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A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

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Could I request more sterek crack fics where they're just really plain funny and ridiculous? Also, this blog give me life guys!!

Here you go!  -Emmy

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Shirts are for Quitters by 42hrb 

(1,165 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles will never understand why Derek seems to be allergic to wearing shirts, but it kinda feels like Derek’s trying to rub in how perfect his body is.

Right In Front of my Salad?! by Stilienski 

(1,421 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles can’t be held accountable for anything he does when he finds Derek cooking wearing only his special boxers.

A Matching Pair by CelestialVoid

(1,594 I General I Complete)

Stiles and Derek ended up wearing matching outfits to a pack meeting, and then again to a fight. It was a coincidence, but Derek has plans for the next time they wear matching outfits, and it involves saying “I do.”  

You Bake Me Crazy by Silver13

(1,709 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles didn’t know why he’d started baking.

Okay, so that might not be entirely true. It might’ve actually had everything to do with that time he baked a birthday cake for Erica, and watched the way Derek licked his fingers clean and moaned, sweet heaven that moan.

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart by distortedreality 

(3,224 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles decides the best way to woo his Dream Guy, aka Manager ‘resting bitch face’ Derek, is through insubordination and food puns. It goes as well as could be expected.

I Hate That I Love You by cloudsarefluffy

(5,709 I Mature I Complete)  *college au

On Tumblr, Anon asked: would you please write a college au where derek and stiles just dont get along but all their friends do and they’re rivals and they end up having to go camping or something as a bonding exercise and they get separated from the group and stiles gets injured or something and they have to get along to find their way back and somewhere along they way they fall in love?

To say Stiles hated Derek Hale was an understatement.

Of Sharks and Lighter Things by SylvieW

(5,954 I Mature I Complete)  *omega!stiles, heat

Stiles’ medications are messing up his body chemistry. If he goes off his suppressants, he’ll have to go through his heat, but he doesn’t know any alphas who’d help him. So, Scott asks his roommate Derek. Turns out Derek’s more than willing to lend a hand.

hmm… i guess this is called ‘we wake up four in the afternoon and explore random cafes to try their pastries and americanos (or so we planned to)🍰☕️’

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tumblr messed up this video somehow, so here it is re-uploaded… i wish i had time to finish or re-do it. can you believe this is 2 years old now?? anyway, goodnight, i love u #newsiesforever #andeverandever



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Dear Antist,
Please stop taking youre interpretation on Otabek’ and Yurio’s relationship out on Kubo-sensei.
Like the only thing confirmed about them is they are friends. Friends do weird shit togather. Fucking yesterday me and my friend where messing around ,she poked me in the boob, i poked her back, she poked me harder , i pushed her, she squeezed- like Otabek having to improv something to do to surprise the audience, honestly if someone shoves theyre hand right up to my mouth ,i can either kiss it ,which could mess with our friendship or just mess around and get the genral atmosphere and be like “ time to rip thehre glove off”.
Like if you ship Otayuri, good for you.
If you dont ship Otayuri good for you.
Half of you antist denyed Viktuuri to be cannon even when they kissed ,like im not comparing the two ,but untill it is clear that they are a thing keep youre opinions to tumblr.
Like how do you even know that theyre even interested in each others in that way? Maybe one day ,in like 3 years or so they will be togather , maybe Yurio dose have strong feelings towards Otabek , I dont think it would be good to have Yurio all of a sudden start liking him once hes of age. Maybe its a part of his charrecter development, they arnt togather now. And they wont be togather untill he is itleast 18. Otabek was littarly like “fuck no you cant come to the club ,youre 15” , he wouldnt do anything.
Rember Kubo made YOI, she made it beautiful, without flaw, just let Kubo do her thing and youll see where her story is going.
Rember when we all thought Viktor was evil, or Makka would die? Ya well the initial panic and anger faded shortly after more was revealed.
If you do interpret anything in a way you dislike ,well Tumblr is here for a reason. You could mean it one moment but not the next ,or not after giving it more thought.
My point is ,leave Kubo alone she worls her ass off ,she didnt have to improve the dvd and blueray quality, but she did, she didnt have to give us the YOI on Stage ,or WTTM ,or the manga. But she did. While also attending interviews and working with animators for the movie. She’s an angle so don’t yell at her or shit like that.

welcome to… elanore opens commissions!

my paypal is elanorecarbone@gmail.com

there are only a few rules that are. kinda obvious.

  • i will not draw smut. i just cant. please don’t tell me to. i won’t.
  • no hateful imagery ( transphobic, homophobic, sexist, etc. )
  • i cannot draw mechs ( like transformers )
  • i can draw furries and scalies, however!
  • i will lovingly draw ocs, as long as sufficient references are provided!
  • please pay me AFTER i’ve done your commission! i don’t feel right taking your money beforehand (not before you get the image/s though. i will send you the image/s after i receive the payment)
  • i will send periodic WIP shots and such if you’d like! even if you don’t, you’ll get them!!! i dont wanna mess up y’all!!!!

contact me, and i cant stress this enough, through IMs, please! they’re open to everyone! they also don’t get lost! unlike ASKS!!!!

@lifeofapottedplant says:

I hope you don’t mind if I keep using your buffy dudes as reference til I learn to draw them right xD

are you kidding me, not only do i not mind… i encourage it hehehehe

also, dont worry Xadar, i got your back ;D

in other news….. is there any easy way to reply to replies on this site??? i feel like every time i figure out a way to do it… tumblr goes and messes it up again……