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Quidditch Player Keith! (Voltron Hogwarts AU) (RedBubble)

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I’ve been meaning to get back into watercolour forever, so that was the perfect excuse to slip these two into Karasuno uniforms! It’s such a tricky medium but the results are so so beautiful  ♡

Who are we kidding tho Keith would obviously be in Nekoma

anonymous asked:

Do you read fanfiction, if so do you have any awesome overwatch fic recs? I love your art so much!!!

I’ll have you know, I read fics on a daily basis. No matter how long or short I’ll read them if the tags intrigues me. So yes I do got recs for y’all! (These are mostly just r76 fics just FYI. You all know by now that I’m a huge reaper76 nerd)

So here’s a list of awesome fics! You’ll find them on AO3!

Your Guardian Angel (r76)
by EpsilonWrites

When We Were Young (r76)
by JudgeCoffee

So long and goodnight (r76)
by kriegersan

In the language of flowers (r76)
by sgtbaarnes (CastielsTeaCabinet)

I’m Comin’ Home (r76)
by momopichu

Poison Gold (r76)
by Bambifawn

Dizzy on the comedown (r76)
by dorvalante

Two creams one sugar (r76)
by Shaylaakajoker

Roadkill Curse (r76)
by sirotcinec

Through The Aether (r76)
by Kerrigore

Twice Dead (r76) 
by Kerrigore

Trust me there’s a lot more but I don’t won’t to overload this ask ^-^’’’ They are in no particular order btw.