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Where do you get inspiration for those types of [emotional] moments?

“I’m kind of sadly obsessed with Fitz. I get so emotional thinking about him and thinking about FitzSimmons and their relationship. And I think I’m just so invested in it at this point that it honestly doesn’t take much.”

Tumblr vs. Real life
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Hi im Asexual<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> omg you dont belong in lgbt no one wants u here lol, ur not oppressed enough ur basically straight<p/><b>Me :</b> Hi im Asexual<p/><b>Real life Pride Parades:</b> ok cool here are some beads go party<p/></p>
  • me: *checks OC background, finds out it's pedophilia because of no tomorrow's tea backstory*
  • me:
  • me: why do I even bother anymore
Random rambling

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it - I mean, probably every anti-(insert book/author/fandom/whatever) has noticed, but yeah - there is this trend in reviewing beloved books that doesn’t involve any criticism, although there is actually a lot to talk about.

Because I am a piece of shit, I’m going with Throne of Glass. 

DISCLAIMER: You might have guessed it already, but this is not about bashing the author or the book. This is an observation of mine and Throne of Glass is the most popular example of so-called “reviewers” to sugarcoat everything. And since I’ve read Throne of Glass myself, I chose this example, because it wouldn’t make any sense to go with popular books like “Red Queen” or whatever since I haven’t read them. Got it? Good.

So, Throne of Glass is a beloved book series, the fandom is huge and watching this hype from afar, I came to realize that one could think Throne of Glass is flawless. Or more like “There is like this tiny thing that doesn’t make sense, but OH MY GAAHWD ZIS BOOK IS STILL SOOOOO GOOD.” 

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You get what I mean.

Acknowledging that a book has flaws and pointing them out, whilst also pointing out the good things, sounds like a good thing to do in a review. And as long as it is done in a believable way, there is no problem with it.

What is a problem though is simply lying to your audience. 

Here comes the reason why I’ve chosen Throne of Glass as an example: Before I read the series, I’ve seen big YouTubers and trustful reviewers talking about the first book as if it was the cure for cancer. It was praised and obviously loved and I was like: “Hey, that sounds like a really good book! And I am in desperate need for a good book!”

So I went on to buy the book and I read it. I was underwhelmed. I was “Hm, okay, taste is subjective, so maybe this one was just not for me”, but then I realized this nasty tendency that every popular book was praised as a cure for cancer.

I can already smell the bullshit here.

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Liking a book as a reviewer is one thing, but if you really want to review a book truthfully, you have to think critically. Ask yourself basic questions like “Does this plot make sense the way it is written? Are the characters believable? Why are certain things happening the way they happen? Where is a proper explanation for this or that phenomenon?”

Whilst reading Throne of Glass, I’ve asked myself these things and I couldn’t help but to feel that the story was weak, that gaping plot holes existed, that there was a lack of explanations in order to keep everything a secret, that some things didn’t make any sense, that the deus-ex-machina-card was played in an unnecessary way. And that’s only considering the plot.

Which is way, as I said, I was underwhelmed. You could say, I was disappointed, because the premise was just so promising. And if I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought that these Booktubers who praised the books just read the blurb and nothing more.

Listen, this is not about diversity or anything like that. As I’ve stated in a previous post, it is up to Sarah whether she wants her world to be a certain way or not and it is up to the publishers and editors to decide whether Sarah’s world fits their program or not.

This is about basic writing skills. If you are not able to write consistently, then I have to ask myself why the publisher or an editor hasn’t pointed out these obvious problems and inauthenticity. The thing with Throne of Glass - and this is my opinion, so don’t lynch me - is that it sounds like a roughly edited first draft. You could have easily edited out half of the content of the book and we’d still have a basic idea what the story is about.

So, why did big YouTubers praise it? Because that’s how criticism works today. You want to critique a beloved book? Well, better keep it to yourself, because your arguments are already invalid.

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And I hate to see people getting all offended when you are trying to point out plotholes or inconsistencies and putting words in your mouth you never said.

an honest reviewer: So, the book was an ok-read, though there are some things about the plot –

Why. Just. Why.

Can we please stop that? Can we please to lying to people about books and their quality? This, guys, is part of the reason why inauthentic books are getting published day after day after day. Because reviewers don’t tell the truth, they rather animate their audience to by this popular book and whoever says bad things about it, is just a hater. 

With this book-buying-behavior we encourage publishers that the books they are publishing are good, that they are wanted, when in fact there are so many people who thought it was just not good and wasted potential. 

And that’s just said. We’ve created this devil’s circle and now it is nearly impossible to break it.

Great. That’s really motivating me to keep reading books! (not)

I am always going to love Marvel. They were my first comic books, I panted with the masses at midnight premieres, and I’ve parked myself on my couch for every show. When it comes to comics and to television, they have characters that are widely identified with because they represent more than one small subset of humanity.

But when it comes to their films? There are so few characters to whom I as a woman, and that anyone else that doesn’t fit the specific checklist of white, straight, and male, can actually relate.

DC? They are killing it. That diversity that all of us want so much for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not only being promised over at DC, but being delivered. We have Gal Gadot with her own Wonder Woman movie, we have four women and more than one POC playing leads in Suicide Squad, we have Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Dwayne Johnson in Shazam!, and we have Ray Fisher as Cyborg. With Marvel, all we have to look forward to, in the 13 films slated to be released before 2020, are two movies led by someone who is not both white and male.

I may always love Marvel, but I’m starting to love DC. They’re the ones who deserve it right now.

My life is a Tumblr post. Allow me to explain.

I went into Taco Bell today with @vintageandroid. We fall into the millenial category (more her than me), and we got stuck behind a baby boomer who was about as entitled and rude as you could expect (if they’re going to be). Not only was she treating the cashier like she was stupid because she didn’t know how big the  quesadilla in the box meal was, she kept confusing her and talking over her, and if that wasn’t enough… when her order came out, she pretty much lost it. She didn’t shout, and that’s the only point in her favor. But she complained to the guy bringing the food, told him the cashier didn’t know what she was talking about, (now mind you, she’d agreed to order the food anyway, even though she didn’t know the size of one item), complained about how ridiculous it was that they charged a whopping 33c for a side of sour cream, and said she would go somewhere else next time because it was soooo ridiculous. Like a Mexican restaurant because they’ll give you sour cream for free (since when). She was also rude enough to accost a guest or possibly other cashier on break because they “looked like” someone else, in the middle of her order.

Meanwhile, VA and I were patient and polite the entire time, thanked the cahsier girl repeatedly, told the server guy it was fine that it was taking a while (while the lady had her quiet tantrum), and smiled repeatedly at the poor cashier. The lady, in an attempt to I suppose “explain away” her behaviour, said she’d had flooding and hadn’t any access to a fridge because she’d been in a hotel for 3 weeks and her floors were torn up, and when the cashier attempted to commiserate, she just talked over her, saying she couldn’t  ~imagine~ how it must have been for the people in Florida, despite the cashier saying she’d been in Florida over a holiday when the hurricane had been there.

So it was kind of glorious when we received our ~perfect~ order, and the server guy gave us a reward of cinnamon twists for our politeness and patience, right in front of the rude lady out of spite.

I’m still laughing to myself over this.