I can’t find these anywhere so i guess I never posted them here? 

SO! In honor of Hellbent coming out, here’s some pictures of Shiromori from two years ago, Freaking out! 😱

AU in which bella swan is a simple millennial living in 2018 and reacts to every single weird/supernatural thing that happens to and around her like:

basically channeling her father. so of course she never finds out that edward is a glittering vampire and lives happily ever after