tumblr why are you being stupid

I’ve been brainwashed by tumblr for far too long, and now that I’m not I’m realizing a lot of things.

- Not everything is fucking offensive

-People have different opinions from you. Fucking deal with it.

- It’s not okay to discriminate against gender, race, or sexuality. THIS INCLUDES STRAIGHT WHITE CIS MALES

- It’s NOT okay to tell people to go kill themselves, this includes telling republicans, cis people, white people, or anyone who differs from your ways to “go die”.

- 4chan is NOT the spawn of the devil and is actually really funny.

- Not everything is a trigger

- Not everything is ableist, transphobic, homophobic, or racist

- There is nothing wrong with being cis, straight or white

- Most of the world is straight and cis

- Double standards are stupid

- Dark humor can be funny

- Feminism is a good thing. But most of tumblr aren’t feminists. They’re extremists.

- It’s okay that you are not politically correct 100% of the time

-Treating people like shit and giving them hate because their opinion differs from you IS FUCKING WRONG!!!!!! 

- Tumblr is sometimes really stupid and the only reason why I’m still on here is because of memes and artsy shit


Have a good day! :33

How to study like a straight A student

I did really well during my first year of college, and aside from a B+ in statistics (which was really good for me, haha! I’m not good at math), I had A’s in all of my classes. I’m certain that the reason I did so well was due to the way that I figured out how to study, so here are some tips I have based on what I did to study this past year!

1. Sit in the front row.

This isn’t high school anymore, it’s not embarrassing or nerdy to sit in the front row. By sitting in the front row, you won’t be tempted to check your phone and you won’t be distracted by looking at the people around you. I focus best in the front row. This also gives you a chance to easily ask any questions you have.

2. Show up to class a little early.

Show up to class about five minutes early every day, if possible. During the time it takes your professor to get set up, read through your previous notes. If you do this every day, you’ll begin to memorize info that you certainly wouldn’t have learned if you spent those five minutes before class just scrolling through tumblr. 

3. Type your notes and print them out.

If you prefer to spend a lot of time on hand written notes, then go crazy. However, I don’t really have time to make aesthetic notes, so I prefer to just write my notes by hand during class, then copy them into microsoft word so I can organize and print them out. This makes the notes much easier to read, and it’s much easier on the eyes. 

4. Do every assignment. Yes, EVERY assignment.

I don’t know why there’s advice floating around on tumblr telling people that it’s okay to skip a ton of homework assignments, because I definitely wouldn’t recommend it at all. Of course some assignments might be stupid or seem too small to matter, but if you’re being graded on them, you need all the points you can get. Trust me, just because homework assignments only account for 10-15% of your final grade, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be the difference between a B+ and an A-. Think about it: if your homework is 10% of your grade and you didn’t do it, you would literally have to get NOTHING wrong on your exams just to get the lowest A- possible. 

5. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. 

Don’t skip if you can help it. If there is a serious emergency and you really can’t make it, try your hardest to get the best notes you can from someone who was in class. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a test and realizing that a ton of the questions are about content you missed when you were absent. 

6. Go over material in your head when you’re not busy. 

If you’re in the shower or waiting in line at the cafe, go over class material in your head. Think about what you learned that day. If you do this often, this will help significantly with retention. 

7. Make flashcards throughout the semester, not the night before the final.

Don’t be one of those students who has to relearn an entire textbook the week before finals. If you’re studying right, studying for finals should be relatively painless. Throughout the semester, make flashcards of class content and regularly go over them. The easiest way to do this is to use quizlet.com and fill in definitions and other things you need to know, and use their helpful games and quizzes to memorize the info. It even keeps track of the definitions you rarely get wrong, so you know what you don’t need to study as much. 

8. Makes specific agendas for what you need to study and get done. 

When I study, I need to have a very specific to-do list detailing exactly what I want to get done. This will motivate you to keep going because you’re able to check off what you’ve already done. 

9. Don’t get discouraged by a bad grade- take it as motivation.

This is much easier said than done, but I had to do this in my western civilization class when I very nearly failed the first set of exams. If this happens to you, you should definitely take time to be upset about the grade, but don’t let yourself think it’s the end of the world. If you do badly, at least you know what to expect on the next assignment/exam so you know how to alter your studying to prepare for the next one. You can do it! I started western civ with a high D+ after my first exams, but I pulled out with an A- at the end of the semester! 

