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Killing Stalking Skype group chat anyone?

I’ve been searching all over tumblr for people who has a KS group chat and sadly, I couldn’t find any (or maybe I couldnt see any). Sooo, I’ve decided to make my own! 

Only for SKYPE people!

And there are also a few rules a not so hard one actually

  • Please be nice! Our fandom may be messed up, but we’re all kind here.
  • Always welcome new people to the chat!  ♡
  • dOnT be an aSsHole please I will personally kick you out of the group chat and I do not want that.
  • Just enjoy  ♡ Let’s make this into a lit gc everybody!
  • I dont mind dirty minded, fujoshi, fudanshi people bc honestly our fandom can be filled with them and all of them are welcome  ♡
  • everyone is invited. everyone. 

Reblog, comment down, or even PM your skype names and I’ll be adding you guys into one! I am a very kind person, always willing to meet new people  ♡ Lets talk about KS and random shit  ♡

I cant put my skype name here because I have those kinds with live: etc and its annoying so I’ll add you guys instead.  ♡  

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savannah, here is debora, from agodone. I messed up entering with my tumblr in a site and i deleted i am so sad savanah. I probably wont continue here. I dont want to begin it all again. my god. so sad. I will email you okay?

I am so sad that that happened!!! I got your email though thank you dear ❤


So, as you can see by the title, I saw the chapter 26 raw and all I can say is ‘’Ask and you shall receive’’. I lie to you not when i was innocently scrolling through Tumblr I was shot by the spoilers and almost needed a paper bag for hyperventilating. Mei was showing more feeling towards Yuzu lil’ by lil’ then Yuzu goes and messes up a good opportunity. Yuzu get your act together! Do you still not see Mei is trying to open up to you! I get that sometimes you get embarrassed but please…suck it up. I don’t want any miscommunication between you two.

And the yukatas, the rings as necklaces, were all to precious but what is with the new character? I’m getting anxious of not knowing what she said. It looked as if she outed them out (hopefully that’s not the case) but it looked pretty bad.



This is that Theo Raeken kid?  Please, he’s trifling.  Dylan has played a gay role (regardless of if ir was for comedy, still gay) and would again.  He’s never been no-homo and the article he quoted was an article to clean up Posey’s mess and was completely scripted.  

They love trying it when there are so many receipts to suggest otherwise. 

Youre right

I am fucked up
I am psychotic
Ive yelled and called you a whore
I live with my parents
My mom does cook for me

Tell fucking tumblr shit they dont know about me

Like how i put myself through school that im a certified pharmacy tech with a college diploma in the field tell them how im going to school to be an EMT. Or my countless hours caring for my disabled mother since i was in high school when i turned 18 i signed legal medical documents to take care of her and be her primary caregiver. Tell the people of tumblr and your social media that you dont fucking know me that i aint the same person i was years ago. Tell them how i have a demanding job where i typically work 6 days straight 8-10 hours a day.

You wanna talk on tumblr talk all the mess you want. But dont talk about how you know me. Im fucked up in the brain from day one of my life but ive strived for better not use someone to get ahead in life. I got my nice ass paycheck cuz of me not cuz who i was dating.

So fucking tell that on your dumb ass accounts



  • NAME: bee.
  • PRONOUNS: she/her.
  • SEXUALITY:  who knows.
  • TAKEN OR SINGLE: single pringle.


  1. i have a very messed up sleep schedule.
  2. i would die for any and all dogs.
  3. i cried at high school musical 3.


  • HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): like 7 years? 5 on tumblr? maybe?
  • PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: facebook, text, kik, skype, habbo, tumblr.
  • BEST EXPERIENCE: honestly i dont know, i genuinely used to love habbo rp. wild.


  • FEMALE OR MALE: male tbh.
  • MULTI OR SINGLE: is this ship or blog? bcos multiship, single muse.


  • FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: i cant write smut to save my life.
  • PLOTS OR MEMES: both.
  • LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: variety is the spice of life.
  • ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): u m m. i wish.

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Light another cigarette, its 2 a.m and you can’t find rest,
So fuck it, I know you’re stressed. I know you’re a mess.

Maybe if you load another bowl, maybe the thoughts will slow,
Maybe you’ll find a way to calm the storm in your weary soul.
But we are getting old, and we’ve loved more than we’ve ever been told,
Bought more than we’ve been sold;
Been cowardice when we should’ve been bold.

And I know you’re just as exhausted as you are wired, and you feel burned up by the fire. You’re so sick of all the liars.
So spark your lighter, Silent Fighter, show them what strength is and that your fight will never tire.

