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Through the Glass (Strangers in the Night #11)

AU. Strangers who meet young. Stuff happens. 

This just came to me watching the rain right now. Hope you enjoy it :)

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It was on a cold, snowy night that she saw him for the first time.

The world was wrapped in white all around their small townhouse and the little snowflakes were continuing to fall. For a few hours, she’d been out with her dad, tasting the snowflakes on her little pink tongue, making small balls with her hands and wetting her thick mittens. But the chill had gotten too bad so she’d come inside to her warm, delicious-smelling house, had cleaned up and sat her tush on her chair beside the dining table.

It was then, while drinking from her hot cup of chocolate with the marshmallows as night fell outside, while her parents sat before her with their backs to the large windows, that she saw him.

Gaunt. Thin. Pale.


He looked so cold. His teeth visibly chattered in the wind she could see blowing outside, the paleness of his skin matching the falling snow. And in that pale, thin face of overlong, messy blond hair, she saw those sad blue eyes, blue like the beautiful sky on a clear day. He was looking into the house, his eyes roaming all over the place, taking in everything with such longing on that tired face that her eyes filled.

He caught her looking at him.

Fear flashed across his face.

And then, he was gone.

Before she could utter a word.

She went to her warm bed that night, thinking of the cold boy with the sad blue eyes.

She went to her soft bed, an eight-year-old who didn’t know her life had changed.

She caught him outside her window the next night.

Her little heart beat faster when she found him, leaning against the glass, peeking inside her small bedroom. Before she could stop herself, she climbed down from the bed and without turning on the lights, went to the window.

She leaned her head back at looked slightly up at him, seeing his blue eyes widen for a second upon seeing her awake. Tilting her head to the side, she took in the thin, ugly sweater he wore with a small hole near his shoulder, the jeans that had faded to an almost light color, and the scuffed shoes. Then, she peeked down at her own thick red socks, her tummy hurting for him.

But she couldn’t invite him inside. She couldn’t talk to him either. He was a stranger and talking to strangers was bad.

Biting her lip, she looked back up into his sad eyes, and slowly placed her tiny hands on the glass opposite his.

His hands, just slightly bigger than hers, shook.

Before she could question herself, Felicity ran back to her bed, plucked out her favorite blue blanket - with the big brown wolf looking up at the big yellow moon that her mom had made for her - and dragged it to the window, almost falling down twice under the weight of the thing.

The boy watched her quietly, stepping back when she opened the window, thrust the blanket into his arms and slammed the glass down again before he could snatch her away.

She saw the boy look down at her favorite blanket in his arms, saw his fingers curl around it, and saw him look up.

And she grinned.  

His eyes weren’t so sad anymore.

She woke up extra early the next morning, just to see if he was there.

He wasn’t.

Quelling the disappointment down, Felicity jumped to the kitchen, a new mission on her mind.  

He came that night, wordlessly, soundlessly, wrapped in her blanket, and pressed those hands upon the glass.

She got down from the bed on her tippy toes, wordlessly, soundlessly, and pressed her hands against his.

Then she snatched the Tupperware of pie she’d been saving for him the whole day, opened the window a peek and thrust it into his arms before slamming the window down again.

He looked down at the box for a long time, his lips trembling, before looking up at her.

And she knew, without a doubt, he would be back.

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“cisphobia, ‘reverse’ racism, male rape, etc. is ok because of the system!”

If you hate someone based on something they can’t control, guess what, you’re an asshole. No amount of projection onto the world around you magically alleviates the responsibility of being an asshole. It’s like watching 11 yr olds say “b-but they punched me in the school yard first! So that makes it ok!”

No. It does not. If being an asshole erased the rest of the assholes, then by that logic war would achieve global fucking peace.

Why Craig McCracken is a Genius

Anybody who follows my work as well as my most frequent postings and discussions knows that I LOVE animation. I sincerely and confidently say it is the greatest art form in the world, simply because in one way or another it’s every art form combined. It’s drawing, painting, acting, film making, special effects, literature and music all at the same time, and while cartoons get the unfortunate shove as being nothing more then non-intellectual “kid’s stuff”, the field has produced some of the finest achievements in art of the 20th century as well as the 21st so far. But much like any art form, the field is only as great as it’s artists and what they bring to the table. There are many great animators and animation directors that any enthusiast can point to for inspiration like Rebecca Sugar, Lauren Faust, Genndy Tartakovsky, Don Bluth, Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Hayao Miyazaki, Sitoshi Kun, and of course the most obvious answer Walt Disney. While I have great admiration and nothing but respect for the artists above, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the genius of the man behind the shows I bring with me throughout my childhood and even adult life. The creator of such shows as Powerpuff Girls (which incidentally he collaborated with Faust and Tartakovsky on), Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Wander Over Yonder, Craig McCracken.

Make no mistake; there is a reason this man is so heavily respected and regarded in the current landscape of western animation, and you know a McCracken cartoon when you see them. But what exactly makes his work stand out? What is it about the cartoons McCracken has produced and directed that makes it so accessible to such a wide audience of kids and to an extent adults? How is it that whenever I put on an episode of Fosters or Wander Over Yonder I’m immediately put in a good mood and am enthusiastic about life? Well, after watching and studying his work I think I can boil it down to a few elements which, incidentally I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts before.