Alright, I know that everyone’s upset because tumblr didn’t include the lesbian flag (I am too, Tumblr why did you leave out my flag ;-;) but why is everyone hating on them for including the ace flag??? I mean, why the fuck are you guys hating on the ace community because of something tumblr did???? Look:

Like, wtf???? Just because our flag wasn’t included, doesn’t mean we have to hate on another flag!!! Why can’t people realise we can ask for a flag without hating on another? It’s not like it’s impossible for them to add the lesbian flag while keeping the ace flag. The ace communtity has already had enough hate, why are you guys being acephobic? And to that one user who said, “asexuals arent even inherently a part of the community” Fuck you. Just…. Fuck you. If you believe that aces aren’t apart of the community, you can unfollow me right now.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair to call the Tumblr staff lesbophobic just because they left out the lesbian flag, because I don’t think they meant to. They honestly believe that the rainbow flag covers both gay men and gay women. And honestly??? I sorta agree with them???? Don’t get me wrong, as a lesbian, if someone asked me what flag I identifed with, I would show them the lesbian flag, but I don’t mind using the rainbow flag either? Maybe that’s just me. What IS lesbophobic is how tumblr flagged lesbian as nsfw. So fuck them for that.

One last thing that kinda makes me mad is the pride month calenders:

Like, why are you deviding up the days? Shouldn’t every day of pride month be a day to celebrate all genders and sexualities? I don’t care what this stupid calender says, I’m gonna celebrate all pride, every day.


Stop being acephobic, just because tumblr didn’t include a lesbian flag doesn’t mean they’re lesbophobic, however them callling lesbians nsfw is lesbophobic, and stop dividing up the days of pride month, we should be able to celebrate all types of pride all month. Thank you, and happy pride month :3

“Down With Cis”

I’ve seen this term being used a lot on Tumblr by a lot of stupid people. What I’d like to tell you, social justice warriors, are these simple facts.

  • The current president of the United States is cis.
  • The candidate you’re going to vote for during the elections is cis.
  • The creator of Tumblr himself is cis.
  • The creator of the most sjw–crammed fandom ever (Steven Universe), Rebecca Sugar, is cis.
  • Every single president of the United States (so far) has been cis.
  • Your biological parents are most likely cis.
  • Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Nicolas Cage, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, Marie Sklodowska-Curie – these were all cis people! And they all did great things in their lives that every one of us feels grateful for today.

So why, social justice warriors – why do you pretend as if all cis people are scum? Does not undergoing the process of changing your gender suddenly make you less of a person than someone who has?

Fuck no. Because your gender doesn’t define your personality or how much you achieve in life. It’s hard work that makes that stuff happen, but all you people do is bitch and moan about how oppressive cis people are. Even when they’re not doing anything to harm you. They’re just being themselves.

Tldr; please stop saying “down with cis”

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So wait, what's with sixpence? I'm confused

Basically gorlfriend defended owning an 8yo child slave because “our 8yo is happy working for us and is privileged to work in an air conditioned room, also it’s the norm in Bangladesh” which was uh. Huh. Yeah. (Child slavery is actually not the norm)

Child slavery:

Sixpenceeeheals (which was really ableist and stupid and also potentially illegal):

General sixpenceee callout blog in case u missed the whole her stealing art and posts and being an ableist bitch among a few other things:

💛 so i hit 5k which is actually really stupid bc like…..idk why yall wanna follow me?? but honestly thank you guys so much because when i rebooted this blog last year i thought it would get -2 attention, but i ended up making really great friends and being fully welcomed into the shawol and larger kpop community and im like !!!! it’s wild to me. anyway i thought i should Do a Thing and make a follow forever aka a way to tell my ppl thank you for making my time on tumblr dot edu a great place 💛

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Touching You*

Bucky Barnes x OFC Request Fic

Another repost because Tumblr mobile is being stupid. Ask from @this-kitty-has-claws. Inspired by Nickleback’s Next Contestant  Hope this helps @justreadingfics

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Word Count: 1899
Warnings: Smut, Implied Violence, Swearing NSFW (18+)

He absolutely hated it.

The mission, if he could even call it that anymore, had dragged on for three solid weeks. Three solid weeks of watching as his girl was manhandled in the most aggravating way possible. Why they were even still part of this charade was beyond him.

The target had been rounded up, his cronies captured, but he was still here, standing against the wall, acting the part of bouncer as he watched over Jules, doing her thing, slinging drinks at the bar.

