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“I know how to keep a secret, Miss Kitty,” Clint replied, only a slight edge to his voice. He offered a hand out to the thief to help her up off the cold, wet rooftop. He’d caught her mid-heist and effectively thwarted her antics. At least for tonight.

Felicia groaned as she accepted his help. All the years of doing this, foiled by a stupid puddle. If word of it got out, she’d never be able to live it down. “I suppose you want every back.”

“That would be the general idea, yes,” Clint replied, just a little smugly. He was getting better and better at this little game of theirs—hunting and catching and securing the stolen loot from his prey.

Pidge: Okay, so help us out

Lance: Wish I could, but I can’t

Lance: Well can, but won’t

Lance: Should, maybe, but shorn’t

Hunk: Lance, please

Lance: What part of shorn’t don’t you understand, Hunk? 

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Are you getting my asks Allie? I don't know if Tumblr is being stupid and eating them again. I would love to tease Harry in public, maybe you're at dinner with Anne and robin, and get him so hard under the table he can barely focus on making conversation. Watch him squirm. Then you'd probably have to pay for it once you get back home or th next time you go out but it'd be worth it : D

I’m going through them and I have some of them saved, so if it’s specific, ask me and I’ll let you know.

Yeah, Oh god, teasing him in front of his family?!
“What’re you doin” he says low in your ear, munching on a piece of bread.

“Nothin” you chime out.

“Baby girl …. hands off”, and when he says that - you just ride your hand up farther and he inhales a sharp take or breath.

“Harry love, you alright?” Anne would ask.

You’re not looking at harry, just taking a sip of water.

“Yeah, uh, jus’ bit my lip”

“Right, what was I saying?” Anne gets back to her conversation and you’re palming his now hard on.

“So gonna pay for this. Gonna rip your little pussy in half. Right after we eat. It’s my turn to eat”, he promises. 

And then - you are SCARFING food down your throat.

@ackerchou I’m sorry I have to (link?) you to this, but my tumblr isn’t allowing me to submit this to you.

I don’t know what I’m inferring/ proposing with this, but I am.

This is honestly more a poop post than anything else, but anyone who isn’t @ackerchou should follow them. Great stuff.

Okay I still have like 150+ asks to get through but Tumblr is being so stupid about typing and not lagging horribly, and it’s almost midnight. I’m giving up and going to bed. More tomorrow, I promise. ;’)

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☆ -candy-glasses.

✮- And a name to hear their real feelings for them.

Okay Tumblr is being fucking stupid I’ll reblog with an answer in a sec


Okay so I know this isn’t Dan and Phil, but recently I’ve been trying really hard to practice my drawing skills. This is a (half) drawing of Black Widow that I’m actually pretty proud of, and if you guys could tell me what you think/give me some constructive criticism, I’d be really grateful. Thanks! 😊

P.s. Sorry for the bad quality, I don’t know how to scan this on to the computer or whatever, so I just took a photo of it :/

P.p.s. Tumblr is being really stupid (as usual) and keeps deleting this post before it reaches my blog, and this is my third try, so sorry if there are multiple versions of this post floating around 🙄