1. Beautifully Simple Character Design

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Aesthetically speaking, what do the Powerpuff Girls, Bloo from Fosters Home and Wander all have in common? The answer of course is that they are deceptively simple designs that all take a very minimalist approach. So many household names from cartoons are memorable but their designs can often be so complex that if one were to try and draw them from memory, even as a skilled cartoonist, they’d have just enough trouble that they may forget a few key aspects of the design. With McCracken’s designs you can draw them likely in less then 2 minutes, especially ol’ Bloo from Fosters Home. You just draw a little pac man ghost with little flipper arms, circular eyes, a grin and a straight line at the bottom and you’re done. One might think these designs are very limited because of how minimalist they are with how you can express them, and if you’re feeling particularly like a snobby Jackass you might call it lazy. But in truth these design choices are the most practical you can get as they give you all the essentials of the character with nothing superfluous. First, because of how quickly you can draw them by that very nature they are also SEVERAL times easier to animate, and with the added aid of glorious modern day technology (when it’s not crashing that is) producing high quality entertainment quickly has never been easier. Second, all the essential parts of the character are there. Each character in a show is a distinctive shape not replicated by any other character, meaning that if you were to put them in a silhouette you could easily recognize who is who. Also, the whole art of animation is expressing character and personality through motion, which is where the acting part of the field comes in. Just by mannerisms, typical distinctive poses and even the very nature of their walk cycles we know exactly what kind of person each character from these shows is. We know the Powerpuff Girls are only innocent on the surface level and in truth are actually quite violent and gruesome (unless you’re watching the new horrendous show that completely misses the point of what makes the original so great), we know Bloo from Foster’s Home is a mischievous egotistical little trickster who is always causing trouble and we know Wander is a happy go lucky optimist who only seeks to bring happiness to all. Sometimes the best way to go is to not think too hard about it and let the main points of the character come through with no additions holding them down or distracting from the point.

2. Creative Yet Broad Show Premises

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*This is my new favorite Gif*

I have to imagine each one of these shows had beautifully smooth pitches to get them funded (except maybe Powerpuff Girls because of the violence) because they have such imaginative and original premises that can be summed up so quickly to anyone who wants to watch and they leave themselves open to so many different types of stories.

*A boy visits his Imaginary Friend at a Foster Home where he and many other Imaginary Friends go on all sorts of hijinx or adventures, along the way saying goodbye to imaginary friends who find a new home*


*a superhero parody where a bunch of seemingly innocent and adorable little girls are actually quite violent and aggressive, and the show plays off of superhero stereotypes while also challenging typical gender roles*

Done. Great simple premise with unique concept not explored before. Take my money.

I’ve said before that it’s important for a show to have an easy to grasp premise, especially for children, because the easier it is to understand the more accessible it is to a larger audience. Plus because of the broad nature of the summary you can tell any kind of story you want between episodes. Premises like these  have story ideas that just write themselves; it’s why the family sitcom of middle class family with idiot father and hot overcompensating wife exist, because everyone can relate to having a family and the dichotomy of a couple where one is the straight man putting up with the ceaseless antics of the other. Wander Over Yonder is a  particularly good example of this because quite honestly all you need to know is “A couple of do-gooders wander the galaxy making new friends and incidentally run into an incompetent arch enemy a lot”. It’s basically just Road Runner but it takes place on a new planet every episode. 

3. Color!!!!

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Craig McCracken KNOWS how to use color. It gives all of his shows such a warm inviting feeling because it’s all so bright and either blends nicely or makes decent contrast. This may seem like a minor point, but You’d be amazed how quickly a bad color palette can ruin a show for an audience. the color choices of these shows immediately attract the attention of the viewer with it’s positive vibes and satisfying placement. Plus each character has a color scheme appropriate to their personality (or more accurately they contrast, appropriating a common theme in McCracken’s work; polar opposites hanging out with each other). The goodhearted reasonable and well behaved Mac is red, but his mischievous trouble making fun loving imaginary friend Bloo is, well … . blue. The happy-go-lucky Wander is orange, but his logical and pragmatic best friend and steed Sylvia is blue. The leader Blossom is pink, the innocent Bubbles is baby blue and the tough tomboy Buttercup is green. They remain consistent with these choices and much like the contrast of these characters physical appearance it makes it all the more apparent that the characters themselves contrast too.I don’t know what else to say about it, but just TELL me you don’t watch the intro to Fosters Home and get all hyped up in the process!


4. Surrealist Humor

One thing you’ll notice about these shows is that they aren’t afraid to be weird, Fosters especially. They take every chance they can get to have something surreal happen only to play it off moments later like it never happened. I think that’s always been a great strength of McCracken’s shows. A huge part of comedy is playing with expectations: nobody ever gets a laugh out of something predictable. But another great and common aspect of comedy is stark, jarring contrast. I once read a WONDERFUL book called The Humor Code by Joel Warner and Peter McGraw, that was all about studying what makes people laugh, and they brought up a theory in the book that comedy is all about violation + benign. Something is jarring to our senses but we quickly find out it’s actually nothing to be afraid of. Hence why being tickled by someone we love makes us laugh: it’s a violation of our personal space, but we know our loved one wouldn’t actually hurt us. But it wouldn’t be funny if we tickled ourselves because it’s not a violation, and it isn’t funny with someone you don’t trust tickles you because the violation isn’t benign. This can also happen in reverse: something that initially lowers our defences turns out to actually be harmful or annoying or bother us in some way. I’m not necessarily saying this is the be all and end all of comedy as it’s only a theory, but I think you could apply it to McCracken’s work. His cartoons are littered with moments where a character does something strange or random or out of the ordinary and nobody bats an eye, or maybe it’ll shift in perspective about how large the situation at hand is. An immediate example that comes to my mind is the episode of Wander where a planet is attacked on a huge scale by a destroyer of planets called “Buster” …which actually when you zoom out it turns out it’s an adorable little puppy just playing with a ball. Humor is largely subjective, but if you ask me . . that shit is funny.





