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Hello! How would you write a dialogue in which a character is freaking out about something? I generally have them word vomit but I don't really like that style. If its too much could you show me an example as well?


You could definitely word vomit – especially if your character is hysterical – but that’s not the only way to do it by any means. I know a few other ways.

1. Calmly.
This is strange, considering your character is freaking out, but the freak-out is internal – they’re shutting themselves off due to shock. In this case, they would be quiet, sane, and even if what they’re saying is illogical, it would probably sound reasonable.

“I was right there when she shot him. He dropped like a sack of flour. I figured he was gone as soon as the bullet hit his chest. So now I’ve decided I’m gonna go after her. Right now. And I’m gonna kill her.”
“What? You can’t do that!”
“Sure I can. She killed him, so I kill her. It’s called justice.”
“But- With just your bare hands?”
“The way I feel right now, my bare hands are more than enough.”

Notice how the character who just watched their friend die in front of them isn’t yelling, isn’t stuttering, isn’t getting angry or crying – they’re perfectly calm, almost to the point of complete emotional shutdown.

2. Angrily.
Some people get angry when they lose control and freak out – it scares them, and the fear manifests itself as anger. This type particularly happens when they’re upset about something and other characters aren’t taking it seriously or are shrugging off their concerns.

“No! It’s happening tonight! We don’t have time to think, or weigh things, we need to fucking leave! Now!”
“We can’t. You know that, and you’d remember that, if you were thinking straight-”
“I am thinking straight! It’s you who’s fucked in the head. I don’t give a damn what you think we can and can’t do, we need to clear out of here, right this second.”

As you can see, this character is freaking out – their concerns may or may not have a firm foundation, but obviously they are concerned, and that concern is manifesting itself as fury.

3. By stuttering.
For some people, it’s hard to talk when they panic, because their minds race forward ahead of their mouths and they get tongue-tied. I typically see/use this with more anxious characters, or with characters who aren’t typically good at speaking anyways (in other words, who are uncomfortable talking).

There are a couple of different ways to stutter:
a. Repeat the beginning of each word.

“I tr-tried to s-save him, but he wuh-wouldn’t l-let me … he knew it was g-going to happen. It’s my f-fault!”

(However, keep in mind that this kind of stuttering is more as if your character is crying and trying to talk through sobs and hiccups. Please use it sparingly – it can get old fast.)

b. Repeat words.

“No. No, I don’t know what’s going on, Ricky. Ricky, why would I have any idea? Don’t fucking look at me like that, Ricky. Don’t look at me like I’m lying.”

c. Insert filler sounds: “ah”, “uh”, “um”, and/or curse words.

“I, uh, I- fuck. I, ummm, I think maybe, ah, maybe we should leave?”

For more on stuttering – it can be hard to peg correctly – check out this post.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Quite the revelation

So it’s a common tumblr headcanon that Thor’s speech about Mjolnir was reflecting his relationship with Loki.

Then we have Korg’s speech which, when I first saw the movie, I found hilarious, but only that. At first glance Korg is not doing much more than unintentionally mocking Thor’s hammer fetish so that we realize  how silly his fixation with Mjolnir is. No hidden meaning there. Right?

I do believe now that when Thor was talking to Korg about Mjolnir it dawned on him that very moment that… he was actually thinking of Loki. Look at his face.

Notice how Thor pauses there, contemplating what Korg said. He’s thinking of his brother.

Recently I read a post on reddit explaining how the “revelation” Thor had later on was about deciding to let Loki go if he wanted him back. 

But when exactly in the movie did he get that “revelation”, and what did he mean by that anyway…? It’s never clearly explained. 

“Since we last spoke”, that is since they were both in Thor’s cell. And what happened right after that?


THIS is the exact moment when Thor had the epiphany that “open communication” (like he tried to do so many times in the past) “was not their family’s forte”. 

And if he wanted to get through to Loki he had to  talk in a language he would understand, and use other methods. Mischief and reverse psychology.

It worked.

Serious Reminder

• It’s not love if they make you delete all your social media or never let you post.

• It’s not love if they tell you what you can and cannot wear.

• It’s not love if they insult you. (Ex: slut, dumbass, whore, bitch, fatass…)

• It’s not love if they stop you from going out.

• It’s not love if they don’t let you be friends with the opposite sex.

• It’s not love if they make you cry and say it’s your own fault.

• It’s not love if they humiliate you, whether it be in front of others or not.

• It’s not love if they make you feel ignorant and small.

• It’s not love if they constantly accuse you of lying or cheating.

• It’s not love if they don’t let you workout because, “Who else are you trying to look good for?”

• It’s not love they don’t let you wear makeup because, “Who are you trying to attract?”

• It’s not love if they tell you what you can and cannot eat because, “You’ll get too skinny,” or “You’ll get too fat.”

• It’s not love if they ask for money constantly…. and get angry when you don’t give it to them.

• It’s not love if they tell you what you can and cannot say.

• It’s not love if they keep you away from your family or friends.

• It’s not love if they blame you for everything and anything.

•It’s not love if they force you to do anything you don’t want to, because, “If you love me you will.”

• It’s not love if they make big decisions for you.

• It’s not love if they threaten to leave you constantly, because, “What would you do without me? Don’t you love me?”

• It’s not love if they force you to do any sort of sexual act, even after you said no, because, “You wanted it. You love me, don’t you?”

