tumblr's finally letting me post so yay

My links should work again!

Uh… hello!

Wow it’s been a while hasn’t it? The most important info first

my download links should work again!

I reuploaded my stuff to simfileshare a while ago but I finally had the time (and motivation) to fix the links today. So yay I guess…

Please let me know if I messed up and the links still don’t work!

For those interested why I suddenly seemed to have vanished from tumblr, well there were/are a couple of reasons but the main ones probably were that posting pics on tumblr felt like work and that is never good. Plus I started to work as teacher last autumn and definitely didn’t have enough time to play/post, even had my computer not broken. I don’t think I have even opened Sims 2 on my new one yet… been too busy playing Sims 4 and the various Dragon Age games I guess…

I’m still on tumblr from time to time, mostly looking up my favourite TV shows (all those pretty gifs!) or downloading stuff for sims 4 but since I’ve got neither SimPE nor a meshing programme installed on this computer I don’t think I will start posting new stuff any time soon. But who knows, maybe I get a sudden urge to play/create for Sims 2, weirder stuff has happened before!

OMG guys here it goes!!!! I promised to upload this video last month sooooo… Yay!!! Man, I finally play AND sing “Imagine”!!!! I’m just so happy))) Ok it’s still not perfect but this is one of my first attempts!!! I swear I’m gonna post the “final version” around John’s birthdayday-ish))) (And maybe I’ll record it in a studio!!!) If you want to be tagged, just message me or send me an ask or whatever))) Just let me know)))

P.S. Ummm… @slow-down-macca @mrs-lennon @lazy–dynamite you are my three absolutely favourite people on tumblr so it’s really important for me to hear your opinion… That’s why I’m tagging you😊

Ok bye

Yay, I can finally post this! 

For @mabelonthetable, who requested “a very happy Mabel” for their Secret Santa gift. (A very, very good request in my personal opinion.) So here’s a Mabel relaxing with her friends and telling them stories about all the things she did back in Piedmont this past year.

Thanks to @stariousfalls for organizing the Secret Santa, it’s neat!


Olena Dziubchuk appreciation post.



So, I finally got around to making my first follow forever (yay~). I was going to post this a while ago but I got super busy. Anyway, the blogs here are people I talk to, those I admire and those I reblog/like stuff from a lot… I just want to thank you guys for making my dash so lovely and enjoyable to scroll through everyday and for getting me this far ((also, for not letting me wanna log off of tumblr OTL)) ..god I hope I’m not missing people aaa

Have a good rest of the week!!~ ( ゚,_ゝ゚)


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