has been making numerous contributions to the field of animation throughout his career and has gained notoriety for the shows under his belt . . and rightfully so. He understands pure and simple what cartoons are all about: simple, down to earth, easy to access entertainment that’s fun and leaves you in a good mood. Some television can be considered junk food like reality tv shows (cheap to produce, quick to make, advertised well but loaded with garbage), and others can be considered fruits and veggies like Breaking Bad or The Simpsons (they make you a better person and challenge your sensibilities), but sometimes all you really need is a light simple snack. One that’s colorful, sweet, and maybe even a little nutritious. McCracken delivers in his work with original premises, accessible characters, bright inviting colors and a delightfully weird sense of humor. God bless ya, Mr. McCracken!

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Do you believe phan is real? (Sorry if youve answered this before ! I love hearing your opinions and am curious as to which side of the penny your thoughts are based on 😊 thanks for being awesome ☺️☺️)

surprisingly, i’ve never received this question directly so i don’t think i’ve ever explicitly given an answer to it. while i have some pedantic quibbles w the phrasing “phan is real,” as i think the implications are a bit problematic, i do believe that dan and phil are romantically involved and i don’t hesitate in stating that or assuming it in the opinions i express on this blog. it’s probably been obvious in a lot of my answers/posts (examples that come to mind: the ‘will they move apart’ speculation, the fanservice discussion, the explanation of why i generally refer to dnp as partners, my reaction to the boncas, etc.), but i guess i’ve never taken the time to explain why i feel this way. 

in my opinion, there’s an abundance of explicit confirmation that dnp were romantically involved back in the beginning that, to me, becomes even more compelling because of their efforts to hide and delete those confirmations years later. these examples, along with a confluence of other very obvious truths (they’ve never had other partners in seven years, they’ve chosen to live together for so many years despite not really needing to for financial reasons or anything else, their lives are built around and with each other, etc.) make me feel very comfortable in my analysis that they’re together. i feel that there are two main reasons that people still deny the possibility of their romantic involvement and i’ll try to briefly address each: 

-heteronormativity. it’s just a fact that if dnp were not both male and all of the facts of their circumstances were exactly the same, no one would even question their involvement. (please excuse my rly simplistic enforcement of the gender binary in the ensuing explanation, i obvi don’t feel that gender is limited to male and female but it’s just easier to use that for the point i’m making). if a male and female lived together for 5+ years, and constantly spent the night at one person’s place/traveled across the country to visit each other even before living together, people would take it as incontrovertible proof of romantic feelings. if a male and female were to act the way dnp do around each other–namely, constantly flirting, teasing, touching, staring–and instill the amount of love and respect into their every interaction the way dnp do, no one would question their romantic feelings whether or not they’ve explicitly confirmed it themselves. if a man and a woman went on their dream vacations together, seemed to exclusively hang out with other confirmed couples, shared ownership of most of their belongings, chose to spend most of their waking moments together, and consistently valued each other over everyone else in the world for years and years and years, all of which dnp do (#confirmed), no one would have any doubts left. this is without even getting to a lot of the infamous tweets and dailybooths and formsprings and skype screenshots. for some reason, it seems like a lot of people think that accusing two MEN of being romantically involved, in a way that they would unflinchingly do to a man and a woman, is in some way rude or offensive or insulting–derogatory even. i think that a lot of people feel that it’s unfairly assuming too much, as if queer people don’t have to spend most of their life dealing with people assuming they are straight. it’s just… very hypocritical to me…. in the highly unlikely chance that dnp really are platonic het bros, i think they’ll be fine in the long run if a lot of people ~assume~ they’re together. and they don’t really do a lot to actively dissuade that assumption. if they’re non-het but not involved, i still think that they’ll be fine. my point, ultimately, is that the assumption of romantic feelings between dnp first of all isn’t even much of an assumption (it’s underlying literally every single thing they do and there’s a lot of evidence that, unless they’re literal psychopaths who took the time to fabricate a shit ton of stuff that implies they’re together, speaks for itself), but secondly isn’t an insulting assumption to make. 

-their own denials of their involvement. there have been a few times where they (mostly dan) have themselves denied their romantic involvement. dan has angrily posted to tumblr that the idea of dating phil is disgusting and laughable to anyone who knows them. he’s outright said things like, “those of you who only watch me because you like to fantasize about me being involved with my friend…” there was a time where they’d explicitly state they were single. but the issue for me with these denials, and using these denials as evidence of their relationship status, is that they’re being taken wildly out of context. most (if not all) of these assertions against the notion of phan being real were made in the aftermath of a huge privacy invasion that ushered in a fuck ton of scrutiny on dnp’s relationship status at the same time that their viewership was growing at unprecedented rates. they’d not been together very long at that point (only a couple of years), dan was going through a tumultuous period of dropping out of college and choosing to devote his life to this still fledgling career as an entertainer. neither of them were in any way sure of the longevity or potential success of those careers, and to actively choose in that moment of immense uncertainty to pin their professional viability on the durability of their romantic relationship would’ve been an insane risk to take. what if they only gained in viewership because of their relationship from that point forward?? what if their audience would only be invested in them as “entertainers” to see their relationship unfold? what if the relationship didn’t last or ended badly? they’d not only lose each other, but they’d also lose their jobs. that’s not to mention the obvious basic concerns of privacy, and keeping their personal lives for themselves to share and cherish. at the end of the day, dnp were and still are a closeted couple. they choose to be for many reasons. and in a moment where a huge piece of potential “evidence” of their relationship status was exposed to the world, they did all they had to do to stay closeted and to keep their relationship status private. unsurprisingly, this includes lying. 

