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I haven’t seen this info floating around Tumblr, so I’m putting it up here.

Starting June 30th, 2017, Tumblr users will no longer be able to log in to Tumblr using AT&T-affiliated email addresses! If that’s you, go get a new email address! The Tumblr Help Center had a list of domains that will no longer work, and instructions on how to switch to a new email address.

tumblr mobile has decided to start grouping likes/reblog by post but they don’t like… show you what post it is. it’ll just say “59 people reblogged your post” and then you click on it and it’s just their names, linking directly to the main page of their blog. no way to go see the reblog or even just see the original to figure out what post 59 people reblogged

@staff this is the OPPOSITE of helpful

“Do you really need the ch–”
“Shut up, Sherlock.”

Batch of Kindness 2017 is off to a great start! As of the afternoon of 20 June, 121 people in 33 countries have pledged to participate in the fandom’s 4th annual kindness day in celebration of Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday. Find out more at batchofkindness.com. ❤️

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Hello I was on my phone when I clicked on a link to one of your comics called Eavesdropping and the first pic was flagged for NSFW???

oh my god not again

so yeah hey new folks tumblr keeps flagging my duck posts as NSFW because apparently it just can’t handle all those feathers, so please give feedback saying otherwise because it’s a real pain having to check back on my own work to see if it’s happened Yet Again (I never make NSFW content, I’m pretty sure, unless you count duck kisses which tbh I don’t even know what that counts as…)

did a mermay thing. It’s a narwhal mermaid who’s found herself in a tropical coral reef. 

Apparently tumblr is being weird with external links right now, so you can find a link to my youtube channel on my main tumblr page, where you can watch a process video of this if you’d like. It’s a lot of effort to go through. It’s ok if you don’t.

Teacher Au 2/3

Middle School
Teacher Au 2/3

-Tyler and Ethan are both elective teachers in the computer science department, so they teach all grades (6-8)
-Ty’s curriculum leans more towards programming and sort of? hacking? while Eth leans more towards graphic design and animation and stuff like that
-Ethan likes to make his class contribute to the latest dank memes because he’s a memelord and it’s fun for all of them
-Their classrooms are right across from each other and they’ll often drop by if they have a free period
-During the transition time between classes, they both stand sort of outside their doors to say hi to their students and make sure nothing bad is happening in the hall; they also use this time to tell each other shitty jokes
-Tyler has a coffeepot in his classroom because he’s extra like that and he’ll sometimes bring Ethan coffee while he’s teaching
-Sometimes they carpool because they live relatively close to each other and they hang out after school because they’re great friends and they don’t really have anyone to go home to
-Tyler has a hard time grading everything because a lot of the projects he assigns are really complex, Ethan will sometimes come over to help him grade stuff
-If there’s teacher drama going on, one will always be on the side with the other and they support each other when one of them is feeling down
-They’re both fiercely proud of their classes because many of their students are very talented
-Ethan will print out a lot of the designs and tape them all over his room, Ty’s room is also filled with them because Ethan just wants to share stuff
-There’s sort of a friendly banter/prank war between them and all the kids are on it and it’ll be like “what’s the silliest thing we can program Ethan’s computer to do when he receives a notification” or they’ll like program his cursor to not show up and in return Ethan and his class will spam their google drive with memefied Tyler edits or whatever
-The artistic kids sometimes draw Tythan fanart but it’s not that shippy so they don’t realize they’re being shipped
-Tyler and Ethan are always the first people to start dancing at the middle school dances to encourage the kids to join too and there’s lots of videos on Instagram and snapchat of them laughing as Tyler tries to teach Ethan how to do a waltz
-They don’t even realize they’re being shipped until they’re voted “best couple” in the yearbook like five times in a row

that feel when

you usually blog on mobile but then one time you go on desktop and everyone’s icons are different and then you go back to mobile and you’re so confused (someone add a pic I’m on mobile)