She made a good bartender. Gorgeous in face and form, she had legs for days, bare beneath the short black leather skirt. Her shirt was an old Nirvana one she’d clearly stolen from Tony at some point and taken scissors to. The back had been sliced through, leaving the shirt hanging in shreds across her spine, but it was the neckline she’d cut down in a deep ‘v’ which constantly drew his eyes. It more than highlighted the swell of cleavage, enhanced by whatever miracle underwear she seemed to constantly wear in order to torture him.

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troxachan-blog  asked:

Just passing here to say, because of your last post about ships,now you are probably one of the people that I most admire here on tumblr. I had see so many times people being hated because of stupid things like who ship someone with,like now it was a rule to ship afterdeath, errorink or any famous ship that other big Tumblr like, and if you like, you can just like those ships and nothing else. It's sad, cuz the game is good, the stories made are amazing, but people here, sometimes, overreact.

Aaah gosh ;-;

I just felt like it was "Enough is enough - someone needs to say this! Why not a character that has been hit with this so many times?”

And just… here’s the thing with ‘shipping popular ships’ for me: I don’t ship ErrorInk even though PJ is a ‘child’ of that ship (a dysfunctional, characters are not in love with each other kind of way o-o), and for afterdeath - it’s a cute thing I really love to see but I know 100% - no - 2500% that it will never EVER happen in the respective canon stories (Reaper is currently still morning over Tori cause GOSH NO CHARA - NO; and I think we all know that Geno at least got a happy ending!). 

I feel like if people saw fandom ships as more “Awww this is cute and super fun to think about - but I know it won’t be canon!” then we wouldn’t have this problem. 

And really? We are in Year 2 of the Undertale fandom and we survived the first year pretty okay - but now we are just a big hole of argument over ships? o-o

If this downward trend within this fandom continues there will be barely anyone here at the 5th anniversary of the game. We would have all left or moved on. Heck I have very close friends who left the UT and UT AU fandoms due to how crazy people have been getting with ships and just the negativity overall. 

I don’t want this fandom to die like that - honestly it’s a bad way for any fandom to die. Toby Fox worked so hard to get his game that showed love, compassion, and kindness can win battles and help others - yet here is the fandom behind the game - doing the opposite. 

Well - that’s all of the points I can add to this discussion. I feel like we all need to just - breathe, step back, and maybe play through or watch a lets play of Undertale again. 

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WHy won't you realize that IR will never be canon it's been MONTHS and yet you still draw them when they're supposed to be friends

Oh dear…have I hurt your feelings? If so then good

y’all have been sending me hate over a stupid non fiction animu couple parading around as if tumblr needs to kiss your ass and validate your ship 

no one gives a fuck.

I see you guys all the time in IR comments instigating fights so my question is why are you all still salty after your ship became canon? If you want me to accept it then I’ve got bad news for you 

It’s never gonna happen and I’m fine being apart of a fandom that does not bash artists and demand them to draw their ship 

Prompt #142

“Why are you tinged purple? Is this another one of your failed cosplay costumes? I swear if you dyed your skin I’m go-”
“Can you just shut your mouth for 4 freaking seconds? We’re in a low-key crisis here and you’re being hysterical. It isn’t cosplay. It’s- it’s the start of his transition…” she looked over at him, he was stupid but why hadn’t he already realised?

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What's the thing that's going on with sixpenceee? I've seen bits and pieces but I'm a little behind on the story lmao


Her extended family members have child slaves “laborers” and she made a stupid ass post defending them because it’s a “popular” practice where her family lives. Of course, being sixpenceee, she also whines about how everyone on tumblr is being mean to her and totally unreasonable even though she just passive aggressively defended child labor like a true warlord in the making.

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I hate how the Benedict Cumberbatch tag is always full of people making fun of him. It's so stupid. Why do you think people still hate him?

because there is a self-perpetuating community on tumblr who have made BC into the golem. and by using YFIP blah blah, misspelling his name, calling him a lizard and an alien, really just reveal a paucity of intelligence rather than being edgy or current. it’s predictable, infantile and quite frankly boring…. :-)

Reasons why being on tumblr for a long time is like being an upperclassmen in band:

•at this point you hate it but you’ve been here too long to leave

•the people in your grade and just under are tolerable but you Despise the underclassmen except for a choice few

•you’ve seen so many stupid trends that even you thought were cool. Some people still think it’s cool, for some reason. You might be one of those people.

