tumblr you made me this way

It’s totally understandable.

Dysphoria manifests in different ways for everyone. I recognise that this content may trigger some individuals’ dysphoria, and I am wholeheartedly sorry that my art had made you feel that way, it was not drawn with malicious intentions.

Like I said, being trans, everyone have different ways of coming to terms with their own body. Drawing transition pictures is my way of assuring myself, and men like me, that regardless of how whether I’m pre-, mid- or post-transition, I am a man and nothing can jeopardise my identity as a man. That’s just my way of coming to terms with it, as a trans guy who has been out for years and never had access to any hormone treatment. I hope you understand where I am coming from.

Regardless, I do appreciate that you respect my right to cope with my own dysphoria in this way. However, this is my blog and I am afraid I cannot police my content to make everyone happy, I have my freedom of expression.

Therefore, to avoid such things from affecting you in the future, I’d advise you to look into a blacklisting tool for tumblr. I try my best to tag all possible triggers, for example - this was tagged with #transition. I’ll try my best to tag any and other triggers too. I advice you to speak to the blog you follow responsible for putting this content on your dash, and ask if it was possible for them to tag such posts in the future. I also strongly suggest my followers to tag these posts accordingly.

Hope this clears things up. @cherry-jacks

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2am and I wake up with a start
that shouldn’t be jarring,
another early morning 
when sleep won’t remain
leaving me as lonely 
as this twin bed 

the afterthought of you 
weighs on my mind
and I am left wondering 
if you thought about your actions,
your words, the way
you tore me open and left 

placing the remains of us 
at only my feet, 
you made it seem like this upending 
was only my fault but,
I don’t think you are losing any sleep.
I don’t know if you ever cared about me.

—  overthinking || O.L.

Dear B,

One year ago today, my suicidal thoughts were the worst that they had ever been. For the whole day, I couldn’t go an hour without thinking of another way that I could kill myself. To say that I was scared of myself that day would have been an understatement.

It took me hours to get up the courage to share the post I had made on Tumblr earlier that day that said I had been thinking about suicide. To be honest, I was terrified that sharing that post with you would serve as the catalyst for our friendship ending. But, that didn’t happen (thank God).

That night, you were just there for me, even though you hadn’t been feeling well. Hell, you even thanked me for sharing that post with you. After I said I had to go to bed so I could get up for an early shift at work the next morning, I wrote this letter to you because I couldn’t sleep. I also made sure to thank you for being there for me the next day when I was in a (sort of) better mood.

After this past year, I don’t think words will ever fully express how much your friendship means to me, B. Thank you for being there for me that night after I had finally told you what I had been scared about earlier that day. Thank you for just listening to me that night. Thank you for not leaving. Thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me since that day. Thank you (for what feels like the millionth time) for helping me get through my platonic breakup with K, aka the longest and most painful breakup of my life. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me this year, B.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will always be grateful for your friendship, B. I mean it.

Your friend,


It is in my loneliest moments that I want to talk to you. I wonder what that means, maybe it just means you’re the only one that is still around. That I have burned so many bridges, but I left you a few strings that you can walk across still. I won’t deny that you are risking your life every time you find your way to me. I am a girl made of sharp edges at any moment I could cut those last few strings and send you falling. I guess what I’m saying is in my loneliest moments I want you to cross that bridge but hold on tight.
I made a petition to get rid of the stupid new safemode update!

Because a) This is annoying me and loads of people, and b) I have nothing better to do.

As of today, Tumblr has introduced a new way of blocking sensitive media on their site, with a new “safe mode” update. This safe mode has blocked many things that don’t even come close to being sensitive, and if you’re under 18 there is no way to turn it off, period.

This petition aims to make Tumblr realise that this update is ,quite frankly, useless, as the multitude of Tumblr users have other, better ways to block sensitive content that they don’t wish to see, such as blacklisting tags or blocking offensive blogs. Furthermore, before the update, Tumblr’s safe mode was already useful for blocking sensitive content by blocking all blogs and posts that had been flagged as NSFW.

This new update, however, is seemingly blocking posts and blogs at random. It is reducing not only what content people see on Tumblr, but also what people can post. Many people can’t see content their friends are reblogging, other’s are being treated to a dashboard full of blocked posts, and a few can’t do anything due to everything being blocked.

