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they look at you and say,

they look at me and say,
     look at him
     look at those red-stained hands
     look at those cracking bones 
     look at those ghosted eyes
          those serrated teeth
          those hellbound feet
he is the wretchedest picture i’ve ever seen

i look at them and say,
     listen to him
     listen to this haunted breath
     listen to this trembling pulse
     listen to this creaking skeleton
          this shotgun voice
          this hollow footfall
he is the purest melody i’ve ever heard

i call up to god and say,
     see the holiest blasphemy that i know
     see the sweetest damnation that i know
     see the happiest tragedy that i know
i swear even you cannot wrest him from me

—  your name is the only prayer i believe ( j.p. )

i come back
and the city looks the same.
the streets are still dingy and crowded and loud.
the walls are still peeling and the floors still creek.
the door still doesn’t quite fit right in the doorframe.
but the sun is still bright and blinding
and the breeze smells like sweat and men and home.

you come back
and i look the same.
my fingers are still bony and thin and breakable.
my heart still shudders and my lungs still falter.
my fist still shakes with rage i never learned to contain.
but my tongue still wraps round your name soft and familiar
and my eyes look like stolen kisses and shared blankets and safety.

we come back
and life looks the same.
money is still scarce and tight and never enough.
winter is still deadly cold and summer is still suffocating.
the fire escape is still the best damn spot we know.
but our hands are still clasped and entwined
and your lips taste like hope and promises and future.

—  we could pretend. just once. ( j.p. )

your father always told you 
be careful of things that are too good.
the ones that burn too bright,
or taste too sweet, 
or sound too poetic.
he said they call it too good to be true for a reason.
he said you should learn from the old wisdoms
but he said you’d forget it all when you really need it.

your mother, she always said
not to trust the star-studded boys–
     (or heaven forbid, fall in love with them)
the ones with gold-spun hair and summer sky eyes.
she said everything looks like gold in the right light
and blue skies are always waiting for thunderstorms
and star-studded boys are always waiting for the plummet.

but here’s the thing they never told you:
knowing this won’t ever stop you.
it won’t even help you. 
sometimes you’ll even wish they’d never told you
so that you wouldn’t have to walk in with eyes wide open
looking three steps ahead at the shadows grasping for you
     whispering, watching, waiting, wanting.
sometimes you’ll wish you’d never known at all
so that you could pretend it was a fairytale for a little while
and forget that legends never end without a bloodbath
and no hero ever lived long, or died happy
and nothing this good can last for long.

and here’s the thing they didn’t know to teach you:
no one you love is truly dead and gone
until your name is carved in stone next to theirs
and your bones are clasped tight around theirs
     (like the wedding ring you never got to wear)
etched in the fossils of history

—  and the world has bled and burned for what it took from you ( j.p. )

i fell in love today
with a stranger in my bed

oh, and my soul was singing his name
before my tongue learned its shape
oh, and my heart was beating his pulse
before my ears learned its echo

the taste of his tears when i kiss his eyelids
the scratch of his nails against my scalp
the warmth of his skin when he holds me

it falls somewhere between the cracks of my voice
     behind the iron bars of my ribs
     into the hollow of my chest

it falls somewhere i didn’t know was empty
until the stranger in my bed filled it for me

they tell me i fall in love again
every day and every day
with the stranger in my bed

—  but i don’t know why he is crying tonight ( j.p. )

anonymous asked:

Why DO you draw Rose's hair like that? Hell, Rose seems to be the only one in Homestuck who can keep their hair from getting some kind of spike jutting out of it. Well, Rose and Equius, I suppose. As with her boobs (post-meteor), it seems counter to her depiction in the comic. This isn't a complaint (I think she's adorable), I'm just curious about your stylistic choice.

i think the way i drew her hair basically started when i read someones headcanon that she had a pixie cut and i thought that was cute. and then i kind of figured my own thing??? plus i dont like the idea of rose having a bob lmao……………….. like that is so not rose im sorry

as for the boob thing i know there was a panel and some poetic tumblr user screep cap’d and wrote, “congrats on your five pixels of boob, rose” so i mean i guess theres that? but i really dont care cuz in my heart rose is a beautiful transgirl who doesnt necessarily care about that kind of thing so shes cool w/ being flat n i really love rose lalonde