idk, there’s a lot more that can be said about this topic and i don’t want to keep rambling on. definitely message me if you have more specific questions as i’m always down to elaborate on any of these points. i of course understand people who feel uncomfortable stating w certainty that dnp are together when they take such efforts to leave their status ambiguous even now. and obviously a confirmation of romantic involvement is not necessary to enjoy the chemistry and love and joy that they so obviously share with one another. ultimately their connection will always speak for itself and is at the heart of everything they make. all of the discourse around their own personal label for that connection is, in many ways, superfluous. 

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Just a heads up but I guess Halsey did something stupid in an interview and a ton of people are pissed. There is a #halseyisoverparty thing on twitter and people are pulling out some of her gross tweets from like 2009 that she never apologized for. I don't know, I'm just standing on the sidelines waiting for more info to see if I have to drop her now. I hope I don't because she has expressed learning from her mistakes and apologizing for them.

Are you going to believe the hype tumblr and twitter make when most people on tumblr and twitter hate her for no reason. Just scroll down the tag for two minutes and you’ll see its Iggy stans trying to start dumb shit over this quote:

“…there’s a lot of people I wouldn’t put on my record. Iggy Azalea: absolutely not. She had a complete disregard for black culture. Fucking moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.”

Like…how is that a lie??? Also I live for when they try to recycle shit from like 8 years ago as if she wasn’t a literal teen in like middle school when she posted that shit and then pretend that people can’t change as they grow up. Ashley’s haters really need to get a grip.

Here’s the link to the article if you want to confirm the quote: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/jun/22/halsey-you-can-be-homeless-and-a-one-direction-fan-at-the-same-time

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I'm kinds upset at Thomas right now, so that last imagine kinda got me. That boy better learn to share!! And he better clean my place and come with gifts if he's gonna make me be late for my date 🤷‍♀️ who does this man think he his?

And you know what? 

I am actually about to post the one shot about this…


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I found a ritual on Tumblr.

I don’t leave my house that much. My social anxiety doesn’t allow me to. For that reason, I spend a lot of time on Tumblr, posting original stories and reblogging whatever catches my attention. Most nights I stay up into the early hours of the morning, spiralling into the darkest depths of the creepy shit people post. Conspiracy theories, paranormal experiences, gruesome stories – you name it, I’ll read it. It’s kind of like 4chan without the child pornography.

The other night I was doing my thing at around 3am – the time people refer to as “dead time”, when spirits and demons and all that freaky shit are at their strongest. I rarely sleep before 4, but even when I get tired I wait until after the dead hour is over. The idea of something watching me while my eyes are closed makes it impossible for me to fall asleep.

On that particular night I was scrolling the paranormal side of Tumblr, in the tag containing games and rituals designed to bring out ghosts and ghouls. Normally I avoided that particular tag, but tonight my curiosity got the best of me. I didn’t believe I could make a spirit appear just by chanting a few words, but it still freaked me out. I stumbled across one particular post about a game that caused a man to appear in a mirror, who would answer any questions you had about the future. This freaked me the fuck out – I hate looking in mirrors even during the day, and this ritual had to be performed at night – during the dead hour. Call me boring, but that doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

Two days later, I got a call. My mother had lost her job, and she couldn’t afford to keep hiring nurses to take care of my sick father and pay their mortgage at the same time. She tried to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal because she didn’t want to worry me, but I could tell even over the phone that she didn’t know what she was going to do. I offered to send her part of my paycheck every week – I work as a freelance writer at home – but she wouldn’t hear of it. She told me she’d figure something out.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. The ritual that was meant to tell me my future sprang to mind. It wouldn’t help the situation, but I couldn’t bear to wonder what the future would hold for my parents. I still didn’t fully believe that the ritual would actually work, but it was worth a try, right?

I pulled up my Tumblr page where I had reblogged the post, and started to read the instructions again. A large candle, any colour, and a mirror in a room with no windows, or windows that can be covered. Sounded easy enough, it meant I could do it tonight. I kept reading.

“Cover all windows so the room is pitch black. Place the candle behind you on the floor and sit in front of the mirror. You should just barely be able to see your own reflection.”

There were a couple more instructions that I’m not going to post here in case anyone is stupid enough to try it. It’s a pretty simple but very specific ritual – one wrong step means it won’t work at all. I bookmarked the page so I could refer back to it tonight, right before I started. I gathered up some blankets to cover the windows and my large candle, and went about my day.

2am rolled around – time to start preparing. I put up the blankets, tucking them in at the sides so no light from the street lamps outside peeped through. I read through the instructions again, making sure I was ready to go. And that’s when I saw it.

