tumblr theme design

A theme for fans of classic first-person shooters and those who love sharp rectangular shapes!

Well, it looks like I finally finished the overhaul. I doubt I can add anything more nor do I have any desire left.

For some reason Tumblr thinks the HTML code is invalid (searching around I found out that I’m not the only one), so I can’t submit it. This means that you have to install it manually.

To manually install the theme…

  1. download the theme from here: https://goldsrc.tumblr.com/download
  2. open the text file with a text editor of your choice
  3. select and copy all the code
  4. go to the customization page of your blog and click “Edit HTML”
  5. delete all the code there and paste the code of the Gold Source theme
  6. click “Update Preview” and after it finishes loading click “Save”

The theme features…

  • partial localization
  • rich customization options
  • sound effects
  • support of all post types

…and probably something else.

Hope you like it.

Introducing “Oscar” - Free Tumblr Theme for Personal Blogs

Demo | Install

Theme features:

  •    Fixed sidebar
  •    Custom background image, colors, font sizes, post width
  •    Custom note buttons colors
  •    Support of hi-res images for all post types
  •    Avatar for retina displays
  •    Google fonts
  •    Disqus comments
  •    Follow widget with 14 social icons
  •    Custom meta title
  •    Google Analytics
  •    Looks good on any device

Play with sidebar background color and background image opacity to create different image overlay effects.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any NYC themed rooms? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Hi :)

There are a few things you can get for an NYC themed room:

1. Learn to do a DIY masking tape skyline like below from here.

2. Get a large NYC artwork/wallpaper to be a main focus in your room. Find some here and here.

3. Add NYC bedding/pillows. Buy some here.

4. You can buy NYC street-name decor with your name printed on it from here.

5. If you have a bookshelf fill it with some NYC themed books e.g. the Humans of New York book which you can buy here.

6. Lastly some industrial lighting is a must! It reminds me of NYC studio apartments and would look really cool in a bedroom. Buy here 30% off.

Hope that helped! xo

Getting Hate

I think it’s funny that my posts keep getting hate on them.. because: 

1. the accounts that hate on me have no icon, no description, and no other reblogs other than the reblogs of MY posts they are hating on

2. majority of the hate posts I get are talking about how ugly my theme is or how my graphics are ugly …. like go ahead continue, I’m not gonna stop making them or personally liking my designs, you don’t have to like them

3. obviously the accounts that are sending me hate are specifically made to send me hate which I find interesting because I personally don’t understand how anyone would care enough or have enough time to send anyone random hate messages

4. the accounts that send me hate will say 2-3 shitty things to me and then never post again

5. yeah, I did claim one time that I liked my tumblr theme and design but that was so long ago now… so unless these people have been stalking me for months why would they get the impression that I’m bragging about my theme/graphics… unless its a follower/mutual

6. some accounts say that I’m trying to get attention by posting my graphics and you are literally correct….. congratulations. why would I spend time making those if I didn’t want other people to see them, like them and spread them?

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Tumblr theme: Koi Carp

I just finished my new Tumblr theme and sent it off to the Tumblr theme garden for approval. Koi Carp is a responsive, minimalist theme built with Flexbox. Before this theme, I never heard of Flexbox, now I’m loyal to it’s incredible easy workflow. I do wish it was more widely supported though. 

You can download/preview the theme here: http://koi-carp-demo.tumblr.com


Selected GIFs from the gifartistscollectiveThe GIF Artists Collective holds a monthly GIF challenge for the GIF Artists of Tumblr. Previous themes include ‘360 Degrees’, 'Winter’, and 'Restart’. GIF Artists included from top to bottom, left to right: carlburtonwavegrowercycloinmotion, eightninea, fullertj29thfloor, beesandbombs, konczakowski, pi-slices