tumblr takeover

Peace is needed

Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and anywhere I have missed, we need peace, this is our time.

The time of the people, no longer can we sit here and do nothing while corporations rule and destroy the planet we love while it destroys people as if they’re nothing.

Peace not war.

Take to the streets, take it to them.

Punks, rebel with me

Hipsters, protest with me

Indie kids, make signs and posters with me

Gangsters, make rhymes with rhythm with me

Emos, shout with me and scream with me

People of religion, pray with me

People, take to the streets with me, make change with me.

Let’s do this together for the sake of each other, the people dying in the world for unjust reasons, they’re as much my brothers and sisters as you are to me and as much my family as my own blood, when innocent blood is spilt that is OUR blood spilled, let it not spill in vain.

Would Che, Nelson Mandela and Ghandi have stood for this? No? And nor will we. This is a tumblr takeover and it begins now. I will be on the streets today protesting, I am NOT a man who just sits behind a screen typing, I am and forever will be an activist for peace. I hope you agree with me and help as you can.

Should the people tumblr react to this post and with all my heart I hope it does, then WE as a UNIT as ONE take it to the streets.