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Grimoire/Book of Shadows tips from a slightly more experienced witch

Okay so I’ve been into the craft for a little over a year but here’s some tips

Without further adue,

•Your book is what YOU make it
•Seriously like what ever you wanna do, whatever makes you comfiest
•If its a diary with witch stuff In it
•If its clippings of paper
•If its hastily scribbled notes
•Your book is for you to keep witch stuff down so you’re more organized and every single book is just as good as the other
•Dont be jealous of some random person on tumblrs book
•Its just how they choose to make theirs
•Mines a fucking mess my dude
•If yours is on the internet too
•Holy shit my dude props
•I legit cant figure how to have a comfy format online for a book
•You rule that internet book

To sum up; Your grimoire/book of shadows/name of choice, is your book no matter how its made,, bc its yours and you make it however you need to be comfy,,,, every magical person is different!!!

  • [Misuno is standing by the door of the Hokage’s office, waiting for Chojuro. As she waits, Himawari appears, seemingly from nowhere, to stare silently at her.]
  • Misuno: (Awkwardly) Um… hello…
  • Himawari: (Unsmiling) Hello. I’m the exterminator. Somebody saw a roach. I have to catch these things before they get out of hand.
  • Misuno: (Decidedly unsettled) Shouldn’t your mother be somewhere nearby? I- I think I hear her calling you.
  • [Himawari continues to stare, unblinking]
  • Misuno: …Please go away.
  • [Himawari holds out a hand expectantly. Resigned, Misuno fishes some money out of her pocket and hands it to her. Smiling sweetly, Himawari bows and runs off just as Chojuro exits the office]
  • Chojuro: Who were you talking to?
  • Misuno: The future head of the Konoha Anbu.

Yay! Making an art raffle for the first time! XD I ran out of ingredients for my ketchup cupcake to give to my followers, so here’s a replacement X3 Rules are: must be following me, just reblog to participate, DONT reblog twice (you sinners). I can’t draw nsfw and kissing <w< sorry

First place will get a cover photo: (examples are shown above) second and third place will get an icon •v• umm…i know this writting is sloppy, but im using the mobile ver of tumblr, you know how messed up the app is right <w< the contest ends on 8th July :3

Leave or stay?

I have seen so many blogs die. Tiny Eyeless Jack. Tiny Ticci Toby. Errorcode. I was thinking of giving up on Tumblr to get out of the mess of seeing them and being happy, then leaving. But no. Its not right.

Even out of those 2-5 people who like my stuff, they dont deserve to be let down.
Your not only leaving, your leaving everything you worked for behind.
Suicide is the same thing.

It doesnt matter how long you have lived, were all going to die one day.
It doesnt matter how hard you try.

One day you wont exist.

Blogs that are leaving, think what your leaving behind.

Think of who follow you.

Think of who go to your blog to feel better each day, to have the motivation to go.

Your leaving them behind.

Thank you.

((Reblog and tag a blog.))

hmm, well, after discussing it with a few of my partners and rereading their rules, i’m afraid i’ll have to enforce it starting today. 

from now on, please don’t reblog my roleplay posts with other muses.

this is directed at personal blogs and other rp blogs alike. unless you are involved in the thread, the most you should do is ‘like’ the post, as reblogging it might mess up a few things for the roleplayer.

the number one i can think of is our rp thread tracker. if other people reblog our thread, the tracker messes up and the muns don’t know who replied last. some of us (me especially) have pretty sparse memory regarding it and the tracker helps us… well, keep track of who replied last.

don’t get me wrong, my partners and i feel absolutely flattered that our threads are getting attention and people are reading them, but it’s a bit messy if people other than us reblog them (because roleplaying is an interactive thing, think of it as an in-progress fanfiction, we wouldn’t want incomplete writing to be reblogged either). i’m not mad, far from it, i just want to keep things organized on this blog. if you really like the thread though, feel free to tag us in a separate post and we can respond to that accordingly. thank you all in advance for heeding this! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm just curious as to what terf and kin is, its spreading around tumblr and I'm confused.

