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Schools out for the summer so that means I can open commissions publicly again! I will opening 6 new slots for commissions and I’m going to be opening them in the same manner I did last time.

Instead of accepting on a “first come, first serve” basis, I will be opening submissions for commissions for the next day or so. From the time of this post to Saturday May 13th at 10 pm central I will be taking in emails and after things close back up I’m going to dig through what I have and pick 6 to accept from the pile!

Now on to the details :

- All commission info MUST be submitted through email to shadowrabbits.art@gmail.com. Simple inquiries can be sent through Tumblr asks or messaging system for quicker replies, however.

- I don’t have a strict form to fill out! Format things however you’d like but just please, please be thorough. References are majorly important, even if they’re pieces from here and there. You don’t need to have personal art already done for your character, you can simply Google image search references and send them my way. Send me tons of info! Seriously. Some people don’t like getting too much but I’m not that way at ALL. 

- I can and will happily do many different things that aren’t strictly listed on my commission info sheet including :

  • NSFW
  • Landscape/environment/scenery work
  • Design (armor, clothing, weaponry, etc)
  • Non-World of Warcraft characters
  • Basically if it isn’t a hard NO, I’ll likely do it.

However, I will NOT do:

  • Furry or animal centric
  • Mecha or machine heavy work or designs

If you have a question concerning what I will and won’t draw, just ask!

- More of my art can be found HERE.

- My TERMS OF SERVICE must be read and understood before commissioning me.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much everyone!


 New commission page! Prices just went up a bit & added waist up drawings  👌


  • Cartoons
  • Anime
  • Your OC’s


  • Furries/Animals
  • Mechas
  • Nsfw//

If any of the characters you give me have a complex design the price may vary as well.

If I can’t draw what you’ve requested I’ll let you know! If you have any question don’t be afraid to ask.

More examples of my art here & pixel art here. These are also commissions I’ve done so far.

I will be accepting payment only on paypal and would like payment before hand.

Please message me at my e-mail: araiza_linda28@yahoo.com or message me here on tumblr’s messaging system


Hey guys, I finally made a commissions post!  If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me via the tumblr messaging system or by sending me an email at doctorsatrn@gmail.com (no “u” in saturn) and leaving me an ask letting me know you sent one!

Every time I do a pixel I post the original artwork, and then a zoomed in version.  So if you’re a fan of the zoom in pixel aesthetic keep that in mind!

Seriously, I love drawing people’s OCs, never be afraid to ask. And I’ll do fanart of whatever you like even if I’m not in the fandom so don’t worry about that either (most of my fandoms are obscure OTL).

If you don’t receive your commission within 30 days of paying for it and I haven’t told you I’m going to be away from my computer for a period of time, you’ll get your money back.

Under the cut is just some extra notes on what I can do and a few more examples of stuff.

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FYI Followers:

If you ever have a problem or concern with how I conduct myself or something I’ve said- Please come tell me, in person, in my inbox.  There’s a 99% chance it’s a mix-up or I’m misinformed about something, and I’d prefer to talk it out with you in person.  Or if there’s something you wanna know about me- if it’s not to personal, I’ll probably be fine to chat!

Also, if you make me something, PM Me! stuff gets buried in my feed FAST, so tagging me in stuff may not get my attention and I want to see what you’ve done!

(I’ve been having a spate of nasty anons of late, so so Anon is off for now, but don’t let that stop you!  I don’t bite, I promise!)

Submission Pro-tips

Hey guys, just a quick update on what you can do if you want the highest chances of me using your submissions:
1. Don’t use the Tumblr instant-messaging system to submit your stories. I can only open these one at a time, and I simply don’t have time to do that. ‘Asks’, ‘Submit’ or through e-mail = best method.
2. Keep it SHORT. A short paragraph or a couple sentences is best. 
3. People love puns. I am people. Also skeletons are rad as shit. 

That is all. Happy gaming, everyone! More comics soon. 

Edit: Also, 50,000+ FOLLOWERS!! Dang that happened fast. Thanks guys! Next goal is eight million. LETSAGO

New commissions post, now with a new style of commissions offered !!

