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Roommates With Draco Part Twelve
  • Part Twelve: When Narcissa wants to see Draco's apartment
  • Narcissa: Draco, what is Harry doing here?
  • Draco: He lives here
  • Narcissa: You live with a guy you hate?
  • Draco: Um, well, I was going to talk to you-
  • Narcissa: You're gay?
  • Draco: Wh- I'm not gay!
  • Narcissa: Does your girlfriend at least know?
  • Draco: I don't have a girlfriend...
  • Narcissa: Well I guess we know why
  • Teddy: *cries*
  • Narcissa: And you have a baby together
  • Draco: He's not my baby!
  • Harry: Actually, he's mine
  • Narcissa: Draco, the least you could do is adopt your gay lover's baby
  • Narcissa: I thought I raised you right
  • Draco: I can be a friend. What are you looking for? Supportive? Playful? *pauses and raises eyebrow* Dangerous?
  • Hermione: Harry and I just have a different kind of friendship so I'd rather talk to him about it.
  • Draco: Wha- Blaise, tell Granger how great of a friend I am.
  • Blaise: Yeah, Draco's a great friend. On the friendship scale I'd give him a seven
  • Draco: *gives him a look*
  • Blaise: ... Out of seven
  • Draco: See? I'm a seven out of seven!
  • Hermione: ... Right, I'm going to Harry
A Warm, Safe Place

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Dean x reader drabble 

Summary: You and Dean find a small infant while clearing a crime scene. She suddenly becomes the center of the world.

Warnings: mild angst, mention of blood, life-threatening wounds. Dean being his perfect paternal self?? 

Word count: 

A/N: thank you so much for reading!

You both stood over the crib. Fingers which, only minutes ago, had been poised over their two respective triggers, now lay at rest by your sides. Each of you more wordless than the other. Instead of the monster you’d been expecting, there was a nursery. A soft raspberry-colored room, with accents of pinks and whites. Stuffed animals were spread sparsely throughout the room, and a small bookshelf to the far left held just a few children’s books that’d been read thousands of times to unborn ears. 

 And here you stood, Dean beside you, as your eyes remained glued to the infant laying inside the confines of the crib. Her parents were gone, torn apart brutally in the early morning. Tragedy had befallen the sweet baby in front of you, and all you could think about was how peaceful she seemed, how innocent and unknowing she was in all of this. Her jaw moved up and down as if she was still sucking on a binkie, and the gentle sound that came from her not-possibly-more-than-two-month-old form melted your heart.

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Astrology and Some Indicators of Wealth

Decided to write up this post about money because I wanted to look more into indicators of wealth in a chart. Inspired by sugar babies because I admire their hustle. They know how to get that paper. Wanted to see if there were any indicators in astrology that could help them out. And then I started thinking this guide would be good for any lady who wants a guy who has money to splurge on her. So ladies when you start talking to a guy and want to know his potential for earning money, here are some things to look for.

-Capricorn/Cancer is the first indicator of wealth that you should look for. Look for any personal planets in Capricorn/Cancer. These are two of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac(Capricorn has the reputation, but in a survey it turns out that cancers make among the most amount of money in the zodiac)
-Next look to the Taurus/Scorpio sister signs for another indicator of wealth in personal planets. These 4 are the most ambitious signs. I’d say any of the 4 could be called the most ambitious so you can put them in order however you want.
-You want fixed or Cardinal dominance. Mutable dominance is great because they aren’t as focused on the material world as the other two modalities. We aren’t focused on that right now. We’re focused on that moolah and mutable does NOT cut it.
-Jupiter aspecting pluto is one of the BEST indicators of money that I came across.
-Look for beneficial aspects in the money houses such as JUPITER or Venus. The 2nd and 8th are the money houses and then the 4th and 10th. 5th and 11th are money houses to a lesser degree. Jupiter in the 2nd is one of the best aspects I’ve seen for money in a natal chart(and I have Jupiter in sag in the 2nd. Trust me, this is a NICE aspect and I am super generous with money😛)
-hard Neptune aspects to the ruler of the signs in the houses mentioned above is negative in this conversation. For example: say Sagittarius is in the 2nd house. The ruler is jupiter and coincidentally Jupiter is in sag in the natal chart. If Neptune is making hard aspects to Jupiter it could dampen the money building nature of that aspect.
-with that being said some astrologers will explain that Neptune isn’t necessarily bad because it can give you faith in your ability to make money. You need to look at how everything flows in the chart!