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HELLSTATE TASK 020. made you a playlist

               O P H E L I A .   ( @fckoffhamlet​ )

               ❝ ophelia // the lumineers ┆ oceans // seafret ┆ hold back the river // james bay ┆ lover of the light // mumford & sons ┆ nothing // lewis watson ┆ incomplete // james bay ┆ this is the thing // fink ┆ the blower’s daughter // damien rice ┆ fear of fear // passenger ┆ lost stars // adam levine ┆ atlas: touch // sleeping at last ┆ delicate // damien rice ❞


wackosayshello  asked:

Imagine Chekov and Sulu in charge of decorating the caf for the Pride party and getting the replicators to make the gayke (rainbow cake, fondly called gay cake or gayke) and the cupcakes with a variety of different flags on them in icing (rainbow, trans, ace, etc) but they end up getting distracted and having an icing war that ends in smooches and icing ALL OVER their faces/in their hair

Imagine Jim leading the crew into the cafeteria for dinner, and finding it just completely WRECKED, with both Sulu and Chekov blaming each other for it.

Someone gets the replicator to shoot out more icing, and things just go downhill from there.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. so I thought it would be the perfect time to do my first follow forever!

Thank you to everyone who has decided to follow me in the past few months! I really really really truly appreciate every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who has tagged me in posts and talked to me because I honestly never thought that I would be able to meet such nice people on the internet, but here I am!

Keep in mind that this is a sideblog! So if I follow you, it’s through my main blog @constellation-of-hearts​. Also, I didn’t include all the blogs that I follow just because I follow nearly 400 kpop related blogs, but you can always check out my blogroll!

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