tumblr dont you mess this up

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um hey its the anon from before, think ya might not have gotten the message from me?? wanted to send this again then but if u dont want to answer it its totally fine don't worry! it was about if you wished the characters from raven cycle had had more diverse sexualities and genders and races? and also that adam and ronan had said openly that they were gay or bi or acknowleded it themselves? like other than adams dads rude comment u feel me

hi bud! sorry about that - tumblr must’ve messed up, because i never got that message!

short answer: yes, i do wish the characters in trc had been more diverse, and i do wish the diversity that it did have had been handled better!

long answer under the read more. :’)

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i have a question about gifs. How come mines dont play? They just freeze? I searched it up online and it said that tumblr cant play gifs with over 2mb so when i reduced the gif the quality became horrible!! how would i fix this? :(

hi! im so so sorry this is late! but theres actually a million reasons why the quality can become really bad. when you reduce the gif, make sure you delete the frames and don’t mess with the size or the amount of colors or anything. just cut out some frames and make the gif shorter. also make sure you keep the size equal to tumblr’s dimensions so it doesnt stretch out and get blurry. i use the old dimensions which is 500px for one gif across and 245px for two gifs across. 

it’s kinda hard to really asses the problem without seeing it, so if you wanna show me the gif, i can probably tell you what’s wrong with it and how to fix it! :)

advertisement on my blog

remove advertiment PLEASE on Tumblr glass on my Khaki colored
Blog! you keep putting my pictues on my blog that are in dbles & triples screwing up my page & now your advertising on my page!!!!
if its not removed & all the dbls & triples of same photos removed, but put back , I will stop your tmpl page 100 0/0 & remove My photos. thats why I dont come on very often!!!! becaause each time I come on ther is somthing wrong youve messed with my page. how can I enjoy it if you constantly mess wiyh it? and you have no where for peole to go if they have a problem , to ask questions, noyhing! very unprofessional" i have no idea what to do next!

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whats wrong with your tumblr? lmao

oh yes… that T_T I know what are you talking about, I was including some things to my page, but I did something wrong, and i messed up… ;-; You know, with the html codes… so yhea, now it looks weird and i don´t know how to fix it, i don´t know what to do so… :///

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This is literally what people have been saying,,,,,, and I think they're still gonna do it anyways windybirb(.)tumblr(.)com/post/151631106246/i-have-read-your-tags-and-i-understand-you-dont

(x) ugh. drawing lesbians in romantic-coded poses with men is messed up on so many levels. it’s literally not that hard to draw two characters with some space between them. i’m sick of this honestly

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hey your music box version of forever young isn't work and i was just curious if you knew why or if it is just me

nearly a month late ahhh

hi anon!! i’m aware that a select few of my edits are not playing; this is an error on tumblr’s end (i messaged support about it they said they’d look into it but i dont think its still fixed ;_;)

the only way to listen to it as of now is to download it from my mediafire link on my audio masterpost! if you have any other questions feel free to message me again, anon~ :D

So I don't really

Talk about my friends much but here goes. I wanna just… Describe them I guess?
Alex - I don’t know if you know what a rockaletta is but it’s basically a jawbreaker lollipop with spices between the layers. So you already gotta pull teeth to get into it and all it is is spice that messes up your tongue.
Ricardo - hm… More like a pop tart. You kind dont wanna eat it cause you know it’s bad for you but really once you get into it it’s really nice and sweet but it also really likes to listen to hoodrat shit with its rockaletta friend.
Nestor - really more like a rotisserie chicken. Just really fucking good. Like, top notch. Savory if you will. Fills you up but also it’s chicken so it’s good for you.
Sebastian - Nestor’s brother and little popcorn chicken, great in tiny bits but also only hangs around every now and then… Kinda like how you only really have popcorn chicken like three or so times a year.
Melissa - uhm… Like… Kale… Sometimes good but ultimately something I gotta force myself to get into but it’s really really worth it cause it’s healthy and good for you.
Kiana - Marshmallow… Really good when I need it but not necessarily great if it timed correctly… There’s history with me and marshmallows.
Sheila - is my sister…. Sooooo…. She’s a can of coke. Refreshing and chill. Also she really fucking likes Coke.
I’ll list the rest of em later. Im high and sleepy

