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Jess. Why am I so obsessed with Sam and Cait? They are on my mind pretty much all day. I'm always checking tumblr and Insta/twitter. I have never felt like this ever with regards to "co stars"! I can't even remember when I wasn't this obsessed. They are just PERFECT! I just want them to be together and show us all the happiness. Gosh. I'm going a little crazy hoping some photos come out soon of them off guard or out together!!! SEND HELP!!! 😳😟 Xxxxxx (These feelings actually hurt!!! 😬)

Hahahaha you’re cute anon! I asked myself the same questions 3 years ago and here I am, still feeling the same way. I’m sorry but you can’t escape them. You’re stuck here forever with the rest of us 😘😘😘

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Why do you get so mad at someone asking a simple question? They only seemed to have asked once and it wasn't a demand, a rather nicely put question actually.

Because I had this question asked and answered many times, and then asked a hundred times more, and the one that I responded to was the random one that got me upset at this particular moment when I’m already a bit upset for other reasons. Not that anon specifically got me “mad,” but everyone. On Tumblr. On Instagram. In the comments, in my asks, in my chat messages… Some are nice questions, some are even really really lovely, and others are people just crying to me or getting angry at me for not drawing something. I’m sorry! I don’t expect you to know everything about me and my art and the things I’ve answered or talked about in the past, that’s unrealistic, but that’s also exactly why I have to remind you all again how I feel about everything. Is it too much to ask to be heard? Maybe idk

Ugh I know. Again. I’m sorry. I probably should have just ignored that message. Sorry.

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What makes you think Eleanor is a tour or was mean to Harry? I'm curious

There was a fandom rumour, that multiple people heard, that Eleanor was awful to Harry on more than one occasion.  I didn’t get any details sorry.  But as far as fandom rumours go it seemed solid.

The Tory thing is a guess based on her friendship with Max Hurd.  Max is the son of Nick Hurd - a Tory MP. Nick Hurd is a fuckwit. I mean that goes without saying - he’s a Tory MP. He was a member of the famously disgusting Bullingdon club - where members have to burn a fifty pound note in front of a homeless person in order to become a member. Nick’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were all Tory party MPs - so that’s four generations of evil.

Max was a Tory teenager - he celebrated the 2010 election as follows:

Now it has been known to happen that obnoxious entitled Tory teenagers get to university and realise that the world was more complicated than they knew and they were being massive dicks.  So the fact that Max was a Tory in 2010 doesn’t mean he is a Tory now.  But the thing about reformed Tory teenagers, particularly reformed Tory teenagers from Tory families, is that they ensure that everyone knows about their change of mind.  That’s not what Max Hurd did.

Max Hurd marked the 2015 election by encouraging people to vote in a tweet with a blue, yellow and green heart.  Which may not sound like much - but selectively tweeting coloured hearts on election day is a political statement - and the blue one is definitely an endorsement of the Tories (along with the Lib Dems and the Green Party - because he’s a liberal Tory who wants to kill poor people in environmentally friendly ways - which I find particularly disgusting).  If he was a reformed Tory there’s no way he’d go anywhere near blue on election day.

What does this say about Eleanor? It’s actually pretty significant to me that she’s willing to hang out with such an awful person.  Yes just because you’re hanging out with a fifth generation posh Tory asshole doesn’t mean you are one yourself, but in practice why would you tolerate that bullshit if you weren’t?

But there’s more than that. Eleanor’s step-father is a Tory Councillor (this guy - don’t you just want to punch his face? Maybe it’s just me - I have a reflex reaction to Tory politicians). I’ve known a number of children of right-wing politicians in my lifetime (NZ is tiny) and they’ve negotiated it differently depending on their own politics and their personality. And this is NZ - which has a much less strong culture of Tory-hatred that the UK (which makes me sad). And two children of right-wing politicians hanging out together, and not making it clear that they’re not right-wing, seems to me a really strong sign that they share their parents politics.

This is particularly true as Eleanor and Max went to university together in the early years of the Tory-Liberal Democrat government - a time of massive student organisation, protest and discontent. In that context, I don’t think Eleanor would have been able to remain neutral on these matters.  Or rather, if she did pretend she was neutral, given the people who she was hanging out with that would be taking a pro-Tory position.

I haven’t been able to find any political statements by her (except the sort of inane good things, bad things are bad, that Tories are perfectly willing to co-opt these days).  But if she’s not actively a Tory, I’m fairly sure she is one in worldview.  

On the radio they were talking about game show design and described one that had contestants guess the results of bizarre polling questions posed to the American public. Once during their one season run, the polling company contacted them to make sure they hadn’t mistyped anything in the question and they really wanted to ask it. The question was “Have you ever been decapitated?” 4% of Americans said yes.

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I find "Niall" tweeting about the added four songs on the OTRA set list odd. I don't know about Twitter but here on Tumblr we have been questioning the amount of prep going on which wasn't specifically addressed but the implied reassurances of a slightly revamped set list might quell the undercurrent of not being prepared and having their shit together. To add, that is NOT Niall's tweeting style. Just saying. But I don't think we will know anything until their first show. That will tell us a lot

I really don’t think any of those fan service tweets were actually Niall. Expecially this one. “Freshen it up a little…” doesn’t sound like Niall at all. And yes, I do think it was done in reaction to the fandom discussing 1D being all over the place and not appearing to have rehearsed. It’s damage control imo because 1D looking thoroughly uninterested in the rest of the tour isn’t gonna sell any tickets.

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Hey Guynonymous, welcome to the Outlander Tumblr fandom! I'm relatively new to the SamCait shipping community as well and got a warm welcome when I jumped on ship. Hope its the same for you! If you don't mind my asking, how did you come to be a fan of the show & what about it keeps you in it? I didn't know anything about Outlander before the show came out, and wasn't going to bother with it at first. But saw it was actually about Scotland, so I gave it a chance. So glad I did! Cheers!

Alright, one day I will probably write a 2000 word screed on why Outlander is great but I’ll keep it short today. This question is timely because I’ve been having this argument with (male) friends of mine recently. I’ve already talked about how I came to watch the show (Tumblr then Slate’s Double X Gabfest, which everyone should listen to, it’s awesome). But what really hooked me about the show was its perspective. It clearly has a woman’s voice. Which seems obvious but there are a lot of shows written by women but still have a man’s voice to it so to speak.

I like that it elevates the romance (which I think it is, romance/adventure) genre into “respectability”. Or rather someone decided to take a show that is written for women and put some real effort into making it good. Just because it is a romance doesn’t mean the political intrigue has to be sloppy. And it isn’t. Nothing about the show is sloppy. It is a beautiful looking show. Almost too beautiful. Everyone on the cast is on point. There is no weak link. No one is slacking off thinking “oh, this is just a stupid romance, I’m just here for the pay cheque, let me phone it in”. Every character serves a purpose in the story. And the story flows from one story arc to the next seamlessly. You can just tell that it is made with care. Everyone believes in the show and what they are making.

I mean, is it as good as The Wire? Probably not, it doesn’t have that much to say about history and the place the story takes place in. Is it as good as The Sopranos? Maybe… there’s definitely an argument to be made there. One is an exploration of Tony Sopranos psyche and inner demons. And what is Outlander if not the same for Claire? Just because she’s a woman makes her perspective and her story somehow less? Less “literary”? Less “important”?


Fuck. That. Shit.