Reblogs are greatly appreciated !!

Email: princebearsama★hotmail.com  (★→@)
Art Blog: http://hlhlr.tumblr.com/
► Unspecified things can be negotiated via email.
► Full color references must be provided for any OC.
► Send all commission requests via email. Inquires can be sent via tumblr or email, however email is preferable considering the flaws in the tumblr messaging system.
► Once everything is specified, I will give my paypal email so payment can be made. Payments must be made before the commission is started.


As I announced earlier this year, I will hold a Give Away contest to celebrate the +1K followers on the KamiHaji-Week blog and the kamisamahajimemashita url for tumblr. 

The KH fandom event blog KamiHaji-Week is not even a year old and it has more followers than I could ever imagine. You are all amazing ♡ and I hope to entertain you with KamiHaji events this year and the years to come. 

I am already anxious for KamiHaji-Week 2017 and all the wonderful submissions for this event and the next events that are being held.


This is a follower contest only! (see conditions). 

The prize are kitsune silver plated pendants. You can put them on a bracelet (they fit pandora bracelets), or a necklace.

The deadline of the contest is May 1, 2017.

There will be a countdown on this blog. When it hits zero, it means the contest is over.
if for whatever reasons the countdown fails, it is May 1, 2017 American Central time

As you can see in the image, there are 3 pendants, so there will be 3 winners!


☛   You will have to follow kamisamahajimemashita.tumblr.com as well as kamihaji-week.tumblr.com

☛   You must have liked and reblogged this post


I want to keep it fair for everyone so multiple reblogs won’t give anyone more chance in winning, like in some give away contests. 

At the end of the contest I will check the follows, likes and reblogs. 

The 3 winners will be chosen by a random list generator and I will announce the winners on May 7 2017 in a reblog of this post. Also I will contact the winners by messenger, so make sure your tumblr message system is on, if you’re participating.

If more than a week passes and I get no response from the winner(s) there will be another draw.

Good luck! 

Before anyone asks: the pendants are not official Kamisama Kiss merchandise! 

mmmmmmsss puts out a feellerrrr, i know im not done with commissions,,,,,

and i got no moneyyyy,,,,,, but i want art of my ffxiv characters ;w; to put on meh blooggg, soooo, im opening art trades on @raelcsart looking for busts or chibis in exchange for busts or chibis =w= <3 ? idk if people be interested

have 3-4 ffxiv characters

Do you want to get Tumblr`s new messaging system?

To get it, someone with active messaging must write you.. As I already have it, I will message everyone who reblogs this.

Once you get the messaging, you help me and send a message to the person who also reblogs this message from you.

Let`s start the chain reaction…
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Prisoner of Punch is getting an English translation!! And it’s going to be available online FOR FREE!

The first chapter’s target release date is on April 30, 2017 and we’re very, very excited! Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for updates, previews, and more PoP-related content.

You can also send us messages via the Tumblr messaging system for comments, suggestions, questions, or even just for short greetings and a little fun. So stay tuned and thanks for you’re support!!

anonymous asked:

I made this request days ago, and I think tumblr ate it 😨 bisexual mc? Im not feeling very validated at the moment because of this...

∑(;°Д°)ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ It did eat it!! I’m sorry about that. I wish tumblr could get the messaging system working right…

Before I get this HC started, I do want to say a few things. You mentioned you weren’t feeling validated due to you being bisexual? That’s what i’m assuming from how its worded. 

I want you to know that It Is Okay. That’s a very cliche thing to say, but you matter and are valid. It took me years to find out I was bisexual, and I was scared at first. 

You are not being ‘Greedy’, you are not being a ‘thief’. You are not ‘confused’. You are YOU. Don’t let others tell you how you are just due to your sexuality. You are not hurting anyone, you are not hurting the world. You are existing, and you have every single right!

We can’t control who we fall in love with. Just because it happens to be more than one gender does not make you a horrible person. It just means you’re able to open your heart in ways others can’t.

I’m always here to talk to you if you need it, anon! I love you, don’t feel so bad about yourself, okay? 

