tumblr meetup

glo up meetup 2k17

hey friends it’s ya girl kate here to host yet another meetup! some of you may remember that last year i hosted two of these glo up meetups and you guys seemed to enjoy it so here we go again! 

 lol what is this? 

this meetup is meant to show how much we change in a short amount of time, so you’ll post two (or more idc) selfies from different times. one older and one current 

when is it? 

saturday, august 5th starting 12 pm central time and lasting 24 hours after that! 

how do I join? 

post selfies with some time between them and show off how much you’ve glo’d up!! also reblog other people’s selfies and make cute new friends! 

okay but like how much time between the pictures?¿

 however long you want!! the older picture can be a few months old or a few years old (whatever you’re comfortable with), and the other should be fairly current!! 

who can participate? 

anyone! also long as you keep everything safe for work and positive then feel free to join!! (aka its not phandom specific like last years)

what’s the tag? 

#glo up meetup” !!! 

if you have any questions about the meetup feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll get to it as fast as I can! 

if this doesnt get notes it never happened

Hello everybody!

We are very very excited for the Human EP, and to celebrate the song being released on Friday we are hosting a meetup!

What is a meetup?

A meetup is a nice way to get together, share interests and make friends. You can post a selfie, an edit, a gif, your artwork, anything really! Share your excitement for the new EP and the studio version of Human with others!

When is the meetup?

It will be held on Friday the 21st of September, the day of the Human single release.

Where is the meetup?

Right here on Tumblr, under the hashtags #DodieHumanMeetup and #DodieTumblrMeetup.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us. And please do reblog this post to spread the word!


hi i’m kate and i am Not Straight 💕

i realized i like girls when i was about 14 and i started coming out to friends when i was 15 (im not out to family bc i don’t feel like getting disowned yet)

i’m 18 now and i have a truly incredible girlfriend of 7 months whom i adore !!!!! bc they’re great !!!

🏳️‍🌈 happy pride everyone 🏳️‍🌈