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⚠ A lot of people seem to talk to you a lot and they all seem to bw your friends and you have inside jokes with them?? idk man id rly be down to talking and being friends but i dont wanna mess any of that up lOL

NAH MAN friendships dont get ruined just cause someone else is added nor are all my friends friends with each other like we’re all just here on this website 2 have a good time man its all chill. the best way really is to befriend people on twitter i find that the people i know from tumblr who are also on my twitter TL are the people i love and end up befriending!!!! 

please excuse the crap banner that i made on my phone at last minute…. okay so a few days ago i reached a follower goal (thank you guys so much *hugs everyone*) which made me really happy because people actually like my blog and i have been wanting to do one of these but haven’t had the time because school :// anyways i had time today so here it is :D and i apologize if i missed anyone, i am known for making mistakes in irl

@aadeles ~ @agent-tremors ~ @agentchloes ~ @agentntasha ~ @agentsofshields ~ @ajmeskirk~ @almightybarnes ~ @aqntcarter ~ @aqualman ~ @artistpeeta ~ @avengerswitch ~ @awclint ~ @barnesrogerss ~ @bartonromanoffs ~ @beatenbucky ~ @benignbuck ~ @bhcky ~ @billy-batson ~ @bisebastian ~ @bitterrbucky ~ @blaackpanthers ~ @blackpaanther ~ @blackvidow ~ @bovaria ~ @bravebucky ~ @bravobucky ~ @brialarson ~ @bromanov ~ @buchanal ~ @buchunan ~ @bucku ~ @buckuy ~ @buckybell ~ @buckyrogrs ~ @buckyromanoff ~ @buckysmaximoff ~ @buckywilsons ~ @bulletshowell ~ @caprodgers ~ @capswilson ~ @captainamericc ~ @captainsassy ~ @catwomvn ~ @clairetemplc ~ @clinatasha ~ @clintbartcns ~ @compliedsoldier ~ @csibarryallen ~ @cuddlybucky ~ @cutedan ~ @daisy-riddles ~ @daisysjohnsvns ~ @daividfincher ~ @danktooine ~ @dianahprince ~ @emilyvancamp ~ @falconcaps ~ @falconings ~ @falconwings ~ @floralafro ~ @franksgrillo ~ @frostgiants ~ @ghotham ~ @hanahsong ~ @harlelyquinn ~ @harlivy ~ @hcrleenquinzel ~ @hogwearts ~ @iangallagheer ~ @idriselbas ~ @inhumxns ~ @ironmvn ~ @ironstarkasm ~ @jamisonfawks ~ @jassntodd ~ @jcnbernthal ~ @jmmkirk ~ @justiceleegue ~ @kayaiscodelario ~ @lethalbarnes ~ @magnetosmind ~ @markwatttney ~ @mattsmurdass ~ @mavahart ~ @maximmoff ~ @mccoyleo ~ @montgscotty ~ @moondustbucky ~ @natvliaromanova ~ @nctaliaromanova ~ @noahcznerys ~ @ohkkirk ~ @paarkers ~ @parkermccall ~ @parkerpete ~ @pavechekov ~ @peferparker ~ @peggscarter ~ @peppperpotts ~ @pietromaiximoff ~ @poedameron ~ @potter ~ @pr0paganda ~ @ravehclaw ~ @rhoodey ~ @robertdowneyjr ~ @rogersxbarnesx ~ @rozaprior ~ @samvenger ~ @sarahlindne ~ @scottslangg ~ @sergeantbucky ~ @shostakovas ~ @smoltonystark ~ @sokohvia ~ @sokovian ~ @soldatsass ~ @soldatseb ~ @spiderbarnes ~ @spidergwens ~ @spidermah ~ @spidermmans ~ @spiderparkr ~ @spideydamn ~ @spideygwen ~ @spideyyboy ~ @spookyredwing ~ @sppidey ~ @starcwars ~ @starkalloween ~ @stevyrogers ~ @stteve ~ @sugarbabyseb ~ @sugardaddychris ~ @supcrgirls ~ @supvrsoldier ~ @tchallae ~ @tchlalla ~ @tchoolla ~ @team-spidey ~ @therussobrothers ~ @thespiderling ~ @tomhollands ~ @tomoholland ~ @tonyspepper ~ @ubucky ~ @uhurras ~ @ultrcns ~ @ummarvel ~ @undercovercarter ~ @vaghabond ~ @vibraniom ~ @victimbucky@victimsteve ~ @vromanoff ~ @wanximoff ~ @whothehellisharry ~ @wintrfalcn ~ @wintvrbucky ~ @wnterzoldier ~ @yikesevans ~ @yikesneil

