tumblr tragedy

One of the saddest things a person could tell you, “Remember when that used to be our thing.”
But the thing is people change. People drift apart. Now, all we have are memories.
Give me the tale of the star crossed lovers without the tragedy. One where they didn鈥檛 die, where their love was stronger than their families hate. Give me the story where they wouldn鈥檛 be remembered as a tragedy. That when they lived everything, dark and destructive would be laid to rest with all the forgotten tragedies. Give me the story where these two lovers had a happy life one filled with happiness and joy. That when they lived all things bright and beautiful would be remembered with them as it should. That they wouldn鈥檛 be a tragedy, they were soulmates who were happy.
—  a happy tragedy.//t.c

Για να κρεμάμε όλα αυτά που μας λείπουν και όλα αυτά που φοβόμαστε να χάσουμε…

She was the girl that touched heaven.
But little did she know,
that once you’ve touched the sky,
you don’t want to return to the ground.
—  Elysium

I figured I’d do a Plague Dogs picture too (written by the same guy who did Watership Down). This is Snitter
“A black and white fox terrier. Unlike his friend, Rowf, Snitter was once settled into a home. After he lost his master in a road accident with a truck, he was sold to the laboratory. The scientists in the lab have performed numerous brain surgeries on Snitter, merging his conscious and subconscious mind. This causes him to have nightmarish flashes and dreams at random times, whether he is asleep or awake. Frequently he hallucinates the sight of his master approaching, and turns round in joyful greeting, only to find there is no one there. Once he and Rowf escape the lab, Snitter is determined to find another home for himself and his friend. Snitter is the most hopeful character in the book, and the most mysterious, since he can have several strange ramblings concerning his condition and past events. While he and Rowf are swimming out to sea, he has a horrifying vision of a man torturing and killing all the animals of the world, including some the existence of which he could not possibly know about, such as whales.”