Right at the bottom of the page was a warning. I was positive it hadn’t been there earlier – I had read and reread the post multiple times. The post had been edited.

“Warning: do NOT play this game under any circumstances. If you end the ritual before the man says goodbye and disappears, he’ll be able to use the mirror as a portal into our world and follow you around until you lose your mind and kill yourself – or until he decides to kill you himself.”

Well, shit. I grappled with that for a few minutes – the catch was a game changer and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it anymore. But then again, it was for my parents’ sake. It was too late to back out now. I decided to keep going. I wasn’t going to end the ritual prematurely – I’d be extra careful to do everything properly. Everything would be fine.

I waited anxiously in the dark until 3am. It was time to start. I lit my candle, my hands trembling, and then sat cross-legged in front of the mirror. I cleared my throat, placed my hand against the mirror, silently grateful there was no blood sacrifice or something, and started to chant. It was just a stupid little rhyme, but the words made my skin crawl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My reflection was pale in the dim light from the candle behind me.

The candle flickered, making a wave of fear pass over me. I stopped chanting and waited. Slowly a form began to take shape in the mirror – the form of a man in a black suit, over my shoulder. He came into focus and I could see his dark hair, his black eyes, his blank expression.

Shit, I thought. No backing out now.

He began to speak, asking me what I wanted to know. “I-I want to know about my parents. If they’ll be alright. Financially,” I stuttered, my hand shaking against the glass. “Please.”

The man regarded me through the mirror and I resisted the urge to turn around, to see if he was really behind me. I could feel that the air in the room had gotten colder, and I thought I could feel cold breath on the back of my neck. Shit.

“Your father is unwell.”


“Your mother unemployed.”

I just nodded.

“You are concerned for them, with good reason. Within the next week, your father will pass away. Your mother will be taken ill, and then she, too, will die.”

I gaped at him in shock. “But- no. That can’t- no!”

He looked at me solemnly. “I trust you did not call me here only to accuse me of lying.”

“No, I- That can’t happen. No!”

I scrambled to my feet. The man’s image flickered, his eyes turning bright red. “Do not question me.”

I turned away quickly, knocking over the candle. The flame went out and I panicked, running to the door to turn on the overhead light. I was trembling all over, my mind racing, wishing I had never started this stupid ritual. I looked over at the mirror, but the man was gone.

So here I am, three days later. I haven’t slept since I performed the ritual, wondering if the man is going to kill me or if my parents will die or if I imagined everything. I haven’t left the house, I’ve just been huddled in my office and trying to find answers. There’s nothing online about this ritual except for that one Tumblr post, so this is my last hope. I have four days left to figure this out before the week is up – can anyone help me?

Growing Up Duggar: Chapter 6

Here we fucking go, this chapter is about culture.  Apparently it is hilarious, so let’s do this thing!!!

  • well it kicks off with some Duggar internet rules, which the girls believe are in place to protect them from satan, but it is probably actually in place to make sure none of the kids realise they don’t have to live in a cult
  • now a big rant about social media being a huge time waster… I see your instagram Jessa…… don’t bullshit me
  • the internet leads to flirting, and before you know it, you are tempted to do cocaine and bow down to Satan - nothing good can come from meeting guys online *ahem Jill* (also on a personal level I met my boyfriend on tumblr five years ago, and it was one of the best things to happen to me SO SHUT UP DUGGARS)
  • never trust a flirty guy, instead go for guys who have no social skills or charisma - it worked well for Jill and Jessa (I reckon Jeremy could be a bit of a flirt when the cameras aren’t running)
  • hahaha they have renamed chatrooms/forums ‘bitter boards’ - you could not make this shit up
  • then we’re told that gossiping is another source of evil, but I feel like if Michelle hadn’t been brainwashed by Jim Bob she would be such a wine mom who loves a gossip :(
  • watching TV is sinful, stay away
  • then they just brag about all the skills their siblings have as a result of not watching tv or something… it is very boring
  • all films contains magic are banned, which makes me very sad for the Duggars as they will never get to see Hocus Pocus, which is possibly the greatest film of all time (and I guess Harry Potter is okay too)
  • oh my god that means they’re not allowed to watch ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’!!!! I fucking love that show
  • they don’t like the fact that some times in tv shows that “dads are portrayed as dummies, moms and over-bearing”… yeah, one comes to mind actually, it’s called 19 kids and counting
  • time to talk music! or lack thereof… basically if it ain’t about jesus, it ain’t allowed
  • they hate rock ‘n’ roll music because it’s too sensual and rebellious, and apparently most popular mainstream musicians die early because of AIDS… I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to see some stats on that one… just please fuck off with this one
  • also don’t wear earphones, because you have to share everything with everyone all the time, you are not allowed even a tiny piece of privacy 

Well…. that happened… and it was terrible

It makes me feel kind of sad that basically everything is banned in the Duggar house, but also they are arseholes about it so I can live with it

