tumblr was being stupid

“Down With Cis”

I’ve seen this term being used a lot on Tumblr by a lot of stupid people. What I’d like to tell you, social justice warriors, are these simple facts.

  • The current president of the United States is cis.
  • The candidate you’re going to vote for during the elections is cis.
  • The creator of Tumblr himself is cis.
  • The creator of the most sjw–crammed fandom ever (Steven Universe), Rebecca Sugar, is cis.
  • Every single president of the United States (so far) has been cis.
  • Your biological parents are most likely cis.
  • Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Nicolas Cage, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, Marie Sklodowska-Curie – these were all cis people! And they all did great things in their lives that every one of us feels grateful for today.

So why, social justice warriors – why do you pretend as if all cis people are scum? Does not undergoing the process of changing your gender suddenly make you less of a person than someone who has?

Fuck no. Because your gender doesn’t define your personality or how much you achieve in life. It’s hard work that makes that stuff happen, but all you people do is bitch and moan about how oppressive cis people are. Even when they’re not doing anything to harm you. They’re just being themselves.

Tldr; please stop saying “down with cis”

Here’s jack and cry. I saw their tweet about they respect each other and I think it’s cute. Also I seen some people ships them and they’re like, “septicry!” Or “collab together” or think it’s cute, or something like that. Personally, I think “crack” would’ve been a better ship name for them, but then again, it’s probably not a good idea ^^;;

Tumblr is being stupid and blocking things almost nobody disapproves of. Tumblr is suppose to be a safe place where we can all be ourselves, regardless of anything. Tumblr is a place where we can all share common interests and connect to people. Tumblr, this ‘sensitive content’ issue is one nobody wants. Please fix it. @staff



Bucky Barnes x Reader Request Fic

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2785
Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Swearing, NSFW (18+)

This is a repost of an Ask sent by @this-kitty-has-claws because Tumblr mobile is being stupid. @justreadingfics hope this works better for you.

He was so damn nervous it was making you nervous.

The big, tough, strong as ten men, super soldier practically quivered where he was laid out beside you.

Bucky Barnes, the man with the tragic past, amazed you more and more every day.

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