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I didn’t
how much of you
was still in me;
This rising
a fragrance so strong,
I didn’t know
I carried it;
How I bore
your shadow,
these faint grey
growing unobserved at
my fringes;
How I was
heedlessly consumed
by the ghost of your
that scattered
as it touched
How I remained
till someone new
looked deep into my eyes
and asked

“who was he?”


ive had … a real heck of a couple months , and this past week had been rly rly rly bad . ive been dealing w a rly futile thought pattern and … i think im finally okay , its taken years but i think im okay and it feels too easy but considering the state ive been in it rly … hasnt

its going to happen again but ive finally reached a conclusion to one hell of a personal journey and at least if it sparks back up ill have this experience to ground me as well as the ppl who have helped me thru this the whole time

that being said im very very very exhausted and i will be very very slow to answer IMs and the like


Doctor Who




Steven Universe


Rick and Morty

Dream Daddy

Everything Tumblr loves collectively is eventually turned on and ripped to pieces sooner or later.

Undertale and FNAF used to be the toast of the town, now they’re considered ‘cringe’ games. Also screw that Sans is Ness meme; it was inconsequential and you idiots drove that into the ground.

People used to love the themes and ideas of Rick and Morty and now it’s considered edgy and 'fake deep’ even though nothing about the show has changed since Season 2

Steven Universe and Voltron… Do I even need to go into that?

Whenever Tumblr latches onto some new piece of media I am very wary because the cycle almost always continues.

Tumblr destroys all that it loves before moving on to the next activity

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.