I’ve been coaxing my fingers into smaller pieces to comfort the pillow by my side but lately every time I stretch towards the ceiling, I feel like I’m pointing to things I don’t believe in. Maybe being sad is a part of my identity. Maybe walking away is how we find the missing pieces. We’re always looking in opposite directions for sights we’ve already fallen in love with, like the paint on the inside of my heart holds caution to one’s beauty. You existed before I questioned who I was. We skipped introductions to cast a vote against our demise. And though I’ve been trying not to cry at the sound of every door, I promise I haven’t left - I’m just not really here… but you won’t get a chance to miss me, because you never leave my thoughts. My heartbeats are just tiny volcanoes waiting to be cooled by you. Regardless if you’re a calm summer breeze or a wet flower in the middle of spring– I’ve been burning five different lifetimes to ask you if we ever meant anything to you. I still sigh when no one is around, it’s the only time I get to hear your name. I don’t remember us anymore and that’s okay. It does hurt less, but does that make me heartless? My soul has not been right ever since we fell off the earth together and these things do happen. I just never thought that it’d end up like this. Sweet summer love still makes for a warm conversation. Spring breaking down my seasons– everything likes to breathe backwards. I’m out of fucks to give. I’m out to get myself. You’re out there without me and I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad about it. Everything we used to smile about just makes me sad nowadays. Like I can’t eat my favorite ice cream without seeing your silly face with that spoon in your mouth. Like I can’t watch my favorite show without realizing that you used to watch it with me. Like I can’t even write a poem because you got me into poetry. Like I can’t even write on Tumblr because you introduced me to this platform. Like I can’t even love the same because my heart still doesn’t know where home is. Like I can’t even break the same because after all of the shit that we’ve been through– it all ends the same way. The love of my life is still a dagger in the dark. I’ll be honest, I still love you and I’m happy that we met– but sometimes, I drive myself crazy because I can still smell your skin. Maybe that’s my insanity finally snapping with the leaves of autumn. Maybe you’re just a reflex and I have too much on my mind to focus on where to go next. We made it possible to love ourselves into hate and I hate that part of this story the most.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

I literally did nothing yesterday after work, I was a lump and watched movies. So now I feel relaxed this morning enough to actually draw. I’m actually going to color this because Suga makes a pretty crow demon, and also I missed his birthday. Also bless Suga and his beauty mark~

YOU CAN SEE MY BEAST WITHIN AU HERE! :3  I’ve been slow with updates, and it won’t be multiple pages every single time, but so far it’s fun to do~ 


Hello darlings 💞 My name is Kailey and I am on level 20 of life (leveling up in July). I spend my days watching cartoons, putting stickers on my guitar, reading horror books and writing shit poetry. I absolutely adore doing snail mail 🐌💌. There is just something about recieving hand written letters in the mail that makes me smile and honestly makes me feel super special. I would love to send you letters, dead flowers, shitty doodles, friendship bracelets and playlists of random songs :3. Please feel free to message me.


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Holy shit I love you! Your goofy videos make me so happy! I showed your videos to my friends and they love you too! I recently saw the Layton video and I’m dying! Please keep doing amazing videos! (Sorry this isn’t really a question but I just found your tumblr and I love it so much!) I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and could you please put the Professor Layton fuck this shit I’m out on there?

Here you go.  Original audio post here

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Let me address this here and now!

Dear Diabolik lovers fandom,
We need to have a serious talk. I’ve been strolling Through the fandom. Lately you wanna know the only thing I’ve noticed? I’ve noticed HATE AND HATE ANONS. This jelousy and the hate and possessiveness needs to stop now. I’ve seriously become unhappy in this fandom. Which is very sad. I see the accounts who have ocs and are “married ” to the characters which is fine. But I’ve seen some of them in the first time I joined Tumblr like a year to two years ago and I remember seeing some of them say don’t flirt with the characters my oc is married to them. Yes we can see that. They’ve gotten better with we askers talking and flirting. But I also see pardon my language these bitches come out and cause problems with them and @diabolik-misaki (I’m so sorry if you don’t want to be tagged I just adore your blog and I see many issues with hate on you and your account so forgive me senpai xc ) has went through a lot. Yes she’s older let me say this in the nicest way SHUT UP about it. So what she’s older. So what there’s a 16 year old in the fandom. That’s fine! I’ve posted maybe one thing saying my opinion on it. As long as you’re not trying the stuff or at least being mature about it you’re fine. I personally was the youngest out of a big family. My family I was the youngest out of seven so I was exposed to different things (adult things at times) through out my life. I was 17 going onto 18 when I watched diabolik lovers. But this hate in the fandom needs to stop if you hate anons can’t share your favorite character you don’t need to scream at the ask blogs and ocXcanon character blogs and say crap like I hate you. You’re too old. You’re too young.in my opinion if your able to watch it without trying to re-enact stuff you’re fine. This jealousy, hate,anon hate seriously needs to stop because that is exactly what destroys fandoms. IT CAN ALSO PUSH PEOPLE TO SUICIDE VERY RARELY BUT THE SHIT CAN HAPPEN.So please don’t anon Me and say I’m complaining and that it’s bothering you and that it’s making you not enjoy my blog. Because personally I’m not trying to become “Tumblr famous” I’m doing these scenarios for fun! SO i dobt care if this makes you not like my blog sorr but i don’t .C: I’m not going to please people and, I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite. Because someone somewhere will find something they don’t like. Like another thing Is I’ve got bad grammar yes I know but I’ve also got a speech impediment, a lisp, and terrible punctuation. Yes it hurts if people point it out. But words will never be the death of me. So please.. stop the hate,stop the jealousy,stop the anon hate.
JUST STOP IT PLEASE. I really don’t want to see our fandom fall to ruins. So please let’s stop the anon hate, and let’s just have fun! It’s all for fun and love. So please if you’ve read all of this reblog if you want. Don’t diss my post don’t come after me. Because I’m speaking the truth. I’m sorry if my post bothers you but, then again I’m not sorry. Because I’m not the only one whose said this. So just stop the hate. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all I’ve contradicted myself a few times with my own motto but it’s true if we have nothing nice to say we don’t need to say it. Thats all I am saying. Have a good day or evening. Love you all.