// Hi!! Im glad you asked. TERF stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. They’re basically radical feminists that dont believe that if you were assigned male at birth but are a trans woman, you deserve the same rights and actually encourage harm towards trans people. Its kinda messed up, haha.
//I cant say a lot about kin, given im new to it myself, but i believe its largely identifying as or heavily relating to a character (this is just fictionkin-wise, i cant speak for other types of kin). For example, I’m kin with Tavros and Davesprite!! Some people even have kin memories and may seek out people who are kin with other characters in their same universe. EX, a Roxy Strider finding a Dirk Lalonde, a Jake Crocker, and a Jane English with similar kin memories to them.
I hope i helped, but im not the best at talking about these things, and im sorry if i like fucked up at all.

*squints* Okay I need to make this a Lance fic somehow. *rubs chin*

This got way out of hand. I spent 800 words just setting up the scene I
don’t even oh just take it. Aaaand it ended up at nearly 2500 words. I

Bonus Round: “…Is there any specific reason there’s a sock in the microwave?” 

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A car is coming.
  • friend: why don't you care getting hurt?
  • me: *shrug*
  • friend: and what if you get yourselve killed?
  • me: nothing can ever kill me
  • friend: and why is that?
  • me: because I'm already dead inside.
  • me for real now: don't worry I do care, I just didn't see that car coming. I'm fine.

please excuse the crap banner that i made on my phone at last minute…. okay so a few days ago i reached a follower goal (thank you guys so much *hugs everyone*) which made me really happy because people actually like my blog and i have been wanting to do one of these but haven’t had the time because school :// anyways i had time today so here it is :D and i apologize if i missed anyone, i am known for making mistakes in irl

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It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. so I thought it would be the perfect time to do my first follow forever!

Thank you to everyone who has decided to follow me in the past few months! I really really really truly appreciate every single one of you. Thank you to everyone who has tagged me in posts and talked to me because I honestly never thought that I would be able to meet such nice people on the internet, but here I am!

Keep in mind that this is a sideblog! So if I follow you, it’s through my main blog @constellation-of-hearts​. Also, I didn’t include all the blogs that I follow just because I follow nearly 400 kpop related blogs, but you can always check out my blogroll!

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tumblr callout culture is really wild a lot of the time and they take small ridiculous things to a whole new level & fuck with people bad and it’s a fucked up mentality but you don’t need to defend the bad things someone did in order to defend them like

no you still shouldn’t draw Rose skinny stop with this “people can draw what they want DONT LIKE? DONT LOOK” like you sound like deviantart circa 2009 you can say that the situation that happened was fucked up without defending something that was legitimately wrong because it is WRONG to draw fat characters skinny whether you want to admit it or not

does that justify intense callout posts being spread around that also try to dig back into a persons past and reach for any and all reasons why they’re horrible people who you shouldn’t be friends with? clearly not. both sides of this situation are very ugly and you’re all a disaster

hello evryone! ive recently hit 6k…..6k???!! seriously :-’) 1st of all, id like to say both old and new followers alike, thank you so much nd i lov u all! im still sort of dazed in disbelief that im making another one of these..i dont know what happened in the space of the past few months, but ive met a handful of great people nd made amazing friends. i guess what im trying to say is, thank you - for finding my blog worth following and for putting up w my meme dumpsite blog. ive tried to include as much as i can so please dont take it personally if you’re not on here bc i still truly love ur blog <3. without further ado..below are the people who fill my dash w astounding content..so brace yourselves

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(to start off, im doing this all on mobile, even the banner was made w an app….forgive me)

OK SO, ive only had this blog for 4 months and in tht short amount of time ive made so many amazing MUTUALS. whether we have been mutuals since yesterday or the first day i made my blog, you are all great and i appreciate you and your blog!
btw i KNOW that i missed people i just dont kno who :// pls msg me if i missed u i probably missed alot of sideblogs ok im sorry ily

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happy new year💐✨💟