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1. Do not leave. I will make it hard. You will feel the residue of the apologies I am made of on every surface in your house and wonder whether your guests can too.

2. Do not leave. I will call you at 2:39 a.m. and will have nothing to say other than “It hurts.”

3. Do not leave. I will break every dish in kitchen with my trembling hands and throw the shards on the table and want you to tell me they are worth more now because I touched them.

4. Do not leave. You haven’t seen it yet, but there is a list of everyone who has down my back and you will soon have it memorized.

5. Do not leave. Sometimes I will claim there is an earthquake far away and that is why I am shaking. You will not turn on the news and tell me I am wrong.

6. Do not leave. We will fight and at the first sign of thunder in your hair I will sound every alarm in this county and be the saddest storm you’ve ever seen.

7. Do not leave. The sound of locks clicking on your door will give me nightmares and I will say it is your fault. Know that it is not.

8. Do not leave. I am every shade of sorry for the way that I am.

9. If you leave, promise to miss me.

10. Please.

—  Terms and Conditions, Elizabeth McNamara

anonymous asked:

being yourself a rape survivor doesnt mean you can reblog sheith!! keith is a minor shipping him with adults is just plain gross! you dont get a special treatment

A) I can reblog what the fuck I please to reblog, just for starters.

B) Sheith is not against the terms and conditions of tumblr. A fictional couple of a 23/5 yo and a 17/8/9 yo does not count as pedo-pornography in any universe. And as the nephew of a lawyer I can tell you that for example policing others counts more as a violation of terms since you are taking an authority you do not have on this site. Not to add antis sent pedo-pornography to some CSA survivors, triggering them, which means for example those antis were holding something that ACTUALLY counts as illegal material and between the two, the one who risks jail for possession and diffusion of illegal material is the anti. Like, just to give you some perspective.

C) I do not need a special treatment or your permission or pass to ship the fuck I want to ship. I like Keith both with Shiro and with Lance, does this mean I apologize teen rape and behave like a goodygoody person at alternative times? 

D) My point was that I LIVED a rape and I’ll tell you plainly what’s the condition for it to happen: LACK OF CONSENT. I NEVER saw ONE sheith fan art where there was rape or where Keith didn’t look like a consenting adult. The fandom doesn’t even draw him young or child-like, so tbh if I didn’t know of all this age mess the fandom put up, I would easily think nobody is a minor there, which already imply  no pedophile would find that porn of his taste, so yeah yanno it’s not really for them therefore clearly. There is APH UK porn that looks more like pedo-pornography than Sheith, said plainly.

E) About the ship specifically:

Lance has been confirmed being 19. We didn’t have confirms for Keith but it would seem pretty pathetic for Lance to have been rivals with someone 3 years younger than him. Also they look around the same age.

Not to add, even if Keith were 16, that is beyond the age of consent in most countries. 

17/18/19 are also most age of MAJORITY in most countries on the planet. Take a look at wikipedia. 18 is the most universal age of majority in the world. The USA makes it later? Honey boo, it’s more logical to think yours is a big overblown instead of all the rest of the planet being pedos or wrong or evil.

So however you bend it, cling it, push it, there is physically no way Sheith is pedophilia NOR a relationship where consent can’t be given due to age. Keith can clearly consent to sex and in most countries he is also a legal adult.

There is no proof of it to be set in the USA to my knowledge, nor there is any proof of it to be around our time so we do not know if the age of consent has even stayed the same. Since age of consent (and majority) tends to skyrocket up as living conditions get better, I’m gonna assume it could be higher, maybe also Shiro is a minor in that universe! WE MAY NEVER KNOW °AAAAA°! Booooohooooo

Sheith is clearly a sweet fluffy ship with two asian men in a gay loving relationship, one of them has PTSD and clear psychological issues that do not make him violent but rather sad and scared he hurt people. You can loathe it as a ship but don’t come to tell me that SHIRO IS EVIL or that he would hurt anyone willingly nor force himself on anyone. If he had anything with Keith, it would clearly be consenting, also considering how is Keith 90% of the time to initiate physical or emotional contact to comfort Shiro both in canon and fanon. Keith is between the two clearly the more physical-contact-prone one. 

If people applied your theory that shipping Sheith means you are a pedo, then I should think most Klance shippers (or Lance fans in general) are a) condoning internalized bi/homophobia since Lance clearly hits on women but never on men b) mmmh maybe I could throw in also you condone catcalling/flirting with not consenting women? It doesn’t make sense but it’s not like you care, right? c) most Klance shippers seem also pretty into the idea of Keith being way more into Lance than the opposite, which kinda smells like an uneven and unhealthy relationship……… hmmmmm. 