•It’s not love if they shove you, kick you, hold you down, spit on you, scream in your face, slap you, choke you, etc…

Being in love is often like putting on a blindfold. Sometimes you refuse to see the monsters in front of you. You reassure yourself that you love this person, that maybe you’re just - “overreacting”. But you’re not, and this person isn’t who they used to be, not like in the beginning right? They want to control you, to manipulate you, to use you, they do not love you and you shouldn’t love them…

Domestic Abuse happens every minute. In fact, in the United States, every minute 20 people (on average) are being physically abused.

However, abuse within a relationship isn’t always physical. It’s psychological, it’s emotional abuse, it’s verbal abuse, it’s hurting you in ways that physical harm never could.

Be aware of the warning signs and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. You are never alone, because you are worth it and you deserve REAL love - a love deeper than the ocean…

YOU are not just a victim. YOU are a survivor - a warrior, that has fought their battle or is still struggling today.

And, for that, I wish anyone who has or is going through any time of abuse in their relationship to be STRONG and most importantly, keep moving forward to those brighter days, where the amount of brightness in your day has no end…and your chains have been forever broken.

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What's the most interesting thing about tumblr for you linguistically?

It’s totally the tags.

Those tags where people write essays. I’m obsessed with those. They’re downright amazing linguistically!

I even proposed to do a research experiment on phrases, the juncture of syntax and semantics, and tumblr tags for my Computational Corpus Linguistics course. The teacher approved the project, but I ended up discarding it for a later time because of how difficult and involved the task would have been. There were too many problems to work out in the experiment and I realized I didn’t have enough time to do what I want.

The tags are intriguing for multiple reasons. They frankly make me run around like a chicken with his head cut off - except happier.

  • Syntax and Cognitive Science The tags show some very interesting things about phrasal structure. People divide up long sentences in tags during pauses. It’s unique “punctuation” and it says a lot for how people chunk thoughts, process them, and organize longer statements. It’s interesting where you see punctuation added or deleted; it helps you see cognitively how people are processing phrases.
  • Semantics The tags are full of very interesting expression techniques. One of the problems of written language has been that it lacks body language, which constitutes over half of our expression in conversation. It means that written language can be very easily misinterpreted for intent (think of how many texts get misinterpreted). But tumblrites and other social media savvy people have compensated and made written language HUGELY expressive. You see it in the tags. You see people use unique punctuation effects like deleting spaces, intentionally misspelling words, adding capitalization, and much more. There are emoticons, keyboard smashes, explosions of exclamation marks, and so many beautiful ways of expressing emotion. And people use lots of words in fascinating ways to get their thoughts across. It’s endless.
  • Diachronic Linguistics Historical linguistics is really cool. It’s about language change. Internet speech in tumblr has the latest, newest words and word units out there. You see so much beautiful language change happening. It’s how “Rickrolled” became a verb and “smol” grew its own set of recognized connotations. Word meanings change, take on new meanings, are filled with so much amazing sociolinguistic context. Abbreviations are made for fandom content. Abbreviations eventually become treated like real words, and then they take on new suffixes and become verbs and adjectives and nouns (”I lol’ed”). There are certain phonotactic paradigms English speakers subconsciously follow for creating new shipping names; I’ve even seen a linguistics paper on that topic. People are able to understand new terms they’ve never seen before; I’ve never heard of “Ruffheat,” but if someone said that to me, I’d know right away they’re talking about a Ruffnut x Heather ship. If someone told me “Hiccaang,” somehow I’d be able to figure out they’re talking about some Aang x Hiccup crack ship. We can just do that automatically because we’ve built our own compounding systems! And not only do we do that, but language changes SO FREAKISHLY RAPIDLY on tumblr it’s constant excitement.
  • Sociolinguistics Language varies based upon different groups we are a part of, and tumblr is full of many communities. Fandom communities, the science side of tumblr, the social justice community, and more are all out there. Each group has its own diction, vocabulary, and more. It’s also amazing how this collides with the fact that tumblr is global; the conversations arising aren’t just from native English speakers, but individuals whose first language might be Malay, Khmer, German, Korean, Japanese, or Finnish.

So yeah. And where you see all this amazingness the most is in the tags.

Believe me, I tag browse a lot because the content there is GOLD. Pure GOLD.

Someday I do hope to take my tumblr experiences and conduct a legitimate linguistics research study. It can teach us a lot about contemporary English, internet English, and how it’s used around the globe linguistically.


one of my favorite speeches in all of the treks and something really interesting to take into consideration when seeing how the federation interacts with non-federation species

This is a scheduled post to let you know that on September 1st - September 8th EST Kitten Witch will be participating in @lavahag ’s Tumblr Boycott, in an effort to force @staff to take action against white supremacist content as per their community guidelines. Inaction is not an acceptable stance against hate speech. For more information, see @empressreborn’s post here.

Content will continue on our facebook, for anyone who is seeking a safe space 💖

Many of us rely on social media sites like tumblr to get us through our tough moments. If you don’t think you can manage without tumblr access please know that there are other ways you can help, such as contacting tumblr and letting them know how you feel about their choice to allow hate speech on their platform.

Stay safe, my beautiful friends 💖


i like this scotch. a lot. i like the taste. i like the smell. i like the feel of it in my hand. here’s the thing: end of a long day at work? i want to have this bottle of whiskey. it will make my life better. but if it started to get in the way of my work, i could get rid of it, and things would be… well, they’d be more or less fine. i’d be sad, but life would go on.

you all? you’re whiskey. you’re nice to have. but nothing more than that.

for alicia

“okay, fine, I’ll tell you the truth… I accidentally started the end of the world.”


“I accidentally started the end-”

“I heard you fine; how the fuck do you accidentally start the apocalypse? how is that something you do? an accident is forgetting to take out the trash, or picking up the wrong milk. what could have possibly been an accident about ending civilization?”