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Let me show you a thing. It’s a way to share your fanfic (often SWTOR, though all is welcome). It’s the Short Fiction Weekly Challenge thread, the Tumblr edition of the SWTOR forums’ Short Fiction Challenge!

Tuesdays and Fridays the SFWC dips into the five years’ archive of prompts and posts new prompts, too. Pick an old one. Pick a new one. Pick one that was featured weeks ago. Years ago. Anything you want. The possibilities are endless!

How to join this fun? Post your story somewhere online. Tumblr, personal blog, wherever. Then head into the Submission box for the SFWC.


An example is below:

The submission text can be anything you want. Common fields include fandom/setting, rating, prompt name, spoiler warnings, content warnings, characters, and/or pairings.

Question for @shortfictionweeklychallenge: can we tag you directly in story posts to get reblogged to the main blog, or should we always /submit?

…Έπειτα, ψηλαφιστά, παρατηρώντας προσεκτικά γύρω μου, ανακάλυψα σταδιακά ποιο είναι εκείνο που σε κρατά δέσμιο: είσαι δεσμώτης του εαυτού σου. Ο μόνος υπεύθυνος για τη σκλαβιά σου είσαι εσύ ο ίδιος. Μόνον εσύ και κανένας άλλος, άκου που σου λέω!…


運命とバランス (Fate & Balance)

According to ancient East Asian belief, originating from Chinese mythology and is also used in Japanese mythology, The Red Thread of Fate is tied around the ankles or little fingers of two people who are destined to be together by the gods, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may tangle and stretch, but it will never break.

Ink on 7″x10″
June 5, 2015


Last Saturday I made a new wrap for the students of my recent weaving workshops to see. Big thank you to all of you who made it! This traditional warp making technique is almost lost since it is very time consuming and physically tiring but I am so glad people are willing to know more about it! Special thanks to Koulla for bringing us some delicious pittes tis Satzis!