tumblr dont you mess this up

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Hello! I really like your content and your blog :) I was wondering, that buble in the left bottom corner, how did you get it? Thanks! :)

hey hey anon

i dont remember exactly where i got it from because i copied the code from my bambi blog but i think you’ll find it if you look in one of those html tumblrs or just search up pop up bubble tab i think.

sorry i know i know that wasn’t very helpful, i’d give you the code but my html is a mess rn

two-aliens-in-an-overcoat replied to your post “moving into the dorms on thursday…. Fear”

Is that a statement you just felt like putting into the void of tumblr where people can see it floating around but dont actually react to it because thats only mutual appropriate or is it okay to ask why that is?

Sorry, I only just saw this now! It’s definitely okay to ask!

i’m about to be living on my own for the first time in my life, so it’s the usual fear of the unknown/ fear that i’ll somehow mess it up 

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I really take my time reading so when i read your older fics i dont feel them rushed or messed up at all, in fact i enjoy them very much. I've screenshoted your fics to my gallery and read them on the airplane many times (due to internet errors i cant read it on tumblr) and they're very calming i guess? I dont know just really like them and hope you can keep on with the great work! My!! I don't have a bias its so hard to choose! I guess i'll just call myself Rousella, rou for short!

yeah i guess you could consider them calming bc the plots aren’t really all that intricate or angsty, back then i basically only wrote pwp to use as a procrastination method to studying lol, but then i learned that writing angst is just so much funner to write, oh and ok! you are now rou anon <333

I work today and then in back to school!! Im going to be SO BUSY

For all the days im not at school im working omg so imma set up a que tonight and this is just a lil warning incase i dont reply your messes on tumblr right away!

Feel free to add me on fb if we are close!

Also anyone can add me on ig, snapchat, and twitter bc im always on those! If we are mutuals lmk who you are and ill add you back!!😊

Hope you are all doing well! And for all of you guys going back to school good luck!!💕

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once again we are back at the "buT YOU DONT KNOW ME SO U CANT LIKE ME"

hmmmmmmmmmmmm I can hazard a guess, this is either the last person I texted or it the same anon as the one a couple of months ago (with the messed up heart :D  ). However, there is the possibility that you are neither of these people, so you could be someone I know, that stumbled across my tumblr, or some person in the aether. So given this new combination you could be 1 of 4 groups which narrows my search to……………. everyone in the world :’( 

Please just say who you are, please, I’ll pay you in all the imaginary gold I have :D

Introducing the blog

Hi fellas! Welcome to my RP blog for my muse Megan Merricks, an Engineer in the wonderful TF2 world. This marks the start of my first venture in the universe of Tumblr RP, so please don’t be scared if I end up having to ask you questions before/during a thread, I just want to do things right and not mess it up completely due to my incompetence. Many thanks, and hope te read you around!

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hello its the overwatch n00b again!! i was wondering if my ask was the one that got deleted... its ok if u dont wanna retype it, but itd be rlly helpful!! tysm im sorry it got deleted!

I guess cuz I answered it on mobile tumblr, it always messes up it’s so annoying… Basically my tips were: Don’t go running off all by yourself, Always remember to switch heroes if you know you’re not doing well, Communicate with your team by either voice chat throughout the game or at the beginning by negotiating who will play who for better team comp (the meta is two tank, two support, and any offense or defense hero)

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What Tumblr theme do you use? Is it custom-made or what? Because I'm currently making a custom one for mine (With raw HTML code), I'm considering basing it off of this. Thanks! :)

I messed with a snowy theme I found like a year ago

I dont know I think it looks dumb but im such a tumblr dummy i dont know how to set up the undertale theme or any other good ones

@ artist, art student & art teacher side of tumblr

does anyone know of a good way to build your hand’s muscle memory (or whatever) so you can draw faster? like a specific technique or worksheet or something?

my right is messed up, so i need to draw with my left hand, but it completely lacks the dexterity that i’ve built up in my right hand over the years :\ i know there are drawing exercises that specifically focus on building dexterity in your hand, rather than drawing itself, i just dont know what they are