tumblr new york fashion week


We’re in the midst of New York Fashion Week, Tumblr. Fans of NYFW (@nyfwofficial) may remember we’ve partnered with different artists to cover the previous 12 NYFWs. Lucky 13 (this season!) is no different. We found some incredible photographers on Tumblr and gave them access to shows, presentations, and everything else that matters this week.

There’s more than one way to follow along. There’s at least three. We’ll be highlighting some of their best finds over on the official Fashion (@fashion) Tumblr, the #NYFW tag will be abundant with posts from the entire participating community, and you can follow the artists directly. Say hi to them:

Now say bye this post. We’re not needed anymore. The good stuff is in all the places we’ve outlined above. 

Photo credits go top to bottom and left to right in the order listed