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So I heard someone out there wanted a Tea?

I am a broken shard of glass reflecting
whatever is around me. The difference
between me and a chameleon is that a
chameleon does it to protect itself; I do this
because it’s all I know. My identity is not
even fluid because fluidity still requires
substance and I am all black hole, hollow pit,
hungry void. I am an empty moon hanging
in a sky full of stars wondering where they
find their light because I tried to search inside
of myself for something to call my own and
there was only gravel, hard sharp edges pitted
with craters where I dug too deeply under
my skin. My orbit centers around whoever
is around me and I build solar systems using
their resources, taking bits and pieces from
each planet and fusing them together until
I have something I can hold in my hands but it
still isn’t mine, nothing is mine, I want to
excavate my bones from my flesh just to have
something I can call mine but I am nothing,
I have nothing, I exist only as a reflection
in an ever-changing mirror.
—  Martina Dansereau | Reflections

Hey ya’ll, I’m interested so please add yours onto this:

First rare opened from a booster: Gigantomancer

First planeswalker opened from a booster: Dack Fayden

We’re sitting in these lovely floral seats today with Doctor Who and Torchwood writer Toby Whithouse curating some posts for Doctor Who Tumblr. He’s writing for series 9 as well so we had a LOT of questions for him yesterday in BBC America’s twitter Q&A

We’ll be tagging the posts Toby chooses with #TobyWhithouse so keep an eye out for them! 

Just figured this out but...

Apparently if you have an ask, you can actually save it to drafts or queue it up like any other post??

When you’re answering the ask, you hold the Alt button and the option on the ask (which normally just say Post) change to Save to Drafts and Queue.

I guess I can now schedule asks to drop at random times?

Or I could work on an ask and then save it for later??

I feel like like I just discovered fire!

Dear tumblr, in January, you told us Charlie and innocent Jewish bystanders weren’t enough. You told us more people died in Kenya, Palestine, more people that we didn’t care about, that we didn’t feel grieve for, apparently. You blamed us for caring too much for racist cartoonists.
Now, you’re telling us that over a hundred death toll and 350 injured still isn’t enough. I wonder what is. And I hope we never get there.

My Pastor told us the FBI contacted him about increasing security at our church

I forgot to tell yall! Last Sunday my pastor told us the FBI and the head of our police department contacted him about increasing the security at church and that they would be patrolling more. Now our church is organizing active shooter training for the congregation and ushers. We are also purchasing a security system. It’s real.