Here’s how the crew would react! o(*^▽^*)o


-You were kind of scared to tell him. Sometimes guys could react badly, or in a gross way and immediately bring up the idea of threesomes.

-It was about a month after the RFA party that you told him. You didn’t know why, but you felt like you just needed to get it out in the open.

-You sat him down and took a deep breath, starting-stopping-starting again. God, you had admitted this to friends before! Why was this so hard?

-He noticed you tearing up, and he reached over and held your hand. He wanted to pull you to him and hug you, but he didn’t really know if this was some break-up moment (He Was Scared) or if something was wrong.

-”I…I just thought that, since it’s clear we’re going to be a couple, that i should…I should tell you that I’m bisexual.”

-Oh. Oh thank god. He was so scared you were going to break up with him. He even let out a shaky laugh until he saw the tears in your eyes. Bad move bad move!

-”Hey, heyheyhey.” Now he did finally pull you into a hug, his hands lightly rubbing up and down your spine. “I wasn’t laughing at you, I was just nervous, don’t worry.”

-”A-Are you okay with that?”

-”Okay? I’m more than okay, mc. It’s fine. I still love you just as much as before. You’d have to kill someone to get me to dislike you, and hell, that would just depend on the person, okay?”

-He cupped your face and kissed the corners of your eyes. 

-”Bottom line, mc, is that I love you. I love you for you.”


-You really, really wanted to tell her this.

-You weren’t sure how it happened. You were just relaxing with her, drinking some nice decaf coffee she made while the two of you watched a DVD. She was letting you lean against her in a friendly cuddle.

-Maybe it was how relaxed you were? The coffee? How the temperature was just perfect and had you in an almost sleepy state?

-”Jaehee,” You started, holding your coffee lightly. “Would you still like me if I was bi?”

-Poor baby was so shocked by the sudden question. She sat up and immediately paused the movie.

-You, on the other hand, were shaking with how careless you brought it up. You clutched the coffee cup, too scared to move or else your jerky movements would cause it to spill all over you.

-”Mc? Why do you think I wouldn’t?”

-Oh god. You blinked back oncoming tears. “I. I don’t….Know. I’ve had a few friends leave after I-”

-Jaehee was having None of that. She hugged you tight, your back against her chest, and she put her cheek on top of your head.

-”Who you are isn’t going to change our relationship. I still love you.”

-Now you were actually crying. You really loved her too…You didn’t know if this was also a confession from her, since the two of you still hadn’t established what you…were? Yet.

-After a few moments, she loosened her grip.

-”Actually…Mc…I think I may be bisexual too.”


-You were trying to give him tips on how the two of you could make your relationship better.

-Because, let’s face it, Jumin did manage to mess things up every now and then. He sometimes couldn’t gauge your emotions, and that led to some intense moments at times.

-But you two were working through it. You loved each other and wanted this to work. So, for some examples, you were talking about your exes.

-”He was a mess… I think the only decent relationship I had been in, before you, was with Sarah. I mean, obviously things didn’t work out between us, and I don’t want to get back together with her, but some things that helped my relationship with her was-”

-”Sarah? Mc, you’ve dated a woman before?”

-Instantly, you froze. You just got so in the zone of trying to be Relationship Counselor (with your own relationship for the first time, too), that you completely forgot you hadn’t brought this up with Jumin before.

-And you were scared. Out of all the people you knew, rich types seemed to be the worst when it came to Out Of The Norm things. Especially sexuality.

-”I…Yes. Yes, I have.”

-”Interesting.” He paused, and with each second you felt your eyes water up. “Mc, are you crying?”

-You nodded, trying to wipe the tears away. “Is. Is that okay? Are you mad?”

-”No. Why would I be mad?”

-He pulled your hands away from your face, looking intently at you. “Did you think I would dislike you for that?”

-”I-I don’t know. You paused for so long and I w-was just scared!”

-He pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around you.

-”If it’s any consolation, I was thinking on if we could use that experience of yours to help me understand you more. I thought maybe your perspective on dating a woman would help me understand more on how…Women think? Does that sound sexist?”