•trumpets (or in some cases, low brass)= superwholock

•you want to leave but you have nowhere else to to.

•marching band ruins any social life outside of marching band

Tumblr did not deserve Steven Universe

nor Overwatch

nor Undertale

nor Voltron.

The list goes on.

How many attempted suicides is it going to take for you to fucking get a reality check? None! Why? Because all of you are fucking stupid! You’re all toxic! You’re all a bunch of whiny petty conceited cunt rags who are so high strung about their pwecious feewings to even do something as low and malicious as to send death threats. Nobody cares about how mildly offended you feel over someone’s fanart or someone’s favorite otp or someone’s cosplay, you ignore it like a normal human being, you don’t hunt this person down and make their life miserable like some rabid ass child! You’re not promoting activism! You’re promoting cyber bullying and no way in fucking hell do you have any right to justify any of your bullshit. It wasn’t warranted. None of these people deserve to die, NOBODY DOES!

You are all cancer! You need Jesus! Fuck all of you! 🖕🏻

Hey, I don’t care about SH vs Coleneti anymore, at least not right now.

I am being harassed and cyberbullied by Zumpie. She even just accused me of causing people to self-harm by tag invading:


I stopped talking about her over a week ago and she still goes into my blog and posts why she thinks my post is stupid and dumb no matter what it is. 

You know how so many of you liked my post about Bree? This was her response:


It doesn’t matter what I post or what tags I post it in. Everything I do is tag invading and everything I do is bullying. 

THIS HAS TO STOP. If you hate me, that’s fine, but I doubt you hate me enough to be okay with this. We are a fucking fandom for celebrities…who don’t know we exist. We act like Coleneti vs. SH is so serious. IT’S NOT. But, this is.

Stand with me against this. REPORT HER! REBLOG THIS WITH YOUR OWN RESPONSE. MAKE THIS A THING. PLEASE! So that I am the LAST person she treats like this. If you go back in her blog, you will quickly find out, I’m not the first. 

And, I’d like to add, before you respond, I counted how many posts she mentioned my name or a slur of my name on. It’s now over 140 in less than two months. That’s harassment. Don’t believe me, this is since June 11:


Robin Cross comes to Palmetto State not knowing how to drive. The Monsters take it upon themselves to teach her how to drive but like hell Andrew is going to let her learn on the Maserati so she actually learns how to drive with Neil’s car(which they get that same year too.) In reality, it’s Katelyn teaching her behind the scenes with her own car(she’s more patient and willing to give more instruction than the monsters who are more like just stick the key in the ignition and drive.)
Once she learns to drive, she loves it. It’s freedom. It’s her being able to get from point a to point b,  making the world a smaller place to explore without fear of who’s around the corner.

Levihan Week 2017 Day One: First

I’m making a short return to Tumblr to participate in the Levihan Week on Tumblr! (I offered help on the prompts, so I thought it only seemed right. I threw this together yesterday in a car with my mother and her cousin frustrated because we kept getting lost XD) Very Levi centered, I always loved this about their relationship and its the only thing I wish they could have put in the anime.

I may be returning again to Tumblr for this BUT only this week. I think I’ll only be on hiatus for five-six more weeks. I’m rambling lmao!


(Title) Kindness

It was unexpected. Kindness was foreign to Levi. The only people that had ever been kind to him were his mother, Farlan and Isabel. So a stranger being kind was naturally unheard of.

In the Underground, everyone looked out for themselves and even if they did have companions, they saw their companions as expendable. Levi thought that was stupid- why bother having friends when you aren’t loyal to them? 
He’d always been loyal to Farlan and Isabel. One could dare say they were like family. The scruffy pair were all he needed. Levi didn’t need anyone else.

Just because this strange woman was being kind to him didn’t mean he needed her. Why would you need a stranger?
But everyone needs kindness, and the snot nosed Scouts he met so far including Erwin Smith had treated him as a weapon.
Levi knew he was fast and very dangerous, and had abilities unique to humans. However, everyone was different. How he saw it was that it didn’t matter that he was faster and more dangerous than anyone. (That definitely helped stealing in the Underground though)
The fuss to Levi was unnecessary.
Or so he thought.

“I saw it you know.” The trio heard a breathy, excited, giggly murmur just loud enough for them to hear. He could tell his two friends blood ran cold like his. Maybe they were too loud? Had they given their plan away? Had one of them said the wrong thing?

Cold metal greeted his warm hand.