—  Silent Fighter

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just so you know you tagged a matthew lynch from trc post as matt boyd from tfc

yeah I saw after I reblogged, there was a matt boyd text post before and I messed it up BUT TUMBLR APP DONT LET ME FIX IT !!!!!!! Thanks anyway :)

39/365 - Dank vs Wholesome


To me, Tumblr can be an absolute mess depending on how you open it for yourself. For me, when I first started tumblr, I was pretty basic. Landscape pictures. Fandom pictures. Jokes. It was cool at the time.

Then memes happened.

I dont know how memes blew up so fast, but even though it may be embarassing to admit for some people, I actually like memes. Okay yeah some of them are literally garbage but I feel like the internet now a days just socializes better through them that they can not only be a joke, but they can convey things words cannot. Its almost like memes have completly replaced political cartoons and its cool. It shouldnt be youre main diet for news but, theyre a laugh.

For me, i always thought dank memes were the coolest things to follow just because of how out of bounds they are. Horrible puns, suicide jokes, frogs, dead gorillas. Like how did we get so into these things haha? Dont get me wrong though, i think theyre funny too and yeah i get into them, I just think that when the future looks back at where we are now, they wont know how to explain what happened.

Maybe its me, but i feel like a good portion (not all) of memes promote negativity in some way. It could be because of the ppl i follow on tumblr but I even see them alot outside of tumblr. “Im bready to die” is a good one. Its what you think it is. Its a loaf of bread smiling, and saying that it wants to die. Yeah like lol nice but think of all the undertone negativity in it.

So before class started this morning and we were waiting for the proffessor to start, i discovered something on tumblr that amazed me more than I thought it would.

Wholesome memes.

Are they dank? Are they edgy? Are they cool? Not really. They are completely opposite of dank memes, but they actually promote you loving someone instead of making fun of it. It took me completely off guard. Even though dank memes are hilarious and never fail to make me laugh, wholesome memes made me feel better. Like if this wholesome meme made me laugh, I feel way more uplifted laughing it about it. I dont know. I feel like dank memes have created this edgy internet humor where extremely dark subjects can be flipped to be fun of. Yeah, maybe it does lighten the moods and makes it easier to talk about taboo subjects, but you can push them at times. Not that im against dank memes, im post alot of them all the time on GMV. But i think the internet needs a bigger diet of wholesome memes. Theyre funny. They leave you with a feeling of positivity, and I think theyre cool. Thats all I’ll say about that.

A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

(Tumblr messed up the quality, for a change, so I had to add the borders to post the full drawing, but please also click it for hd :D)

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I thought I was following you already but I guess Tumblr decided "fuck you" and made me unfollow you (because mobile Tumblr is a joke) so I'm wondering can I still be part of the giveaway or no? I just like to make sure since it feels rude to follow someone then suddenly reblog their contest!

Aaaa dont worry, you can still be part of the giveaway as long as you’re following me now! ^^ I know tumblr likes to mess up like this pffff Then again I dont encourage people to follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow after its done, THAT would be rude ^^’

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Thos may not apply to you, but it seems like ot4 stans are always just at the sidelines being all 'i dont care abt zayn he's rubbish but im gonna be the first to rise up to the occassion when he messes up'. Ppl are just waiting for him to fuck up and being sjw. Its not like ppl on twitter and tumblr are merely trying to educate him, they're sending abusive comments and death threats. And you wonder why he gets so defensive. White celeb never get the same shit when they mess up, is all im saying

i agree that there are definitely plenty of people out there who are just being flat out rude and uncalled for because sending such things gets you absolutely no where. you want him to be educated? then bloody well educate himself, it’s that simple. it’s something i don’t think a lot of people really understand because it’s just easier to flat out hate on instead, which obviously isn’t right. no one is going to get better or be educated if they’re not, well, being educated. wanting to be educated tho is a completely different thing, and zayn clearly thinks it’s his way or the highway.

also i can’t really speak for anyone else here but i will be honest and i say i am definitely biased when it comes to zayn vs ot4 fucking up because at the end of the day zayn has created this reputation over the years through his countless offensive words and actions that has resulted in me not liking him anymore and i will also be honest and say that i am waiting for him to fuck up again because as of this point he’s shown no signs in wanting to be educated and has his own head so far up his ass that he is never in the wrong so it’s bound to happen. i’m not saying ot4 won’t fuck up as well because i don’t know them personally and they have all shown signs of being uneducated on certain matters so it very well will probably happen again, probably multiple occasions, but they also don’t go out of their way to prove just how in the right they really think they are or play the victim card as much as zayn does either. obviously zayn has copped a lot of racism himself over the years and i know that’s a very real thing, but had zayn been white or had it been any of ot4, then i personally would say the same things as i do about zayn now. but again, that’s me personally i cannot speak on behalf of anyone else because i am just one person with one opinion and there are many varying opinions out there