tumblr assignment 2,

Tumblr Assignment #2 - Leftovers

For leftovers the first thing that came to mind was how you feel the morning after a long night of drinking and trying to chase away the hangover with a little bit of hair of the dog.  Don’t act like you’ve never stumbled down the hall and finished off the half a beer that was left out on the coffee table.  Or in my case, the last few drinks of watered down whiskey left in my rocks glass.

Another way to go about it is the ever popular bloody mary, breakfast of champions.  The best bloody marys are the ones with plenty of fixings, so I included a tray for the various pepperonis, cheeses, olives, pickles, etc.  

These sets are not quite finished.  They will be soda fired and the inside of the frames will be platinum lustered, making them tiny little mirrors in which to summon a witch.


This is my US Constitution theme song…

Tumblr Assignment #2

Select a theme song for the US Constitution… choose a song that reminds you of the feelings or ideas or principles of the document.

Comment on Paul Krugman’s column regarding the breakdown of the Social Contract in America.


Constitution Theme Song. 

Lyrics here