This update is useless, untested, and broken, It’s not needed, and basically the entirety of Tumblr’s userbase can agree that Tumblr has updated the wrong things. Something like a tag blocker for mobile would be much better, and it would be more useful too.

When this petition reaches enough signatures, it will be sent to Tumblr as a sign of how much people dislike this update. The aim is to have them backtrack the update, and hopefully get them to focus on more useful updates instead of one that breaks the entire site. Tumblr should be a site for everyone, and this update is preventing that from being a thing.

Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/tumblr-remove-tumblr-s-brand-new-safe-mode-update

Also reblog to get the word out! I’ve honestly had enough of Tumblr’s rubbish updates, especially this one, which has broken everything.


I don’t know if you ever loved me. I don’t know if the late night drives and hands held meant anything to you. But I like to think they did. I like to think that a tiny smile formed on your face when you imagined the way we laughed together. I like to believe that whenever you felt sad and alone, I was the one who made you feel whole again. Because that’s what you did for me. Without ever knowing it you were making my life better. So even if you never loved me like I loved you, I hope that I still made your life better too.

hi guys today I made a tutorial on how to make my favorite art nouveau-y embellishments! these are a super fun and easy way to add a little emphasis to a drawing and you can make all kinds of designs once you get the basic flow! If you have any questions feel free to ask and let me know if there’s any kind of tutorial you’d like for me to make in the future !!!

I can’t apologize for being a warrior because you made me this way. I have turned my skin into armor that deflects the harsh judgements and inevitable rejection. I must fight for myself because who else will? I can’t be saved– I’ve already saved myself. Don’t get angry when I put up my shield– I’ve never felt a tender touch. I am not beautiful or soft, I am strong because I have no choice.
—  misskatiemae

OMG OK LET ME LEARN Y'ALL A THING. My friend told me about this guy named Sufjan Stevens and all I can say is WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIM.

Okay so first, he is such a pure lil bean. He’s a Christian but get this– HE’S NOT SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, ISLAMOPHOBIC, OR APHOBIC. I know right??? He just loves Jesus a whole hecking lot and it’s so freaking cute. He’s also this cute shy lil mouse boy and he barely does interviews because he has anxiety. Just a lil flower boy with no time for neurotypical BSery.

SECOND. He writes the most ADORABLE, PURE, SQUEE-WORTHY mlm music. Like seriously, put that shit on your fic-writing playlists and you will be writing some cute-ass fluff in no time. He just loves boys a lot and it makes my heart so big and full.

THIRDO. He is a STEAL. Seriously, I have high standards and I would go frickledy-frack on him in like three seconds flat if I was even in the same room as him. Those blue-green eyes. Those delectable lips. Whew, is it sweaty in here or is that just me?

FOURTHERLY. He and his gay opera friend Nico Muhly are way too cute for words and I am frankly disappointed that the Tumblr fandom crew hasn’t made any ship content whatsoever. If they aren’t dating I am going to be literally shattered. My poor heart can’t take all the cuteness.

IN CONCLUSION! Listen to Sufjan Stevens or the Tumblr gods will smite you.

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But you see, it cannot bring back all the tears that had run out from my eyes. It cannot change all the sadness I’ve felt—the terrible feelings I tried to explain. You cannot just catch those waves with your hands and throw them to the ocean again. You cannot just pick those petals from a beautiful flower and regret it afterwards, wishing that maybe it will grow more stunning if you let it bloom on its own way. You cannot just let a bottle fall on the ground and decide to use it again even its sharp edges can painfully tear your palms. Because your sorry cannot change the past. Your sorry cannot change all the things you made me feel. You see, it’s different this time. You cannot just break someone’s heart and make them feel worthless that way—then put the blame on them. You cannot just say sorry for each and everything. You should have known that what you’ve done is wrong especially when you clearly did it intentionally. Especially when you did it selfishly.
—  ma.c.a // Because you’re not really sorry

I loved the fact that you were my ‘almost.’ That you would forever be the boy that could have been, if only one of us had gained a bit of courage. 

There was never going to be a fight that tore us apart. I was never going to be jealous of the girl all over you at the bar, because you were never going to be mine to be jealous of. 

It was always just going to be library glances and smiles from afar. 

But you broke my heart. You broke my heart 6 months after I had let the thought of you go. You made something that could have faded out from child’s play to nothing at all. You ended even the thought of us.

—  You were supposed to be the one that would never have a chance to hurt me. But you found a way. And just like that, you became like everyone else. 

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Hey, do you mind posting a pic of yourself? That anon made me curious haha


here’s a tool pic of me haha

feel free to follow me on instagram @kylusion i’m on that 1902380x more than tumblr so i will respond to dms & comments way more often so hit me up on there! :) xxxxx

What do you miss the most about him?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered, looking down to the ground, “I’m not even sure if I do miss him. I miss the memories, and I miss talking to him and the way he made me feel. But I still don’t know if miss him, you know?“

—  am i supposed to miss him? | a.m

Hello everyone. If you haven’t yet watched the video then these words might come as a shock to you. If you have watched, know that this is exactly what I would have said in the video, if filming it wasn’t one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. This morning, I announced that I will be taking a step back from PTX.
I’ve struggled with this decision a lot. It has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Before I explain why, I want you all to know that the past 6 years have been the most unbelievable years of my life. The things we’ve accomplished, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve touched with our music… It surpasses anything that I could have ever dreamed up for my life.
I believe one of the big reasons why we have been so successful and accomplished all that we have is because of the unbelievably fast pace that we keep. Throughout my journey with PTX, this pace has always been a struggle for me. It’s been hard for me not to be with my family and friends when I need them or when they need me. It’s been hard to not be able to escape into nature when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need some time to myself.
Through all of this, I’ve done my best and I’ve kept pushing myself to keep up. Really, the reason why I’ve been able to push so hard and for so long has been because of you guys. You all have inspired me and lifted me up every single day and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
I do love you all so very much, but I’ve come to a point where I just can’t keep up anymore and I would never want to inhibit any type of success that we have because I truly do believe in everything that we’ve done and everything that they will do. I just know that I can no longer continue at this pace and so I have to do what’s best for the group and I have to do what’s best for me.
I do want you all to know that I’m still going to be doing music and I’m going to be doing it with my whole heart. I will ALWAYS do my best to lift others up with my voice. I hope that you’ll all support my decision and that you can understand where I’m coming from. And regardless of anything, I just want to thank you for all that you’ve given to me. I have been so unbelievably blessed and humbled to be a part of all your lives in any way and I wanted you to hear this from me. From my voice. And from my heart.
I love you all deeply and I thank you for everything. Truly.
And just so you know, I will still be performing at all of our announced shows, so come say hi and give me a hug. I love hugs.

I know the announcement is already going around tumblr but I thought I’d upload the video. Watching it made me realize how sad and sorry he is. And even though I’m upset about the news, I think I’m more worried about him. I’m seeing lots of support and love for him on the internet, and I hope he’ll see it. Hopefully his decision will allow him to take back control of his life, get some rest and focus on whatever he wants. Maybe he’ll finally ask Sara Bareilles out, who knows… I just want him to be happy. It’s going to be hard for the band and for us fans, but both Avi and Pentatonix will still be able to make good music and succeed; except now he’s going to be able to breathe and go at his own pace.
Also, give him a hug from me if you can! x

I hate to know that the only way for me to see you smile is to pretend that we’re just lovely friends who don’t feel anymore than our friendship. That I wasn’t someone who could give you and make you feel everything you ever wanted. It’s the fact that I was a single star hoping for you to notice—among the brightest ones in your galaxy. That we wouldn’t be able to create one single spark once we collide. It’s not sad knowing—that the only way for me to love you—is to let you go—to stay away from you. And for me to feel this thing freely I need to be out of your sight. It’s not sad. It is something that was more than that. It was something that made me search for words that weren’t enough.
—  ma.c.a // Why “away” also means “stay”?

tumblr fucking KILLS the resolution, im so sorry

i felt very inspired this weekend and made two fusion designs. tanzanite is way past cool and loves to roll around at the speed of sound. dragon on the other hand lacks any chill. and, unlike tanzanite, doesn’t chuckle.

[do not repost my art. do not use my art without my permission, for monetary gain and without crediting me. DONT MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH MY FAN FUSIONS. fanart of my designs is welcome! as long as you credit me + link to this post]