tumblr user dennys

oh my god, denny’s sent me an ask.

hello denny’s, we should be friends. do you know why we should be friends? i freaking love denny’s that’s why.  

let me tell you about my relationship with denny’s.

denny’s is like my second home. ever since i was a kid, denny’s has been there for me and given me a little slice of wholesome in my life. when i got an A+ on my math tests, i wouldn’t put them on the fridge… i’d bring them to denny’s, and hang them up on the wall. denny’s was- no, is my family. when i got up in the morning, i would always go straight to the neighborhood denny’s and get my favorite booth right when it opened. 


i’ve been to denny’s all over the country, trying out all of the menu items and getting to know the staff. i have so many friends that i’ve connected with at denny’s, or even just talking about denny’s. 

before i knew it, i became a denny's celebrity. 

that’s why i was so happy when you followed me, denny’s. it’s like a dream come true to see the restaurant i know and love out there and connecting with people like me. even if it’s just a simple ask, knowing that you saw my blogging experience and saw how much i love and appreciate the denny’s culture… 

it just made me enjoy the world that much more.

that’s why i think we should be friends, official Denny’s tumblr. 

that’s why i’m glad you sent me this message. :’)