Then the intrusive woman spoke again in a much louder voice, more cheerful than secretive. The innocence was evident in her shrill voice.
“The decisive moment of course! That was really amazing!”

The bizarre woman walked away with no trace of defeat, (despite her sparkling chocolate eyes fading a little as her Titan-sized grin slipped) another odd thing was that she was so upbeat, but her words and attitude to him stayed in Levi’s mind. She directly spoke to him, asking him questions similarly to Erwin yet she had a more informal tone. She acted like she was speaking to friends, the way she happily sat down with them and slapped Farlan and Isabel’s backs. The act of kindness was unknown to them too, the two also used to being treated like criminals. She didn’t look down on any of them. Her intentions were clearly to talk to Levi, but she was very happy to talk to them too.

It annoyed Levi and Farlan and Isabel, yet they felt that with someone like her around, the Scouts wouldn’t be so bad. That was why meeting her stayed in their minds.
Levi would never say, but it was nice that she was the first person to be kind to them.

As much as he tried to, he couldn’t forget her name. Her kindness mattered to him, although he knew what a cruel world this was: so he was hoping that was the only thing about her that mattered.

anonymous asked:

SMH SNS you're so transparent 😂 I mean "Sakura you deserve someone that respects you" meanwhile you hate her and called her a whore boy crazy.. Why don't you say you just don't want the bitch Sakura to be with Sasuke while Ino,Hinata, and Karin can because even SNS ships SH like lol. Y'all just wanted Sakura to end up alone also you like NS cause you don't like Naruto only Sasuke that's a fact! Stop being hypocrites and saying you cared for Sakura smh, everyone in the fandom hates her SNS

Hey, I was waiting for you to show up in my inbox with some stupid anon hate. Did my words hit a nerve? 

meanwhile you hate her and called her a whore boy crazy

Oh yes, that’s why I have countless debates with various people (even outside of Tumblr), protecting Sakura. I’ve never called Sakura ‘boy crazy’, but, nice try.

Why don’t you say you just don’t want the bitch Sakura to be with Sasuke

Because Sasuke doesn’t love her? Because I know that Sakura is worth more? Because their relationship is unhealthy? Because Sakura could do better? Because Sasuke is unhappy? Because they’re a broken family?

while Ino, Hinata, and Karin can because even SNS ships SH

I only ever said that Sakura should go with Ino. I don’t ship, or even like the idea, of shipping Sakura with either Hinata or Karin. And no one in the SNS fandom ships SH, but, nice try. Again.

Y'all just wanted Sakura to end up alone

1. Stop generalising.
2. If I wanted Sakura to end up alone then why would I make a post where I mention at least 4 people who would be good for Sakura?

also you like NS cause you don’t like Naruto only Sasuke that’s a fact!

I like NaruSaku because I don’t like Naruto? I’m actually worried that you might have taken something before writing this ask.

I like Sasuke, yes. He is my favourite character, yes. But, does that mean I automatically hate the other character? Your logic is pathetic.

And why are you saying ‘it’s a fact’ like you know what’s inside my brain? There’s only so little you can find out about me through Tumblr. Sorry about that.

Stop being hypocrites and saying you cared for Sakura smh, everyone in the fandom hates her SNS

You had fun? Got it off your chest? Good. Now, kindly, fuck off.

With all this talk of racists White talking about not going to see Black Panther because ‘people are being annoying about it on Tumblr’, do people really believe that they’re so important that they think stupid ass, racist internet trolls deciding not to go is going to put a dent in the amount of people who’s going out to watch this movie?

When was the last time a Marvel film flopped? I’m not a Marvel/DC fan by any means, because I think comics are downright awful. But has any film connected to the greater Marvel verse flopped? I’m dead serious. I honestly want to know - when was the last time a Marvel film released in the last decade flopped? 

Black Panther is a Marvel film, and Marvel films don’t flop. 

Just because racist internet trolls are trying to find any arbitrary reason not to watch this film in theaters doesn’t mean that’s going to stop the average Joe from watching this film. I even saw someone say that ‘13 percent of the U.S. population isn’t going to be enough to make this movie a success’ and I’m confused. Do people really think that Black people only exist in the United States? Even if only Black people went to see this movie, there are still Black people in other countries. 

Besides, the average Joe doesn’t care about your arbitrary racist reasons for not going out to see this movie. They’re going to see it regardless, because it looks interesting and exciting to them.