-”You’re okay with me being bi?”

-He kissed your forehead. “I don’t see how it’s an issue. You’re in a relationship with me now. Your past relationships, regardless of the genders, don’t bother me. I love you.”

-He went on a bit about his earlier musings over if his statement was sexist or not, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You ended up burying your face against him, crying a bit as you were so thankful he didn’t toss you aside for being yourself.


-The two of you had been going out for a couple of months. Nothing hot and heavy, just cute, innocent, loving relationship for the moment.

-This was his first time dating seriously. He wanted to take things slow because he was too scared he’d mess it all up, and you respected that.

-So, a lot of the times, your dates did center around gaming. I mean, games are fun! And it’s fun just to cuddle up with someone and play too.

-This gaming session, the two of you were playing computer games. Him on his computer playing a special event for LOLOL, and you browsing your folder of indie games.

-You found one you were excited to play, but had forgotten about due to…Well…The RFA. It was a cute dating sim you found! You could even choose to be a girl while romancing other girls! Yess!

-You weren’t used to these games allowing that, so you plugged in your headphones, laid back on his bed, and gamed away.

-About an hour later, you were so focused on the game. You had almost filled up the first heart with this girl! She was so cute!

-Yoosung had finished the event, and looked at you so intent on your game. He smiled and walked over, leaning down and nuzzling your hair.

-”Whatcha playing?”

-”A dating game,” You mumbled, “I gotta get this date! She’ll tell me more about herself if I make this good!”

-”A dating game? And…You’re dating a girl?”

-”Yeah, she’s super cute! Look at her!”

-Wait wait wait wait. Reality finally caught up to you- You weren’t just talking to one of your friends who lived for these games, you were talking to Yoosung.

-You felt panic wash through you and you tensed. 

-”You…Like girls?” He said it so confused, so unsure. 

-”Uhm….Y-yeah. I mean, I’m in a relationship with you, s-so I’m not like. You know. Trying to…Get with a girl…Now…”

-”Ooh, okay. Is the game fun?”

-He said it so casually. What??

-”Yoosung, are you okay with me..Also liking girls?”

-He smiled and kissed your head. “Yeah! I don’t mind. One of my favorite characters from my games is bisexual! She kicks ass!”

-He slipped down to his knees, resting his head against the mattress as he angled to watch your computer screen better.

-”So, what’s her name? What do you have to do to get the dates to go right? Is it fully voiced?”

-God he just…Didn’t mind. You let out a shaky breath, trying to calm yourself down from the sudden rush of nerves.

-”Y-yeah! Here, let me pull up a summary…”

-You felt so, so fucking lucky to have found Yoosung. He literally could not be more amazing.


-He knew. Granted, not from you telling him, but from an old profile of yours he found when doing that background check on you.

-He didn’t bring it up, or teased you that he knew. He didn’t want to make you think it was bad, so he waited until you felt comfortable.


-”Hey, mc?” 

-You looked up from the onion you were cutting for dinner (You were going to make this man eat something that wasn’t those damn chips god help you), feeling a bit confused with how serious he sounded. “Yeah?”

-”Would you still want to be with me even if I was bi?”

-You almost dropped your knife. “W-What??”

-Oops. He looked a little hurt. “Don’t freak out, I still love you-”

-”Nonononono!” You rushed out, putting the knife down and grabbing his hands. “No, no! It’s okay! It’s so okay! I was. I was just surprised. I’m like that too!”

-He gave you a big grin. “Yeah?”

-”Yeah! So I’m okay with it!!”

-”Good.” He pecked your forehead. “I’m okay with you being bi, too.”

-You couldn’t help yourself- You gave him a tight hug and giggled a bit. “I was wondering when to tell you myself…”

-He’d probably be the type to point out cute people with you. You two just going “Ooh, he’s cute. Oh wow, she looks so pretty!” together without being jealous. You two just appreciated how people looked at times!

♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Hey anon, did you know Jaehee and Seven are bisexual too?  That might also help you!


