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K0a is officially out tomorrow and I’m ready to read all of it’s terrible 900+ pages

eeeeeee i’m feeling a mix of excitement and dread that it’s gonna be out: excitement that t0g is over (for now) and dread bc i just know she’s gonna hit the bestseller list and the stans are going to stoke her ego for all they’re worth.

i’ll pray for you. 😂💖 i anticipate a lot of headdesking and facepalming and i want alllllll the updates—from anyone who’s reading the book, too! and if you or anyone is planning on posting updates to their blogs, please feel free to tag me! 😍🤩

I was tagged by @morethanahero to name my 10 current favorite songs! Thank you so much Sophia! :)

So here are my favorite songs at the moment! They aren’t sorted in any particular order though,since I love them so much to do that!

  • “On My Own” from Sofia The First
  • “That’s Not Who I Am” from Sofia The First
  • “Tomorrow” from Annie
  • “High Hopes” by Panic At The Disco
  • “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter
  • “NYC” from Annie
  • “You’ll always find your way back home” by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
  • “If You Can Dream” by Disney Princesses
  • “Sway” by Michael Buble
  • “A Whole New World” from Aladdin

I tag: @malenkaya-glosoli , @alexei-niklaevich , @callhermoonchild , @laughingwiththestars , @harley-quinn-skywalker , @moda-serieseblahblahblah and anyone else who wants to do it! 😊

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Could you fill me in on the whole grape-kun thing?

A japanese zoo, Tobu Zoo, had a colab with the anime Kemono Friends where they added cutouts of the anime characters to the enclosures of the matching animals to attract visitors and stuff, one of these characters being Hululu, an airhead anthropomorphic Humboldt penguin:

Grape-kun, an old humboldt penguin who’d been abandoned by his former mate due to his health issues, started showing a lot of interest for the cutout, staring at it for hours, trying to reach it on top of the tall rock where it was placed, and even trying to court it.

Of course, Kemono Friends already being a surprise hit show, the thing went viral and tons of art, jokes and other content were made. Even after the colab was over, the zoo didn’t remove Grape-kun’s sunshine, and Hululu’s VA Ikuko Chikuta even visited Grape-kun during an educational event:

Unfortunately, Grape-kun was already old and his health started to deteriorate. He was removed from his enclosure for treatment, along with his muse of course, that was placed next to him. On october 12, 2017, Tobu Zoo announced that Grape-kun passed away, with Hululu by his side in his final moments. Once again Grape-kun started trending, this time in a sadder tone as fans, visitors and part of the Kemono Friends staff paid their respects.

As a final homage to Grape-kun, a new cutout was added to the penguin enclosure in january 2018, immortalizing this romance:

And thus ends the tale of Grape-kun and Hululu. May our little Friend rest in penguin heaven with his anime wife, gone, but never forgotten.

i want a close internet friendship with like three people all around the world that will last and we would tag each other to do challenges, make a group chat, hang out on webcams, complain about time zones, tell stories online, and imagine how it will be the best day of our lives when we all will meet one day.

I need gay Tumblr friends!

I’m a 17 y/o cis female lesbian. I’ve had Tumblr forever and I rarely ever talk to people on here. I have very few LGBTQ+ friends irl, and most of the ones I do have can be very annoying but I stick with them cuz they’re all I got. I’m a major fangirl who watches a shit ton of shows just for the lesbians in them, but I have no one to fangirl with or something. Anyways, I’m down to talk with anyone but if nobody wants to, that’s cool too.

Let’s be friends

(This post is from 13th September 2017, I no longer talk to many people on tumblr)

I need more tumblr friends I can fangirl with

(edit: sorry for slow replies I’ll try and message as fast as I am I wasn’t expecting to get this many messages and now my tumblr is freezing up)

(edit 2: if y'all wanna be friends you might have to hit me up first because all these notifications are confusing me)

(edit 3 seriously don’t be shy hit me up, wasn’t expecting 300 notes and I have no idea who I have and haven’t messaged but my notifications are going crazy right now!)

(Edit 4: sup still getting notes on this but I get a lot of notifications so if you wanna follow me that’s awesome and then just message me first so I can see you)

About me:

I’m gay af

Love talking about hot women

Watch a lot of gay tv shows

Love travelling

Love culture

Love film and art

Love music

So y'all just like this and I’ll hit you up or hmu yourself

I’m not expecting many notes but still worth a shot

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I really need someone here who’ll listen my problems and I’ll listen his/her. We’ll be talking for hours about everything. We’ll be motivating each other for different things (in general study (I have a studyblr)). So if you ready to talk with me please message me! It’ll be really pleasure for me. In waiting for your message, my future friend

love y'all💕