i decided to make another follow forever since i hit a goal! i’m really happy you all still continue to follow me even when my blog is a mess and im constantly changing my url and yelling about how much i love hobi….i love you all very much!! thanks for making tumblr enjoyable for me :))

since i follow so many of you, i missed some of you and im sorry about that. know that i still love you so much and you not being on here doesnt mean i dont care about you. i appreciate all of you and if i could message you all individually to tell you how much you mean to me i would. love you!!

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hellooo so this is my very first follow forever yayyy!!!!! i’ve had this blog since 2013 and started feeling like it was about time to do one, just to tell you guys how much fun it is to see you on my dash and to thank you for stickin with this very messed up blog!!!

  • first shout out goes to tumblr angel @taylorisapuppy for making this amazing edit for me and just for being the kindest person i’ve ever met on here. thank you for being amazing and super talented.
  • second shout out goes to my best friends on here: @tylerhoechlni (aka my absolute favorite person on this website), @toujovrspur (thank u for kinkshaming me whenever i deserve it), @jonsnowdrop (may we actually meet some day soon and see our fave together), @thefalloutkid, @louuiistomlinsons and @narcisasmalfoy (thank you for listening to my endless rambling and conspiracy theories about the 100 and game of thrones, i dont even know how you guys can stand me but thank you)

and now everyone else who is equally just cool and amazing!!! mutuals are bolded while the ones in italics are the ppl who probably see me in their notifications a lot (sorry about that!!!!)

# - f: @1krystaljung, @20dollarsippycup, @acutepayne, @adeleldn, @afragilelitttleflame, @aintitprmr, @alecandizzylightwood, @alecljghtwood, @alisonswift, @alittlebitlovedrunk, @allciavikander, @allisonargrnt, @allisonarrgent @alrightanakin, @alwaystommo, @alyciadebnamcarev, @alyciadebnumcarey, @alyciasdebcarey, @amelieaponds, @americanstumpy, @amidalapadmes, @amyskhaleesi, @anaglyphics, @anakens, @anakihn, @anakinskyiwalker, @andialmostdo, @andswift, @ankainskywalker, @anmnesias, @anniesfinnick, @annswolls, @anyataylorjoys, @aprhrodite, @artsesmis, @asbraveasrobb, @assassinsardothien, @augustuos, @avahda, @awloueh, @azkabangs, @b-eginsagain, @badbloodfoxes, @badlandspayne, @bandofbastards, @baumanselise, @becauseoftaylors, @beichte, @bejusttrees, @belalmyblake, @bellamyblake, @bellamyis, @bensolcs, @beyhaunts, @beynces, @bikates, @bisexualanakins, @bisexualdaddario, @bitchjauregui, @blankspaec, @blondesouths, @bloodofoldvalerya, @bodyhect, @bombinated, @boxjustforwishes, @braverlarry, @breathemesout, @brigittekinglady, @briianfinch, @britscupcake, @brvndenrivers, @burningnights, @buyforever, @camcountrys, @captainalycia, @cardassia, @cassicsullivan, @cat-grant, @cersei-lanniister, @cerseii, @ceshirecatsmile, @clairetemplc, @clarkeqgriffin, @cleanstorms, @clexasblake, @clexasfaberry, @clvrkegriffins, @clxrkegriffin, @cobainshealy, @coldmalfoys, @comebackbehers, @commanderraven, @corenliussne, @crownoficeandfire, @daenerysn, @daeneyrstargaryen, @daisychainsandbowties, @daisyridliey, @daisyridlleys, @daisysridley, @daiysridley, @damen, @dana-katherine, @danierys, @darthvaderisbae, @darthvcder, @darthvvder, @dasiyridleyy, @deadgwen, @defleures, @demieter, @dianaprrnce, @diffrentscarletletters, @disneydreamerlove, @district-ninethreequarters, @dolphinvera, @dothrahki, @dracomalfoyi, @draconstone, @dracsmalfoy, @drunklarrie, @dspraybsrry, @durmstrang, @edswifi, @electrafying, @elizabeth-olsens, @elvenking, @elzabetholsens, @emilysims, @emmaswarn, @emmawrtson, @emoappropriation, @enchantedbydixon, @ennobaria, @eowyns, @ephemeralls, @escapade-swift, @esheerans, @evcgreen, @everettcrss, @ewonmcgregor, @fabraeys, @faithlings, @fallenhedas, @falloutbarbie, @fearthewalkinglesbian, @felicetysmoak, @feministpoe, @femmefartele, @fiendfires, @flicitysmoak, @fokusonme, @foughthewars, @foundwondrland, @fourpinkwals, @foxesandblood, @frankcastlr, @fredwardbensonvevo, @frootgod, @frootrave, @frootshow, @fuck–frankie, @fuckmeclexa, @futurewasme