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I love yours/ALB's new videos! Such a great concept!! I apologize if you've already answered this question, but how long have you and her known each other and when did you meet? 💖

Awww thank you so much for watching!! 

I think I started following her on livejournal around 2010? We started kinda mutually following each other when people were making the move from lj to tumblr and we had similar interests :D (we both made Shit ___ Say videos! ) 

We first met in person at San Diego Comic Con in 2013

Then before I moved, I used to visit Canada a couple times a year and we would hang out when I was there. When I decided moved to Canada, she helped me scout out places to live and I really like the area she’s in and now we’re 2 subway stops away! <3

Friendship evolution huzzah!  

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Your life quality will immediately improve once you stop striving to be "one of the good ones" to cis people, I promise.

i remember back when i was in high school, i told my girlfriend, in confidence, that i was trans. the next day, the entire school knew about it. i was the only transgender person at that school. lgbt+ people were an incredibly small minority as it was, but being the only trans person took its toll. there were students that would literally stand in front of both bathrooms when i would walk down the hall, so i had to hold my own urine in for the entire school day, every day. i wasn’t even allowed to get near the drinking fountain.

the names i was called, the rumors that were started behind my back, the way almost everyone looked at me, it was a nightmare. school was hell for me. i felt like i could have gotten murdered and no one would have tried to stop it. i even had a teacher that would never give me credit for my homework, even though i always turned it in. i couldn’t even go to a teacher for help. i was alone.

so do you know what i did? i started to hate myself. i resented who i was. i came so dangerously close to suicide so many times i can’t even remember. i began to self-harm. my arms are still laden with wide scars, not those thin little baby ones. i would have sooner died by my own hand than let anyone at that fucking small town high school would.

and i couldn’t handle it anymore. i began dressing in ‘feminine’ clothing again. i grew my hair back out. i re-assumed the gender that people once associated me with, and after awhile, the harassment faded away. i became old news.

that was over 5 years ago. and i suppose that would give me more than enough grounds to absolutely HATE cis people, right? they were horrible to me and honestly almost drove me to suicide. if i hated cis people, no one on this website would blame me.

only up until last year did i finally feel comfortable enough to begin becoming who i was. i finally felt safe enough in that same community to become the man that i’ve known myself to be for the last 10 years. i’m still nowhere near achieving that goal, but i strive for it.

and do you know what helped? being able to explain who i was to my mother, one of the most transphobic, sexist, disgusting people on the planet. i used to sit on the porch while she and my dad talked about how ‘the gays’ were going to hell and how trans people were sick in the head. they were talking about me, and they didn’t even know it. but did i say anything? of course not. i could have made things unsafe for me, and at that point, they weren’t going to change. they weren’t going to magically ‘see the error of their ways’ once i talked to them about how hateful their words were. so that’s why being able to talk to my mother a few years later about it and be upfront about who i was turned out to be incredibly wonderful.

i didn’t use hateful language. i didn’t call her transphobic or tell her that she should die. i talked to her with well thought-out words about how the things she had said and believed were harmful and wrong. and do you know what she did? after a week of not talking to me, she sought me out, and she apologised. she poured her heart out to me, telling me how sorry she was for all of the things she had said. she knew then that they were wrong and hateful, and she was so, so ashamed of herself for having said them.

she’s not perfect. she struggles a lot with understanding how to use the proper pronouns. she’s confused about certain transition methods. she doesn’t yet understand how being transgender has nothing to do with a person’s sexuality. but she listens. she asks questions. sometimes she says things that she doesn’t know are harmful. i had to tell her that even though the t-slur was a common word used back when she was young, it’s insulting and degrading to use now. she didn’t understand why, but she promised to not use it again, and she hasn’t. i am so proud of my mom for coming so far. i honestly never, ever saw it in her future.

do you think that my mom would have wanted to change if i screamed at her? if i turned around and called her horrible names and ‘cis scum’ and acted like all of you self-righteous shits on tumblr? fuck no; that would have made her angry. she would have felt like we’re a bunch of hateful people, and she would have every right to be mad.

what honestly makes you think that being fucking rude and unhelpful to people is going to make them want to educate themselves? what kind of sick, twisted fucking logic is that, huh?

it felt so amazing to watch my mom make the change from transphobic to being closer to me, watching her correct herself when she accidentally misgenders me, telling me about sales on men’s clothes at the store she was just at the other day. she actually looks for clothes that she thinks i’d like. jesus fucking christ i’m in tears about this, she loves me so much. i would never have gotten her love if i’d acted like the lot of you do. never. not in this lifetime, and not in the next.

so you come here and tell me that i’ll be better off being an asshole to cis people? so i can watch their hearts harden towards trans people and refuse to ever want to accept us? you think that i’m supportive of watching people turn their backs on us? why would they do that? oh, it’s because we fucking yelled at them. called them names, but then tell them that they can’t be offended because they’re not actually oppressed. do you fucking think that they’d magically be okay with that and then feel happy and motivated to educate themselves on how to be kind and understanding of trans people?

i want to see the transformation my mom went through happen to other people. i want so many people to understand that the things they say are wrong, and watch them WANT to correct it, because they feel that it’s right.

i don’t think that i would be feeling this good about things if i decided to remain a hateful, bitter person because of some transphobic bullshit that happened to me YEARS ago. no way in hell.

i don’t know what fucking fantasy you’re living in, buddy, but i feel sorry for any cis person who walks near you and messes up unintentionally on something. may god have mercy on their soul.

