tumblr would not upload the first gif

Tutorial: How to upload gifs!

Tumblr has very specific limits and limits that you wouldn’t think would be a problem when it comes to uploading your gifs! Under the cut are a few essentials to uploading your gif(s) correctly. If you don’t do it correctly, the gifs will not work on all platforms. Example: They might move on the desktop or freeze on the app, etc. 

Uploading your gif correctly is all about the SIZE/DIMENSIONS

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I was just reminded by my own post that I’ve been uploading the Winx Club comics for 10 years as of this month. I have been in the fandom longer though honestly it doesn’t feel like it had been 10 plus years.

I never thought when I started to upload the comics that it would be for this long nor that I would branch out to uploading the episodes. But I’m still around and I’m still determined to translate and upload the comics. I’m also determined to keep the videos uploaded for the people who have no way to watch the show. So lets hope for another 10 years!

In celebration I’ve redone one of the first Winx Club gifs that I posted on tumblr. It wasn’t on this tumblr but my personal one. I think it shows my love for the show.

Arima  : Did you really think I would die from a wound like this?

Kaneki : No way….. you are?

Arima   : Yes, I’m like you.

I wonder what would happen next lol, poor Kaneki.

Making alternative arc ending because Arima is too beautiful. But I’m kinda relieved he’s ****.

I would like to try making another gif of [what actually happened to Arima]. yes, that one.  

Sorry for the messed quality. First time uploading gifs to tumblr ^^;


My very first cinemagraph! This took much, MUCH longer than I would like to admit….like 3 hours longer than I was expecting it to. But in my defense I know next to nothing about video and the tutorials I watched were pretty complicated.

I was originally going to upload this onto facebook as a profile video….and then realized that they only allow uploading through phones… this gif is probably too big anyway. 

4 Years. 

I uploaded my first gifs ever on Tumblr four years ago today. If you were to compare my gifs from then to now, they look like they were made by a completely different person! I honestly don’t know where I would be without this website. I’ve grown so much, not just as an artist, but also as a person while I’ve been on Tumblr. 

And for those of you who have been around from the beginning, or even since yesterday, I just want to quickly say thank you for being on this crazy/weird/esoteric journey with me. The fact that people would even remotely care about the stuff I’ve made means the world to me. This is an experience I will always cherish. Thank you.