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Second Chance (Karamel) Chapter 9 - Teaser #1

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been barely active last week, but I’ve been abroad for a competition, and I barely had time (and WiFi lol) to study for my exams or sleep, let alone get on Tumblr. BUT I’m back now with a new Second Chance teaser! Honestly, I’m really excited for this chapter, because it’s gonna explain a LOT, and set a lot of things in the motion. And we’re finally getting some changed-timeline-Kara and Mon-El interaction, so YAY!

Also, I wanted to say that, right before I boarded my plane to come to Turkey two days ago, I’ve finished writing A True Hero in the airport (yes, I was writing in the airport, sue me) and posted it, and then I didn’t have WiFi for 10 hours on the flight. I could only check my phone after landing, and there were literally 17 comments on the fic. You have no idea how good it made me feel, and how emotional I got just by looking at that, after having a very tiring and horrible week, that feeling you get when people appreciate something that you’ve worked so hard for and are proud of. So thank you, thank you, thank you for making me happy every single day, for putting a smile on my face with your likes and comments, for loving my work and appreciating it, because it truly means a lot to me. You are all so amazing. :)

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, who’s excited for the new chapter? It’s gonna be posted this Sunday!

Second Chance
- Prologue
- Chapter 1: Failure
- Chapter 2: Nightmare
- Chapter 3: Gone
- Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
- Chapter 5: Fault
- Chapter 6: Valor

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OMG guys here it goes!!!! I promised to upload this video last month sooooo… Yay!!! Man, I finally play AND sing “Imagine”!!!! I’m just so happy))) Ok it’s still not perfect but this is one of my first attempts!!! I swear I’m gonna post the “final version” around John’s birthdayday-ish))) (And maybe I’ll record it in a studio!!!) If you want to be tagged, just message me or send me an ask or whatever))) Just let me know)))

P.S. Ummm… @slow-down-macca @mrs-lennon @lazy–dynamite you are my three absolutely favourite people on tumblr so it’s really important for me to hear your opinion… That’s why I’m tagging you😊

Ok bye

Yay, I can finally post this! 

For @mabelonthetable, who requested “a very happy Mabel” for their Secret Santa gift. (A very, very good request in my personal opinion.) So here’s a Mabel relaxing with her friends and telling them stories about all the things she did back in Piedmont this past year.

Thanks to @stariousfalls for organizing the Secret Santa, it’s neat!



So, I finally got around to making my first follow forever (yay~). I was going to post this a while ago but I got super busy. Anyway, the blogs here are people I talk to, those I admire and those I reblog/like stuff from a lot… I just want to thank you guys for making my dash so lovely and enjoyable to scroll through everyday and for getting me this far ((also, for not letting me wanna log off of tumblr OTL)) ..god I hope I’m not missing people aaa

Have a good rest of the week!!~ ( ゚,_ゝ゚)


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