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Color palette from @color-palettes!

You bought me roses,


More burgundy than red

And sure they were rather beautiful,

But I liked them better dead.


tumblr user @youxidol has been writing imagines and using reposted gifs from a multitude of fandoms. i’ve seen my gifs being reposted twice, as well as the gifs of other users in the mx fandom. after contacting them and asking that they either credit me or take it down, they simply messaged me to contact the people who originally reposted my gifs , thus shifting the blame away from themselves. after further conversation, they agreed to take down the gif when they were off mobile so they could, essentially, replace it with another reposted gif.

here is a screenshot of the conversation and here is a screenshot of the gifs that were reposted, as well as the original posts here and here. as a gifmaker, i take pride in the gifs i post and all i ask is that they aren’t reposted. tumblr has implemented a function that allows you to use the gifs of gifmakers with credit, and the fact that this user has just been stealing gifs (and for a long time too) is just disrespectful to every person who’s put effort into their gifs for others to enjoy. 

His name is Squishy he’s a squirrel blob and I had to do each pose independently so!! here you go!!


- Ezra Miller as Azriel

(A Court of Thorns and Roses)

I can only say so much with these words you’ll never hear,

As my words aren’t meant for you anymore.

Do you like reading? Do you like drinking?

Then go check this awesome blog out: @scrawlandspirits! This is my older sister, who I have finally dragged into the realm of Tumblr mwahaha.

But no, really. She does two different segments - Literary Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. She reviews books she has read - and she’s doing an awesome reading challenge to complete before the end of the year. She also reads at superhuman speed, so she may have already accomplished it haha. And then she highly enjoys going to breweries and trying all sorts of new alcohol. She’ll tell you the name, how it tasted, where she found it, how highly she recommends it, etc. Don’t worry. She’s also as much of a nerd as I am. Hit her up about Harry Potter sometime.

It’ll take her some time to get fully set up, but go check it out and give her a follow! Make her feel nice and welcomed here, like you lovelies have done for me!

Lastly… Welcome, sister. Welcome. >:)

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So I heard someone out there wanted a Tea?

It’s Saturday!!

It’s Saturday and you all know what that means!

I’m stuck at a very quiet job for the next 10 hours with nothing but time to write.

Send me a request with a character, a pair, a scenario, a scribble, a song even (pretty much whatever you want) and I’ll turn out a short fiction peice for you ^^

Last time I did this there was a lot of Saeran! I wonder who’s popular this week? o.o

Also a big thank you to everyone who commented and reblogged recently!!! You have no idea how exciting it is to see those alerts on my phone!! I make this little squee and people irl look at me funny XD so if you wanna embarrass this writer just reply to a fic LOL


t w e n t y   o n e   p i l o t s ;   v e s s e l  {insp}