tumblr life

Life is sad

Life is a bust

All ya can do is do what you must

You do what you must do and ya do it well–

I’ll do it for you, honey baby

Can’t you tell?


(Lyrics taken from “Buckets Of Rain” by Bob Dylan, 1974. Photo by Riffchorusriff. Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass, there’s only one way to go. December 9, 2016.)

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Hey guys, it’s been a while. I needed to duck out of tumblr for a few months to get some shit straight in my life and tumblr’s infinite well of time wasting wasn’t happening.

Got me some depression meds, got a new job that is probably going to be easier than my old one but also pays way better, and moved from Indiana to Virginia for said job. 

All in all things are going pretty well, and I have enough extra time that I can pop back here liked I used to.

I’m remaking cuz I live life on tumblr lol, you can ask for the url if you want it ♥

btw. if you stopped being friends with me/sent me anon hate because of my decision I want you to: remove all of my art/posts/selfies from your blog kthx

anonymous asked:

10:45pm drinking at a college party, but Tumblr is life

Literally me. Be careful though!! I’m going to go all motherly on you and tell you to not let anyone take advantage of you, make sure to change your drink every time you leave it and also don’t let anyone drive you. Sorry for being all mushy and motherly but have fun girl. Go mingle! x


We danced on the shore
waves graced our feet, stars towered
over us - just us
—  Nicholas A Browne, Haiku 386
nos perdimos en el camino del tiempo y nos reencontramos en la entrada de la vida, cerca del camino del destino…¿te das cuenta?, te amo, mis silencios gritan tu nombre y cada ves que eso sucede, mi corazón late con fuerza cuando está el tuyo cerca…estas líneas son muy cortas, pero si el sentimiento es largo.
—  create-your-life-friend.tumblr.com

tragiichearts  asked:

slides url over with a $20 wink wonk

let me love on you ; accepting!


NEW BLOG WHO DIS. sticks $20 in pants. wink wonk. 

this fucker needs to stop stalking me from blog to blog because the sheer quality is 2 hot (hot damn). but seriously, dis bert. remember when like 80 years ago we met because dackson? good times. old times. i kind of miss those times (but not the fandom). but i will always follow your blog wherever it may be, even if i don’t know the fandom, because i always need you in my life. tumblr frands, this is someone who i grew so close to through tumblr that she came to our wedding. and we see this lil shit at dragoncon every year too. true stories of meeting tumblr people in real life success stories. i honestly just get so happy whenever we talk even if it’s only for two seconds and miss writing nasty shit with you so <3