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A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

(Tumblr messed up the quality, for a change, so I had to add the borders to post the full drawing, but please also click it for hd :D)

Dear Antist,
Please stop taking youre interpretation on Otabek’ and Yurio’s relationship out on Kubo-sensei.
Like the only thing confirmed about them is they are friends. Friends do weird shit togather. Fucking yesterday me and my friend where messing around ,she poked me in the boob, i poked her back, she poked me harder , i pushed her, she squeezed- like Otabek having to improv something to do to surprise the audience, honestly if someone shoves theyre hand right up to my mouth ,i can either kiss it ,which could mess with our friendship or just mess around and get the genral atmosphere and be like “ time to rip thehre glove off”.
Like if you ship Otayuri, good for you.
If you dont ship Otayuri good for you.
Half of you antist denyed Viktuuri to be cannon even when they kissed ,like im not comparing the two ,but untill it is clear that they are a thing keep youre opinions to tumblr.
Like how do you even know that theyre even interested in each others in that way? Maybe one day ,in like 3 years or so they will be togather , maybe Yurio dose have strong feelings towards Otabek , I dont think it would be good to have Yurio all of a sudden start liking him once hes of age. Maybe its a part of his charrecter development, they arnt togather now. And they wont be togather untill he is itleast 18. Otabek was littarly like “fuck no you cant come to the club ,youre 15” , he wouldnt do anything.
Rember Kubo made YOI, she made it beautiful, without flaw, just let Kubo do her thing and youll see where her story is going.
Rember when we all thought Viktor was evil, or Makka would die? Ya well the initial panic and anger faded shortly after more was revealed.
If you do interpret anything in a way you dislike ,well Tumblr is here for a reason. You could mean it one moment but not the next ,or not after giving it more thought.
My point is ,leave Kubo alone she worls her ass off ,she didnt have to improve the dvd and blueray quality, but she did, she didnt have to give us the YOI on Stage ,or WTTM ,or the manga. But she did. While also attending interviews and working with animators for the movie. She’s an angle so don’t yell at her or shit like that.

@lifeofapottedplant says:

I hope you don’t mind if I keep using your buffy dudes as reference til I learn to draw them right xD

are you kidding me, not only do i not mind… i encourage it hehehehe

also, dont worry Xadar, i got your back ;D

in other news….. is there any easy way to reply to replies on this site??? i feel like every time i figure out a way to do it… tumblr goes and messes it up again……

Grimoire/Book of Shadows tips from a slightly more experienced witch

Okay so I’ve been into the craft for a little over a year but here’s some tips

Without further adue,

•Your book is what YOU make it
•Seriously like what ever you wanna do, whatever makes you comfiest
•If its a diary with witch stuff In it
•If its clippings of paper
•If its hastily scribbled notes
•Your book is for you to keep witch stuff down so you’re more organized and every single book is just as good as the other
•Dont be jealous of some random person on tumblrs book
•Its just how they choose to make theirs
•Mines a fucking mess my dude
•If yours is on the internet too
•Holy shit my dude props
•I legit cant figure how to have a comfy format online for a book
•You rule that internet book

To sum up; Your grimoire/book of shadows/name of choice, is your book no matter how its made,, bc its yours and you make it however you need to be comfy,,,, every magical person is different!!!

welcome to… elanore opens commissions!

my paypal is elanorecarbone@gmail.com

there are only a few rules that are. kinda obvious.

  • i will not draw smut. i just cant. please don’t tell me to. i won’t.
  • no hateful imagery ( transphobic, homophobic, sexist, etc. )
  • i cannot draw mechs ( like transformers )
  • i can draw furries and scalies, however!
  • i will lovingly draw ocs, as long as sufficient references are provided!
  • please pay me AFTER i’ve done your commission! i don’t feel right taking your money beforehand (not before you get the image/s though. i will send you the image/s after i receive the payment)
  • i will send periodic WIP shots and such if you’d like! even if you don’t, you’ll get them!!! i dont wanna mess up y’all!!!!

contact me, and i cant stress this enough, through IMs, please! they’re open to everyone! they also don’t get lost! unlike ASKS!!!!


Lots of artists have said this and thought about this, but it tends to get slightly annoying. I dont usually say much about it because I love making fanart of things i love!♡ But it’s tiresome and annoying, even frustrating sometimes, when things that arent fanart. Get barely any attention. And as if my followers arent there sometimes. My total of followers are 4,450 and up i think. I thank everyone who followed me, even just for fanart. But just for support in anyone else just me, if you follow other artists. Hit that reblog or like button and support them. Judging how nowadays Tumblr is messing with them, blocking posts that have links attatched. Artists are having a hard time. So do your best to support your favorite artists ^^!

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HELLSTATE TASK 020. made you a playlist

               O P H E L I A .   ( @fckoffhamlet​ )

               ❝ ophelia // the lumineers ┆ oceans // seafret ┆ hold back the river // james bay ┆ lover of the light // mumford & sons ┆ nothing // lewis watson ┆ incomplete // james bay ┆ this is the thing // fink ┆ the blower’s daughter // damien rice ┆ fear of fear // passenger ┆ lost stars // adam levine ┆ atlas: touch // sleeping at last ┆ delicate // damien rice ❞


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do you not have an icon or is my tumblr just messing up

i do have an icon !! tumblr mobile dont show icons sometimes for some reason ?!!

what your fav pkmn type says abt u (based on experience)
  • normal: chill, probably works at walgreens, doesnt take part in tumblr discourse and tries to blocks it out entirely
  • fire: hasnt slept in 3 days out of choice, has a charizard tattoo on their bicep, not kitchen safe
  • water: hasnt slept in 3 days out of insomnia, wants to be chill but is secretly a mess, has a weeks worth of college-course hw piled up
  • electric: really passionately team instinct even if they dont have pkmn go, notices that each electric mouse/rodent pkmn is just coattailing on pikachu but tbh they dont mind, yells a lot
  • grass: plant-loving scale could be anywhere on the grid from tree-hugger to ecoterrorist, but generally pretty chill if ur on their good side
  • ice: resting mean mug, could kill you and make you say thank you while theyre doing it
  • fighting: the main source of tumblr discourse in all cases, rage face memes, scared of showing genuine emotion
  • poison: probably doesnt actually want to talk to people but they gotta so why not have fun and fuck around lol
  • ground: fan of avatar: the last airbender as a self-proclaimed earth bender, still mad about getting rick rolled, falls for discourse traps
  • flying: vegan/vegetarian, stressed over literally nothing they will Find Stress, lil bit of a teaboo
  • psychic: has probably had a really shitty day, let them Sleep
  • bug: kinda obsessive and gross but in like a lil kid way? like "mom check out my ant farm also ive collected a bowl of worms and beetles by hand for you out of love" Ideologically Pure
  • rock: imagine ground except angrier
  • ghost: depressed as shit, Lol What Is My Personality, bad coping skills but still laughing
  • dragon: likes anime and at some point in life theyve had a Bad weeaboo phase, accidentally rude all the time and might not even notice
  • dark: Shadow the Hedgehog. genuinely still enjoys linkin park. proud 2 b edgy
  • steel: ok so imagine rock, except the anger has transcended to utterly silent rage
  • fairy: um sweaty uwu, or just genuinely rlly sweet and wants to Kiss, or both
  • null: nihilistic royals of apathy, thousand-yard stare, could crush their own skull without a second thought, that vine with numb by linkin park and seinfeld