tumblr takeover

Four Carmilla cast members will be taking the Tumblr reins over at Carmilla HQ on September 8th!

Join Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis, Kaitlyn Alexander and Sharon Belle while they each take an hour to answer your questions, post photos and reblog their favourite posts throughout the day. Want to join in the fun? Here are the details:


12-1pm EST - Natasha Negovanlis
1-2pm EST - Kaitlyn Alexander
4-5pm EST - Sharon Belle
5-6pm EST - Elise Bauman

Can I direct questions to each person?

Yes! Post questions to Tumblr from now until each cast members scheduled time. Use the hashtag #CarmillaTT as well as #CarmillaTTNatasha, #CarmillaTTKaitlyn, #CarmillaTTSharon & #CarmillaTTElise in your tags to indicate who the question is for (if it’s a general question, just use #CarmillaTT).

See you back here tomorrow, Creampuffs!


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