tumblr was being stupid

I am a brave and fearless soul (she does)

I told mom and the bros they were welcome and if they went digging too deep and struck TMI they should just click exit and never mention it to me :p

Also since mom likes to keep journals of pictures that make her happy I thought she would really like tumblr (she does)

hi! i wasn’t planning another follow forever for a while, but tis the season! we all need some positivity as we near the end of this terrible year, and also i was bored. so here’s an update, in (mostly) alphabetical order. i love you all for the content you put on my dash, keep doing what you’re doing, and also thank you so much for tagging properly! 💕  (and of course, if i missed anyone i’m so sorry! just hit me up and tell me that i’m useless.)

bold - my heart is yours | italics - mutuals (listen, i don’t really know who i’m still mutuals with, so if we are and i didn’t mark you as so, you can let me know and i’ll fix it!)

💖  - the true MVPs - 💖

@gray-autumn-sky i met you this year! you’ve been one of my favorite writers for a long while now, and i lowkey flailed a little when you started talking to me. still do sometimes. you’re so nice, and i brighten up a little every time i see you’ve left me a message. i hope that doesn’t stop any time soon. thank you for indulging me with spoilers and also just reaching out to say hi! it all means so much <3

@idoltina ♡ i met you too this year! so 2016 had bright spots. you’re amazing, you’re so talented, and i’m forever grateful and flattered that you share your writing and your writing woes with me, even though i’m useless at helping you figure it out most of the time. thank you for ever making me wonder what kind of dog my favorite character would be and why she’d be so bitter about it. here’s to more au’s <3

@jdthemdtobe ♡ this nerd right here. wow. what would i do without your puns or your pickup lines, or your virtual cats (it’s been a while, are they ok?), or you just being a nerd? you’re seriously such a great time, and that’s honestly the main reason i decided to smother my anxiety for a chance to meet you in person (which didn’t happen sadly; the curse of 2016). so until the next opportunity, take care of your computer, and i’ll sit here waiting for an update on those cats <3

@mindykahling ♡ my boo! you just get me so well. i probably have the most in common with you than anyone else on here, and it’s really nice! i still haven’t given myself a chance to read wrath and the dawn, but it’s on my nightstand, and every time i see it i think of you and how i’m letting you down. i promise not to buy another book until i finish that one. and of course, fuck thank you for pitch, that one dimple on kylie bunbury’s cheek is what i live for <3

@the-alpha-incipiens ♡ we got saltmarried this year! and almost saltdivorced that one time. but it’s fine. ranting and tossing headcanons back and forth with you is such a good time, and i’m forever grateful for you indulging me when i send you writing things that will never live up to anything of yours. it’s been a while, and i miss you, but i hope you have a good rest of the year <3

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Pidge: Okay, so help us out

Lance: Wish I could, but I can’t

Lance: Well can, but won’t

Lance: Should, maybe, but shorn’t

Hunk: Lance, please

Lance: What part of shorn’t don’t you understand, Hunk? 

“Down With Cis”

I’ve seen this term being used a lot on Tumblr by a lot of stupid people. What I’d like to tell you, social justice warriors, are these simple facts.

  • The current president of the United States is cis.
  • The candidate you’re going to vote for during the elections is cis.
  • The creator of Tumblr himself is cis.
  • The creator of the most sjw–crammed fandom ever (Steven Universe), Rebecca Sugar, is cis.
  • Every single president of the United States (so far) has been cis.
  • Your biological parents are most likely cis.
  • Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, Nicolas Cage, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison, Marie Sklodowska-Curie – these were all cis people! And they all did great things in their lives that every one of us feels grateful for today.

So why, social justice warriors – why do you pretend as if all cis people are scum? Does not undergoing the process of changing your gender suddenly make you less of a person than someone who has?

Fuck no. Because your gender doesn’t define your personality or how much you achieve in life. It’s hard work that makes that stuff happen, but all you people do is bitch and moan about how oppressive cis people are. Even when they’re not doing anything to harm you. They’re just being themselves.

Tldr; please stop saying “down with cis”

which side of the coin are you on?

Today I finally hit 3,000 followers! Honestly this is crazy because I was freaking out when I had 100 followers and it’s crazy to say 3,034 of you decided to follow my blog.

I’ve had this blog for 2 months and 22 days and I wouldn’t change a thing about creating this blog, I was originally a BTS and BigBang (barely) blog and I’m so happy you guys still decided to follow me even when I posted EXO, 17, Monsta X, and so many other groups.

I don’t know man, I’m just incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and I’m not so good with words just know I appreciate and love all of you ♥

But holy hell I didn’t realized I followed so mant people

Bolded are mutuals

Italics are just blogs I love so so much.

(And because Tumblr is being so stupid right now I’m going to have to post this in sections because it said my original post is too long :’))) )


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Moodboard Gif Hunt Part 29

Here is a gif hunt with 500 160x160 moodboard gifs. One or two might be the wrong size but close enough that it’ll still look fine in a moodboard. All of the gifs should be under 2mb. Only the first 10 under the cut were made by me of the gifs were made by me but I did resize some of the rest. Sorry for any repeats.

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