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(to start off, im doing this all on mobile, even the banner was made w an app….forgive me)

OK SO, ive only had this blog for 4 months and in tht short amount of time ive made so many amazing MUTUALS. whether we have been mutuals since yesterday or the first day i made my blog, you are all great and i appreciate you and your blog!
btw i KNOW that i missed people i just dont kno who :// pls msg me if i missed u i probably missed alot of sideblogs ok im sorry ily

@softnayeon @luckish @electrahansol @sanasgrl @mexicanheaux @gentlejungkook @jbisrude @tolbfjongin @jeonghansss @jungkookau @1seulgi @y3ri @rapmonstor @sweetdaehyun @deenohz @youngejae @predebuts @aesthe8ic @jonginsheart @1mijoo @moonsuns @jungkookismybf @jacksns @mantises @jiminfm @jinsputa @moonsboy @hobihop @monxta @radicalwoo @joshuasdaughter @eolguri @hoseokscreaming @hobisgrl @temptative @emotihcons @princejisoos @kookachv @jimines @eternalsvt @pizzaofsgkwan @jeonghalo @introyoongi @sweggysuga @kcmaknae @kyngsoosgf @jiminsflavoredjams @jiminparkx @australianmaknae @minitae @hoseokedpanties @smoljungkookie @jeongjjang @chensbf @wonwoodle @seunghao @smolyunsung @blessedjongin @sugacoups @jaekhyungie @whateverimperfection @stardusthansol @yoonjin @esjeann @djiboutijibooty @ihatejjkook @shloun @yoongzi @jisooosgf @1jh @seventeenaf @woomingyu @namjoonsbuckethat @420vernon @taehyunqkook @boosungkwan @sup-jin @minyoooongi @seungskwan @parkminsuga @minyoongisbitch @17sexual @djbooboonon @bb-leechan @bapgguk @lilolittle @amazing-hoseok @taexchim

happy new year💐✨💟

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. so I thought it would be the perfect time to do my first follow forever!

Thank you to everyone who has decided to follow me in the past few months! I really really really truly appreciate every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who has tagged me in posts and talked to me because I honestly never thought that I would be able to meet such nice people on the internet, but here I am!

Keep in mind that this is a sideblog! So if I follow you, it’s through my main blog @constellation-of-hearts​. Also, I didn’t include all the blogs that I follow just because I follow nearly 400 kpop related blogs, but you can always check out my blogroll!

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