You see how you sound? Ridiculous. Of course, shipping Klance implies none of the above. But this is how antis sound about Sheith.

FFS, my WIFE, the woman I plan to spend my life with, ships Klance. So pretty clearly a) you can live in peace with people shipping other stuff b) what we ship significantly does not imply what we search in bed or personal life. 

F) None in what I like about Sheith has to due with age or power dynamics, and I see it being like this for a lot of people. For example, the reason I ship (also) Klance is due to the RIVALS TO LOVERS trope, which I’m a sucker for. Sheith has another trope I’m a sucker for which I’m not aware if it has a real name, but I like to call it the inhuman heart and the inhuman mind: Shiro considers himself less than the others and less human due to the trauma he lived and the actions he doesn’t remember if he made, Keith is considered inhuman due to his talent but distant and rational soul (when he scolds Pidge for wanting to leave to save their parents, when he says going to save Allura is a shitty idea), people calls him mean names for simply being right about stuff, he is using his mind and not his heart to take a decision, which makes him look less human and less caring, while he is just taking decisions using a rational part of him. I like the dynamic of seeing the ol’ samurai type struggling with his past actions but who has a code of honor and protection of the weak having at his side someone overly rational and very logical that proves to him his past doesn’t make him unloveable without all the emotional crap a kind-hearted overly-sweet crap a innocent character would lend to the narrative who would rarely be effective on a ptsd patient btw. Keith would SCOLD Shiro when he falls into self-hate, he would then hug him but first of all he’d probably look at him dead in the eyes and say “this shit makes no sense, what you did there was not your fault”, which is what IMHO Shiro needs. I don’t think he needs the innocent infantilized type who would just comfort him as they comfort anyone.

G) Shipping something =/= condoning it irl. EVEN IF in some universe it were pedo (which we established it’s NOT) this does NOT mean the shippers would be condoning real pedophilia. You don’t see people who writes about serial killers going to jail for murder apology, you don’t see the authors of Jurassic Park being put in jail for “animal eating human” apology, you do not see people doing this crap with ANYTHING.

H) And this will sound mean, but, honestly by now I don’t care. On this site there is this general view of adults as predators of minors which has to STOP. Adults are simply doing their thing in the shipping department like everyone, like any of you. NO SHEITH SHIPPER WANTS TO HIT ON YOU, NO SHEITH SHIPPER WANTS TO PREDATE ON YOU. NO SHEITH SHIPPER ON THIS FUCKING SITE IS SHIPPING SHEITH AND THINKING “hMMMM GOTTA GET MYSELF SOME SWEET 16 ASS”. And thinking every single adult shipping this ship is a sexual predator and would hit on you is frankly the most conceited and self-absorbed absurdity I ever heard. Not to add, you can get to jail for falsely accuse someone of being a sexual predator in my country. 

I) You know what triggers me? Guro, gore, amputation. You know in which other fandom I am? ASOIAF/ GAME OF THRONES. You know what 2 of my fave character goes through? TORTURE and amputation. AND I AM HERE AND I’M ALIVE AND WELL. HOW? A magical trick: BLACKLISTING. I block the tags that annoy me, I block the people who posts that stuff without tagging it (which is very few, because most people tag it because they are actually nice and not little entitled brats thinking their taste has to be the taste of everyone). You can survive SHEITH, blacklist it, if it triggers you. Sheith is not a sociological problem you are closing you eyes from, it’s a normal ship YOU DECIDED it has a content that it doesn’t have and you are harassing people over this imaginary content. If I annoys you so much, do it. I blacklisted USUK at the time in which APH was a thing and I survived pretty fine despite it being one of the most popular ships in the fandom. You are perfectly allowed to have specific things or specific ships you don’t like, just blacklist it and let people have their lives instead of doing the spanish inquisition on people’s blogs and sprouting so much shit your ass must be jealous of your mouth.

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Keep your fan art coming! Contest ends THIS Sunday, 12/18! Winner will get a cabin for 2 for aboard the Walker Stalker Cruise!

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- Contest winner will receive 1 oceanview cabin for two on The Walker Stalker Cruise sailing February 3rd-6th, 2017. Airfare and hotel accommodations are NOT included.
- Winner must be 18+ to enter. If winner is under 21 years of age, they will need to be accompanied by an adult 21+
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- Official Terms & Conditions: http://www.walkerstalkercruise.com/tumblr/

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