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so i asked another tumblr used this too but ya i was wondering if you think it's stupid to use a guy as a reason to lose weight. like i don't even want him to like me i just want him to stop making me feel like shit

everyone is gonna tell you that you shouldn’t care what others think. and it’s true. but it’s also true that worlds hurt. image seeing him again at your ugw and watching his jaw drop. do it for yourself, but also to prove everyone wrong. stay strong and fuck what he thinks!


Top 5 (Edit: 10) Ships You’ll Go Down With To The Bitter End!

Tagged by the lovely @gruvia-lolu-nalu-jerza!! SO TERRIBLY SORRY! I didn’t get any notifications for this (T-T) I was scrolling through my activity feed when I saw this! FORGIVE ME! *hugs and cries anime style*


YOSH! So this is not in order cause I love them all so much (maybe the first ship a bit TOO much….ANYWAYS)!!! Don’t bash me if you don’t like any of these ships!

Sorry if I have more then one or two gifs XD

1. Ichigo Kurosaki X Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM?! I AM OBSESSED *tries to stay calm* be still heart, be still…

I shipped them (before I even knew the term “otp”) when episode 1 first came out! They just…belong together. Like, I could type a 10 page essay on why they are perfect together; however, I will not do that. They understand each other. They care for each other (a bit TOO much on Ichigo’s part lol although Rukia is getting there). They are literally the KING and QUEEN; DEATHBERRY; WHITE MOON/BLACK SUN. But, the most important thing about this ship is the way the look at each other - at least to me it is. That eye smex tho 


2. Hitsugaya Toushiro X Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

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Now, I know you guys are probably like “WTF is wrong with you, steph?!” or “Why the hell do you ship them? They never meet in the manga!!” BUT!!! They had TWO episodes that mainly focused on them! I don’t care if they’re filler! Kubo could’ve made those two episodes about other things, like Ichigo and the gang or what goes on in Soul Society other than fighting or even Kannoji! *coughs* anyways…

I think they’re amazing together! They have great chemistry. Plus, I love it when Toushiro protects her from danger! (^3^) I’m just weird like that lol Just look at the HItsuKarin tags and see why I love them!

3. Okita Sougo X Kagura Yato (Gintama)

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Honestly, you have to read the manga/watch the anime to understand why this ship is so so SO cute and obvious! You can even read some of the tumblr users posts about their moments!

4. Natsu Dragneel X Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

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OH.MY.GOD  THIS FREAKING SHIP GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T STAND IT BUT I LOVE IT XD They’re SO meant to be and it’s obvious with the moments they had together!! I can’t explain these feelings lo it’s an emotional roller coaster ridel! They just need to kiss and make babies right now!!!!

5. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

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HNNNNNNNG this ship is AH-MAY-ZING! (yes I know how to spell lol) I just love the development between these two. The reason why I chose gifs of mostly Gray is because of his development in the ship (if that makes sense….? Idk if does but whatever) 


6. Hinata Shoyo X Yachi Hitsuoka (Haikyuu!!)

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THIS ADORABLE SHIP!!! I will seriously go to the ends of the earth with this ship! 

7. Kuroo Tetsurou X Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

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OMG WHO WOULDN’T SHIP THESE TWO!?! Like holy shit man! You can easily tell Kuroo cares about him A LOOOT (same goes with Kenma but it’s more obvious with Kuroo maybe it’s just me).

8. Haru Nanase X Rin Matsuoka (Free!!)

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I swear they seriously need to make out or more cause they way the look at each other…*whistles* But, seriously watch the anime if you haven’t in order to understand what I am talking about XD

9. Sora X Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

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Shipped these two since Kingdom Hearts I came out lol hardcore shipper for these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Namine x Roxas

love love love love love these two!!! I hope we see more interaction from them in KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had so much fun with this!

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If it's still open... Hi, I'm David, 20yo student from Slovakia (if you can find it on a map, you're my hero.) I read a shit-ton of books and watch shit- ton of tv shows both as a reason and result of not having anybody to hang out with. My tumblr is mostly stuff, that makes me laugh when i need to escape reality, which is basically all the time. Heavily into sci fi, fantasy and gay stuff. Oh, and I tend to be a little sarcastic shit ^.^

Ha ha all the best people on Tumblr are little sarcastic shits don’t worry man.

I hope someone reaches out to you… you sound super nice and super funny and it’s not nice not having anyone to hang out with… I know from experience… It sucks so much. But TV and Tumblr helps lol.

Thanks. I hope you find what you are looking for on Tumblr!!!


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Hello! I have deleted my regular tumblr blogs and began a new one. Over the years I've watch tumblr devolve into the SJW shit hole it is today. Can you recommend me any blogs that are similar to yours, so that I can finally have content that doesn't make me cringe on here. Thank you! I appreciate what you are doing here.

hey! are you talking about generally anti-sjw ones?:

i also find any inverted blogs to be quite entertaining: