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we may not have it all together, but together we have it all

Another Aesthetic for Day 6: FACE Family/Teal over on @frukweek. I confess I really enjoyed making this one so I hope you guys like it!



Thank you to @junknight for creating these wonderful characters. They inspire me so much, and the love I have for them goes beyond words. I hope they find happiness in the magical, beautiful, and twisted world you’ve created. Here’s to another year with these wonderful twins. 

This spread is like 2 months old but I didn’t have a phone with a camera that worked for half of that time and I was being a Procrastinator 2.0 during the other half. (^_^;)
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Also, click on the image for HD. For some reason, the quality won’t show up unless you actually open the picture. Tumblr, bro whY? DON’T RUIN THE QUALITY!

So yeah, I really like Kirsikka. I saw her introduction post as I was waking up and when I read that she likes Sorrel, the thought of them being on Team Fancy and bumping into each other popped in my head.

Now…Sorrel likely joined because of Cyanthia and we know he’s oblivious to Kirsikka’s crush, but hear my out… Maybe a evening under the stars, everyone dancing to the Squid Sisters could change that? Huh~? e v e

Or I’m just a hopeless shipper who wants to see poor Sorrel be happy.
Please go easy on me, I’m still learning how to colour digitally.

Kirsikka & Sorrel are @tamarinfrog’s adorable kids.
※ Please do not repost or use my art. Thank you.