Convention season is really ramping up and we’re getting inundated with orders and requests for assistance. We’re going to do what we can here to streamline our process and accommodate demand. Expect additional updates within the next few weeks! For now:

1. We are temporarily increasing our turnaround to 15 business days.
2. Correspondence will be split into two streams:

- For anything pertaining to an active, open order that has been placed through our order form: update requests, address changes, file modifications, etc.
acornpresshelp@gmail.com - For any general questions pertaining to our service, file setup assistance, quotes, custom project inquiries and so forth.

(As a reminder, tumblr is not our primary mode of contact, this blog often runs on a queue and is checked sparingly and on top of that tumblr’s messaging systems are disorganized and chaotic.)

Things to keep in mind when placing an order:

Please try to submit your order with files that are properly set up and ready to go.
This is especially true for time sensitive orders. Generally, a rush order is not the appropriate time to submit a set of files with basic setup questions. The comment field is intended to notify us of intentionally atypical setups or other concerns, not for first time file setup assistance. We will be happy to double check your files and answer any questions you have at the new help email above!

We want to do what we can to help artists debut their first charms at their convention! But we also must be able to offer an equal level of service to everyone. If files are not fully prepared we may not be able to offer expedited services. Often, setup steps have been taken into our own hands as there simply hasn’t been time for the back and forth questions and answers. If it is your first time setting up charm files, please give yourself some time to figure things out or simply provide clean hi-res artwork and request our file setup service ($5/charm setup).

Turn- around time is based on the date the order is submitted. Order submissions made after 5:00EST are considered to have been received the next business day.

When placing any order with time sensitivity, be sure to take into consideration both the full estimated 15 business days production time and the additional maximum estimated 4 business days (domestic) shipping time. Any order placed with a deadline shorter than that maximum turn time is considered a rush request. Rush requests are accepted on a case by case basis depending on our current workload and incur additional fees.

Photo proofing, file revisions, setup issues, and extreme payment delay (once the invoice has been sent) all have the potential of many days to our turnaround.

Be specific when notifying us of your deadline within the order request. Mentioning a convention date does us little good if you actually plan to be leaving earlier in the week.

Try to give yourself as much leeway and shipping buffer as possible, delays in transit happen all too often and an extra day can make the difference of receiving your charms in time. Be resourceful! If you plan to be staying at a hotel, contact them and see what their policy is for holding packages for guests. Perhaps you have a friend local to the convention that would be willing to accept a package for you. If you are attending a US convention but live in another nationality, it is often a good idea to make arrangements to receive your package within the US.


Easter’s Sale!

Ending on Sunday, April 16th 2017

Opening up a couple spots for LINE ART ONLY seeing as I procrastinate while coloring the other two pieces (even I will admit this… cause I do procrastinate a bit or get bored halfway through coloring ahem…)

Anyone who is interested in Line art, these are some examples and prices. I will have three spots open and an option for coloring the piece later on with negotiable prices.

Additional costs:

Backgrounds (see above) will vary by difficulty $10-$20.

Additional people - $5

Send me a message via Tumblr messaging system as it seems to be much easier for people.


HOO HOO MY GUYS i asked friend & long-time art inspiration @kaliri if they wanted to collab and lo and behold they agreed!!!! For this picture I did the sketch and they did the stunning colors and I’m so happy to see the wife decked out in opals (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


new commission post! please reblog and share if you can, i really need the $$ for school & such. more examples of my art can be found here.

stuff to know

  • i will not draw: furries, mecha, animals as a sole focus, extreme gore, porn, or adult/minor; incestuous; otherwise abusive ships & situations
  • background prices may rise depending on complexity
  • i take payment via paypal only. i must be paid before i start work on a commission!
  • i keep track of the commissions i currently have here. allow me 3 weeks after your commission reaches the top spot for me to finish the commission. if i can’t finish it for any reason, i will refund your money in full.
  • if requested i can send wips of your commissions as it is made to ensure you like what you’re getting!

contact me at pineycontact@gmail.com! (which is also my paypal email). i prefer to be emailed but if that’s not possible the tumblr messaging system is fine. if i don’t respond in a few days, please resend your message!