tumblr was being stupid

  • SNK: All right fandoms Listen up!!!
  • It would appear that we’re being attacked by 4CHAN.
  • Apparently HOMESTUCK isn’t affected
  • .
  • HOMESTUCK: Why would we be we have weird gay alien porn.
  • Plus the comic is a bloody mess itself.
  • HETALIA: HOMESTUCK were suffering hard here.
  • DR.WHO: Same here.
  • DMMD: I mean I have gay porn too but…
  • SNK: Anyways I know we all fight but tonight we fight as one. We will drive 4CHAN out and show them that they cannot defeat us!!!
  • SUPERNATURAL: As much as I hate to say it but HOMESTUCK is kinda our secret weapon, they’ll be able to handle whatever is thrown at him when it comes to gore and porn.
  • HETALIA: Yes and I will make food and send Germany to fight!
  • DR.WHO: We got this.
  • DMMD: Hey we can fight too or swoon them over * sarcastic smile*
  • SNK: ALRIGHT!!!!!!!* raises sword* TUMBLR MOVE OUT!!!!!

which side of the coin are you on?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS I HAVE HERE, blamedorange!!!! She constantly makes me laugh with her amazing humour, no matter how weird and eccentric it may be. :p

Have a doodle of your ultimate OTP you nerd I love you platonically!! ;D

Find the coupling fanart for this from n-a-d-h-i-e and fanfic by snogfairy because we’re all the Lyredy queen’s minions too. ;w;


High school AU?

This is so late omg >  <

I want to dedicate this to my favorite and precious sinnamon rolls hyakyuyas tfwnohaise ihavetobenkyou hiiragishinya-s and my 2 most favorite artists beansofyuki and xnotchii123!! I wanna thank you all for being my friends on tumblr and even putting up with my stupid art block (sorry ; - ;) You guys are so precious gdi I would kiss y’all but half of you are on the other side of the globe *cries

Anyways plz enjoy this while I fling myself out the window


Hii (。´∀`)ノ if you don’t recognize this url its because I used to go by aogir-i Uhm…tbh I don’t really know what to say!? I was going to write this huge sappy speech but it feels weird  now that I’m actually sitting down and typing it. So I’m gonna make this short.   I never even expected this blog to get past 500 followers so to now have it at 10x that, well, I’m a bit shocked to say the least. Thank you guys for making my tumblr experience so much more enjoyable and fun. It really means a lot to me that you decided to follow this anime-trash blog haha ♥ ♥ ♥ And since school is starting soon, here’s hoping for a great school year!~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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